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Win! Government crackdown on misleading supermarket pricing

Misleading supermarket pricing

A real breakthrough was delivered today for our campaign against misleading pricing tactics – the Government has come out in support of our super-complaint. Now we need to make sure it takes action.

As many of you will know, back in April we used our legal powers to submit a super-complaint to the Competition and Markets Authority regarding a host of dodgy practices we’d found in the grocery sector.

Since then, our campaign to put an end to misleading supermarket pricing has gained real momentum. Over 200,000 people have backed us and the CMA has made a series of recommendations to stop the problems we found. Problems including dodgy multi-buys, shrinking products and exaggerated discounts.

Government plans must be put into action

Today the Government accepted all of those recommendations and has announced plans to strengthen the rules around supermarket pricing.

Consumer minister Nick Boles said:

‘Shoppers need to be able to get the best deal and make comparisons easily so we will look at how we can make information on price as clear and as simple as possible.’

This is a significant step forward, but we’ll now be keeping a close eye on things. We want to see that these changes are implemented without delay to ensure that you’re no longer subjected to misleading pricing practices.

What do you want from supermarkets?

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign so far – it has helped us get a step closer to stopping dodgy deals lining the shelves of supermarket aisles. There’s still work to be done and we’ll be taking every opportunity to feed in to these new rules and make sure they work for us all.

What would you like to see from the Government to improve supermarket pricing? Please let us know below – and do continue to tell us about any examples of misleading supermarket pricing you have found…

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harry says:
16 October 2015

I am a marine engineer and every time I come back from one of my terms on board my ship I find that the cost of my weekly shop has gone up. The Supermarkets say the prices have gone down??????????????
Special offers are most of the time a con. The customers are being taken for a ride.


If the supermarkets were or are selling their goods as cheap as they would have us believe. they would not have the money to set up Banks, Petrol Stations, Mobile Phones, Insurance and so on. instead of a lot of people having a good living because of the greed of the supermarkets, just a few have it all. the supermarkets have destroyed too many family businesses. closed too many petrol stations and village stores. they are too greedy and have too much power over the public and the economy.

Iris says:
18 October 2015

I totally agree with Les’s comments. Their name suits their image perfectly, big and powerful supermarkets! One of them just sold some land in London to developers for a gigantic sum.

Theo says:
16 October 2015

Tesco has now discontinued many goods from its “value” brand, forcing us to buy more expensive ones. Also when some low cost products get out of stock, it takes ages to restock them.

Tesco have had some poor financial results in their last report, mostly due to poor investment decisions and mismanagement and are now raising prices on the quiet, hoping we will not notice. But my Tesco Grocery bill this year is 10% higher than last year.


I agree that they are slowly increasing their prices but it is very under handed the way they are doing it. They are stopping selling many of the goods that we buy with cheaper inferior goods. They are also not replacing foods that they were selling exclusively by some companies that do not sell in any other supermarkets.


Yes, Tesco’s de-listing of numerous products is becoming quite noticeable now. This obviously makes their new ‘Brand Guarantee’ promotion more viable [for them] as it eliminates comparisons. Keeping up with these trick-a-minute merchants is hard work.


Prices may be increasing but cost cutting pushes up the supply chain to offshore countries who may engage slave labour and possibly ingredient substitution or counterfeit. The new anti-slavery law in the UK is very important but can retailers and brand owners be transparency in their supply chains or will they pass the buck?


There has been a trend setting in lately with packaging that is also linked to pricing. Its the actual size of the packets relative to the product within. We chased this point with a manufacturer who told us they realised this but the size was the dictate of the supermarket!!!! We followed this up with them, they gave us our money back, took details but could not sat any further action would be taken as its the marketing dept. that controls such things and the complaint is unlikely to reach them!!!

Sally says:
16 October 2015