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Did you have a gift voucher expire during lockdown?

Some retailers extended gift cards that customers couldn’t spend during lockdown, but others weren’t so generous. Did you have one that expired?

In the run-up to Christmas last year, we warned readers that buying gift vouchers as presents was risky.

Obviously, we had no idea that the national lockdown following the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world would make them even riskier. 

With shops and restaurants closed and most events cancelled between March and July, many vouchers were rendered useless.

Guide: your rights with gift vouchers and cards

Time ticked on, and many worried as their vouchers reached their expiry dates.

Extending expiry dates

Usually these expiry dates are non-negotiable, and they can catch people out at the best of times.

But this year, many firms have recognised that people haven’t been able to spend them in the allotted time – so they’ve been in touch to extend them.

Sadly this wasn’t the case across the board, with many consumers left out of pocket by vouchers that weren’t extended. 

Tell us your story

We want to hear from you about your lockdown voucher experiences. 

If you had a voucher that expired during lockdown, did you manage to get it extended? And if so, did you have to phone up to do it? 

Conversely, did you call up to extend your voucher, only to be told the expiry date was final?

Let us know in the comments. 

Suzanne says:
20 May 2022

I was issued with a wicks voucher for a refund week before first lockdown. I didn’t realise it had an expiry date and did try to use it in between lockdowns. Unfortunately wicks did not have the items I wanted in store so had to order online. Wicks don’t allow you to use gift cards online, I purchased goods in store last week to be told the card expired last month. I’m still waiting to hear from customer services when I contacted them Mm to ask about an extension. Reading other comments on here I don’t think I have a chance, I won’t purchase gift cards in future. ( it is after all our money not a gift from the company). I also won’t be using wicks I really think you should have been able to use the card online during lock downs.