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A secret envelope with £10 inside – that’ll be a #GiveMonday

Has a random stranger ever shared an act of kindness with you? How about slipping you a £10 note just to make sure your Monday’s a little less blue. That’s what happened to me with my ‘Give Mondays’ experience…

It’s nearly the start of the New Year and while some Mondays can be pretty drab, I have a Monday story I’d like to share.

My journey home wasn’t too out of the ordinary – dashing for the tube, steaming ahead for the train. That is until I got off my train and a random stranger passed me a bright blue envelope with the words ‘open me’.

Open me – why not?

Give Mondays and hamsterI gave the stranger a bemused thank you – thinking it was a flyer and waited until I’d left the station to open it. Out popped a £10 note encouraging me to go to the Give Mondays website and share my good news.

When I logged on to the site, I could spot an envelope marking the point where I was given the gift, along with a note from the giver saying she thought I’d ‘do good’ with the £10.

The site is an anonymous community of givers who start the week with a random act of kindness each Monday with the ethos ‘giving feels good’.

Do we still have a sense of community?

Now, as I work on Which?’s very own community site and look after our online campaigns, I felt it only right to pay homage to another site aiming to bring people together. Many of our supporters and commenters make great contributions to our community and help shape the direction we take with our campaigns and indeed our magazine and online content.

Whether you’re one of the 100,000 who supported our Big Change campaign or one of the select few who has written to your Member of Parliament (or indeed Member of European Parliament) when we’ve needed a helping hand, this kind gesture reminded me I must salute you.

Now, hopefully there are no ‘losers’ in the scheme. If you pass on the kind act, in theory you haven’t benefited financially, but you do get the warm fuzzy feeling from being the chosen one. And you get the same feeling again from replicating the gesture with another stranger. I’ve committed to baking treats for our Which? team with the money and will find an opportune moment to return the favour.

Does the concept of Give Mondays appeal to you and have you ever been the giver or receiver of a little pick-me-up?


Unfortunately, I’ve received far too much unwanted junk marketing stuff in my home and in the street. I would’ve assumed it was marketing junk and thrown it away. Am I the only one? Oh dear.

Acts of kindness are a great idea. I’m all for it.