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Are you due Card Protection Plan (CPP) compensation?

Sometimes going after compensation can seem tedious. You may question how long it will take or what you will have to prove. But it’s always worth giving it a shot – as my tale of CPP compensation goes…

You may have heard of Card Protection Plan (CPP) in the news last year. Customers who signed up to Card Protection and Identity Protection from CPP, which could have been sold through a high street bank or credit card provider, were largely mis-sold their policies.

This means CPP’s seven million eligible customers could be in line for compensation, and as one of those seven million customers, I was due a slice.

But, as we all know, life can take over sometimes, and it wasn’t until I was back at my parents’ house clearing out my old room that I came across my stacks of CPP letters (look out for their little red logo), and remembered about my policy.

My CPP compensation

CPP should have written to you with your forms for claiming back compensation. Do not throw these away! If it’s an old policy you may have half-forgotten about it, but try to dig it out.

However, if you have thrown it away, or like me, moved house at the time of claim documents being sent out, just contact CPP on 08000 83 43 93 – a quick 10 minute call giving over my old address got me a brand new form delivered.

Once you fill out the forms, send it off to CPP and wait to hear whether your claim is successful. You could, like me, have a nice cheque for £120 to cash in. Or you could even, like my mum who had several policies on different cards, be looking at even more money.

CPP – tips for compensation victory

Not sure how to fill out the form? Don’t worry, our consumer rights site has some key tips to help you. You only need one reason to apply for compensation.

If your premium was paid pre-2005, you will need to complain directly to your credit card provider – you can use our template letter if you need help.

And one last tip – don’t forget you only have until 30 August to apply for compensation, so get your skates on if you haven’t got around to applying yet.

Have you got a policy from CPP? Have you claimed yet? Did you know there’s a deadline of 30 August to apply for compensation?


I had an interesting experience. I had a CPP policy from 1990. When I applied through the redress scheme I only received compensation from around 2007. I phoned up the redress scheme and found that my policy number had changed in 2007 and the original policy was taken out through the AA. I was told to contact the AA if I wanted to go back further than 2007.

The AA initially had no knowledge of having ever sold CPP policies, and I had no paperwork with AA on it. And being 24 years ago my memory of signing up was fairly thin. The AA closed the case. So I went back to CPP, not the redress scheme, and they managed to trace the policy in their archives. They wrote me a letter to confirm that it had been taken out through the AA.

I sent the letter to the AA as proof that they had sold it to me after all. I expected that I would have to go through a claims procedure and eventually receive the 2005 to 2007 premium of £50 plus interest. In the event they wrote back within a couple of weeks with a cheque to cover not just the period from 2005 but all premiums for the entire life of the policy plus 8% compound interest.

In truth it was a bit of work chasing down the policy but it was worth it in the end.

Len H says:
1 August 2014

Hi Jak

I also have been told to contact the AA. I have tried to contact the AA with no
joy they seem to have no idea what I was talking about. Who did you contact at the AA and what address did you send the letter from CPP.

Cheers Len

Hi Len

I will gladly help however the terms of conditions of the Which Conversation do not appear to allow contact details to be posted. I have tried to find out from the Which call centre whether there is a way around this restriction in this case but they were unable to suggest anything. I did offer to provide the information to the Conversation Editor but Which was not interested. I was told however that company contact details might be permitted regardless of the Ts and Cs.

Taking account of all of the above here are the details.

Automobile Association
Personal Finance Ltd
Tower House
Charterhall Drive
CH88 3AN

0800 092 2698

The people who responded to me are in the customer services department of Which Financial Services. The scheme was known as “Bank of Scotland AA Card Protection Policy”. The respondents may be identifiable through their ‘Colleague PINs’ – 1581447 and 1580077. They did also provide names of course but I probably shouldn’t post these.

I hope this information is helpful and is enough to get through to the right part of the AA.

Hi Jak, you can post contact details for a company if it is relevant, accurate and will help another individual. I’m the editor on Which? Conversation and don’t recall a contact email from you. If you would like to email me, please do so here: https://conversation.which.co.uk/contact-us/

Len H says:
1 August 2014

Hi Jak

Thank you for the information.



Just noticed that I made a small mistake in the reply to Len H. The text read “The people who responded to me are in the customer services department of Which Financial Services. The scheme was known as “Bank of Scotland AA Card Protection Policy”.

I should have written “The people who responded to me are in the customer services department of AA Personal Finance Ltd. The scheme was known as “Bank of Scotland AA Card Protection Policy”.

David H says:
4 July 2014

I have just had my claim for the pre-2005 period rejected by First Direct even though I have already received compensation for the post-2005 period from the compensation scheme.

Anyone else having problems?

Foxy says:
5 July 2014

I have the same issue. Just received compensation for post 2005, but my claims pre 2005 going back to 1992 against A/L (MBNA), now Santander, are being passed to CPP to investigate. I have also received compensation for one premium for card protecton, against MBNA, dealt and paid by CPP, but the they rejected the second premium paid before the 7th Jan 2004, stating that ‘CPP was not subject to agreed industry standards prior to that date’. In MBNA’s defence, I received another letter from MBNA, after the rejection letter from CPP, stating they are looking into my claim. I await the outcome of these investigation and feel that CPP will again reject the claims on the grounds mentioned previously.

Mel says:
5 July 2014

I submitted 2 claims and received £169.21 and £100.93.

chas.t says:
9 July 2014

I gather there may be a problem with losing cover if making a claim. Is this true and would it extend to the rest of the policy, e.g. loss of cards?

Foxy says:
9 July 2014


CPP make it quite clear in their documentation, that if you claim compensation ‘you will have cancelled your policy(ies) so you (and anyone else covered by the policy(ies)) will lose benefits it / they provide’.


I posted my completed CPP compensation form to CPP on 15th August, 2 weeks before the deadline, however as of today’s date 18th Sept, I have not received any reply or acknowledgement. Should I have received a reply by now or should I expect to wait longer?

nathan says:
22 October 2014

I also sent my forms in with plenty of time and still no response to date

Tony says:
23 October 2014

CPP received my claim form on 26 Aug and I was told that I would receive response by 26 Oct. In fact I received cheque today, 22 Oct.

Prior to 2005, HSBC operated a “Cardholder Repayment Protector” policy. Is this the same as the CPP Cardholder Protection Plan?