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Are you addicted to bargains, discounts and vouchers?

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Brits are said to be ‘a nation of thrifty bargain hunters, always on the lookout for vouchers and discounts to save money. Are you a bargain addict, or do you think offers encourage us to buy things we don’t need?

The research, carried out for Southern Railway, claims that three quarters of us will only go to a shop, go for dinner or visit a venue if a voucher or discount is available, and that almost a quarter of us use vouchers or money-off deals once a week.

A third of us apparently feel ‘a great sense of pride’ after getting a good deal, and will share success stories with friends or colleagues.

Beaming with bargain pride

That’s definitely a good description for some people I know, but I probably have at least as many friends and colleagues who don’t bother to seek out these deals.

The survey also found that 90% of us use supermarket discounts, apparently more than was the case five years ago. But we know from our own research that supermarket offers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Dodgy supermarket offers

Our latest investigation into dodgy supermarket offers examined a year’s worth of data and found plenty of questionable deals. Some products were bumped up in price before they went ‘on offer’ and others seemed to be eternally discounted.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m a bargain addict, but whenever I’m shopping online I do try and remember to check if there are any vouchers available, or if the site I’m shopping on offers money back if you go through a cashback website.

Restaurant meal deals

If I know I’m going to a chain restaurant which always seems to have offers available, like Strada or Pizza Express, I make sure to print off the latest voucher before I go, but I don’t think I’d eat in one of those restaurants just because they’re offering a discount.

How much do you use vouchers and discounts, and how much do they influence your buying decisions? Would a discount make you consider paying for something you otherwise wouldn’t have looked twice at?

Are you addicted to bargain hunting?

A little - I dig out offers for things I really need/want (57%, 176 Votes)

Yes - most of my purchases involve deals or discounts (22%, 68 Votes)

No - they encourage you to buy things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy (14%, 43 Votes)

No - I’m not that organised (7%, 22 Votes)

Total Voters: 309

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Christian Kelsey says:
16 June 2012

I am awful/amazing for this depending on which way you look at it. My sister fancied a Superdry Windcheater Jacket in Bank Fashion for £70, the exact same one was £35 free postage on the Superdry Store section of eBay. My dad wanted a pair of 883 Police denim shorts retailing in USC for £65, I got them for just £29.99 on GetTheLabel.com.

As a shopper, I will never settle for less, refuse to pay full price and am constantly trying to encourage others to do the same. Amazon and eBay are my first port of call before the high street and for good reasoning too.

Sam says:
1 March 2013

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