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Claims Management Companies are taking the PPI

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Claims Management Companies will be delighted by today’s news that banks won’t be appealing the PPI ruling. But since you could easily claim the money back yourself, is it worth using them at all?

A quick recap: consumers who were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) can now, after a long court case, get their money back.

Not only that, but the banks have been ordered to contact affected customers to tell them they might have been mis-sold.

Are Claims Management Companies necessary?

This is great news for consumers – individual PPI refunds could easily run into the thousands of pounds.

It’s also good news for Claims Management Companies (CMCs), who offer to ‘handle’ your claim for you – they do all the leg work, and you pick up a cheque (minus their fee, of course). Today’s announcement that the banks won’t be appealing the court judgement means these companies will be ramping up their marketing, ready to cash in on the news.

But is it really so hard to get your money back? Well, no. Anyone who’s ever written a strongly-worded letter can put in their own PPI claim without using a CMC.

You simply complain to your bank, wait for their response, then complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if you’re not happy with their response, or if you don’t get one in the stated time. Which? has even developed a handy PPI tool to help you craft the first letter.

Should I claim back my PPI?

Sean Scullion, who now works at Which?, was mis-sold thousands of pounds’ worth of PPI in 2005. The insurance, he was told, would protect him if he lost his job.

Unfortunately for Sean, he was a contractor and therefore excluded from the cover, a fact which the salesman neglected to tell him at the time. So when he was unemployed for three months he discovered that the thousands of pounds he’d spent in PPI didn’t entitle him to any help.

Although Sean felt helpless at the time, he’s now been able to put in a claim to get all of his PPI back – without using a CMC. Because he hasn’t used one, he’ll be able to keep all the money the bank pays back, without having to give a large cut to another company.

DIY financial complaints

One of my favourite things about the internet (leaving Twitter to one side, of course) is the sheer amount of help available on really complex subjects. Using just the power of Google I’ve learnt to build websites from scratch, make the best banana bread in the world, prep coaxial cable and even refer a dodgy estate agent to the Ombudsman.

And finance is no different. All the info you need to make a PPI complaint is online, so luckily PPI is no longer a tricky issue, so it does look like Claims Management Companies are a bit redundant.

But perhaps I’m wrong – are you keen on a bit of finance or complaint DIY? Or do you think it’s worth paying for someone else to do it while you put your feet up?


Hi ,

I took out a credit card with MBNA in 1994 . I recently tried to claim back ppi but they said that as i had taken the card before 2005 that the claim was rejected . Is there any point trying again or are they correct and do not have to repay it because it was before the law changed ??

ive had the same thing told me by a loan company saying im to late but mine was only back in 2002 so dont know what happens as i tryed to do it myself and dont know how to go about it and there saying there is no ppi on it which i am sure they was but have not got any paper work as wen u finish paying i throw all the paper work a way wish i haddent yours could be to far back to claim has i was told u could go back only 13 yrs hope that helps

Ruby Suggitt says:
18 September 2012

I had a loan from Alliance and Leicester around 2004/5 can you tell me if I can still make a claim. I do not have the paperwork.

yes phone the branch up who u had the loan with and get your loan details they should still have them on record then get the template letter of here and send and do it yourself has other companys charge alot and wish id of done this before i put mine in good luck

c edgar says:
18 September 2012

I took a loan out with GMAC car Finance I wasnt aware or even told I was paying this for 4 years this finished 3 years ago could someone please tell me how I get to claim this money back ?? I am being bombarded by Companies wanting to do this for me and its driving me mad

Find out the companys number ring them and ask them for your reference number or were u got the car from i did this with carcraft were i got my car from and my loan w3as with blackhorse but they still had my details were i got the car from unfortunatly i did this with a company before i saw this site to do it urself and now i am paying them a grand out of wat im getting 🙁 so do it urself

You can claim it PPI back yourself, I’m in the process of doing this and I followed the guidance from this website link http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/ppi-loan-insurance

The template letters are easy to use.

Hope this helps, It could save you the cost of 20% – 30% of your claim if you are successful.

Good luck.


colin bates says:
24 September 2012

i recently completed an IVA after 60 months. can you tell me if it is now possible to claim for PPI? Some companys say no but ive recently been told a friend claimed against RBS and was successful

Hi, I keep getting contacted saying I have grounds for a mis-sold claim on my MPPI. I switched to a re-payment mortgage in 2005 and I had a financial advisor round to help sort things. He went through everything with us and strongly recommended that we really needed to have it. He arranged the MPPI with the company Paymentshield and we are still paying the insurance. Is this grounds for a claim and how can I get started? Any advice would be much appreciated.

I wonder if you can advise me. I took out a bank loan in 1988 that had CPI (credit protection insurance), which I believe is the same as PPI (payment protection insurance). I submitted a PPI complaint to the bank who claimed they were unable to locate any records of the loan. As such, the bank rejected my claim and closed my case. I subsequently found the signed paper work (1 x loan agreement and 1 x CPI agreement) and submitted a copy as proof and requested that my case be reconsider because it was within the 8 week time frame for banks to respond to PPI claims. The deadline past by two weeks and still I had no response so I wrote them again, giving the bank a further week to respond. This deadline pasts on 24/08/2012, consequently, I sent my complaint to the Ombudsman who will be viewing my case around the 10/10/2012 according to their timescales.

Today 28/09/2012, I received a letter from the bank regarding my PPI claim. They apologised for their delay response but state that ‘after viewing the loan agreement I sent them there is no PPI included in the loan. Had PPI been purchased with this loan, an additional amount showing the cost of the PPI policy would have appeared on the loan agreement’. Again, they have rejected my complaint for PPI on the basis of the loan agreement. They have disregard the signed CPI agreement.

1. Do I still have a case for claiming PPI?
2. Can I conclude that CPI is the same as PPI considering the bank has not directly discredited the CPI agreement?
3. Do I need to respond directly to the bank in relation to my signed CPI agreement?
4. Is it possible that the loan agreement builtin the cost of CPI without breaking down the cost of the CPI on the loan agreement?
5. Do I forward the banks correspondence on to the Ombudsman to and allow them to deal with my PPI claim without responding to the banks recent letter?

Please advise.



Jason says:
10 October 2012

I have contracted a claims company to act on my behalf i am now unable to contact them there phones are off the hook and they are not responding to emails! what should I do?

lisa says:
19 October 2012

hi jason id get hold of the company that you are claiming from yourself to see if they have received anything of this so called company and then take it from there good luck

Annabel says:
15 October 2012

I took out a mortgage with the Alliance and Leicester in May 2007 over a 7 year term. At the time of agreeing the loan, I was offered the options of mortgage payment cover with Cardif Pinnacle and Mortgage Decreasing Term Assurance and Critical Life Cover with Legal and General. When I checked through my paperwork from the Alliance and Leicester, under the heading ‘Insurance’, it states that I am not obliged to take out any insurance through Alliance & Leicester as a condition of this loan. However, I did agree to take out this additional insurance as a result of talking to an advisor with the Alliance and Leicester, when I was negotiating the mortgage. Can I still claim under mis-sold PPI or is this wishful thinking on my part?

charlotte says:
16 October 2012

hi i have a joint claim with an ex partner and hes currently lost his job, we have been paying ppi on a loan for 3/4 years now and the time hes had off long term in the past has never been covered for anyway. do you think i could put a claim in for this ppi as we never even needed it in the first place


charley says:
16 October 2012

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me please.
After weeks of letters and calls, GE Money stated thet my husband and i had nearly £2,000 ppi refund to come back. He sent off the form after signing it. They have just written back to say that his signature does not match that on file. My husband walked out on me and my young daughter leaving us in severe financial difficulties. I have no idea where he is now and can not get his signature. I can only assume he wrote his signature wrong so that I would get no money!
I wrote to them today to explain the situation enclosing mortgage arrears notice and explaining that I have been left with mortgage and bills.
What do you think they will do in this situation? Pay up or not?
Many thanks

I was mis-sold PPI by Estate Agent (who told me I had to have PPI to get a mortgage!) who sold me a mortgage with Northern Rock and PPI with Payment Shield. I still have documentation etc. Can I still make a claim? Who do I make the claim too?

lisa says:
19 October 2012

dan there is a template letter on this site if u read upabove it says handy ppi tool do that letter with all the details and send it to northern rock they will then tell you if it was them that sold it you or wether it was someone else and they will tell you who all you can do is try good luck

bettty boop says:
18 October 2012

I wonder if anyone can help? It’s just come to our attention my husband has been paying ppi since 2002 on a capital one credit card! This was only discovered when i had a document through from captial one stating our basic cover, under our employment status is says unknown. I called capital one to say i feel we never agreed to ppi and if we had surely they have a duty to check employment status to see if it was suitable cover, my husband has been self employed for 15 years so nothing has changed. their reply over the phone was they were updating records!!!!! The payment does appear on the monthly bill but is misleading. My husband had a heart attack last december surely i would have claimed if we knew!!! I intend to claim can anyone give me some advice as what to write in a letter to them??

bettty boop says:
18 October 2012

Sorry forgot to add the card was taken out in 2001 and ppi added in 2002.

lisa says:
19 October 2012

If u read up above on this page betty click on the red writting saying Handy ppi tool it will take you to a template letter that is the letter u will send to them good luck

Christy says:
31 October 2012


I am currently trying to claim back PPI which was taken out on a Secured personal loan in 2007 and his still ongoing. The loan was taken out with Alliance & Leic (now Santander) but each time I contact the claims line I am told that the loan account number does not exist nor do I. Which is interesting as they are taking my money each month ! I am working with the Fi Ombudsman who is looking into the case for me, but today I have found out that A&L took the PPI out with Genworth Insurance. I have contacted them today and they have advised me that the PPI period which was taken out electonically by A&L was for a 60 month period and not the 84 month period that the actual loan was for. Can you advise why this would be? My paperwork states a monthly cash amount plus £42.97 Monthly payment for insurance (PPI) = a total monthly payment. I have established that the PPI ended in March 12 but the loan has another year plus on it. Why has the monthly loan amount not changed even though the PPI has ceased ? (note £42.97 x 60 months = the PPI total that is on my paperwork and the same figure quoted by Genworth)

Nicki Clarke says:
2 November 2012

i took out a loan with ge money 6 years ago for £15000 in joint names but we have since divorced and Im still paying it off myself. would i be able to claim for missold ppi. and what constitutes as missold? i work for a major retailer so Im not self-employed.

can we claim for mis sold PPI which was sold to my wifes late sister?

Steve says:
8 November 2012

i asked a ppi claimback company to investigate 2 credit cards and one loan on my behalf, several weeks later i received notification saying the credit cards did not have ppi claimback, the next week i had another letter from the company asking if i wanted them to investigate any other loans or cards which i might of had ppi protection on, i declined this as i had looked into investigating the claims myself after a friend had stated that it was straight forward and that could go back as far as 15 years on a claim. in the meantime i received a cheque from tsb for a total of 3 loans which had miss sold ppi on them. two days later i had a call from the claimback company then an invoice for the total 25% of all the 3 loans plus 20% tax, even tho i had declined any further help from them, would tsb of reviewed all my miss sold ppi’s and paid them in one payment ?? or has the claimback company gone against my wishes and somehow got its hands on my loan reference numbers and made a claim for me ? i dont want to appear greedy but, i would of saved several hundred of £’s doing the claim myself and feel the company has acted against my wishes for personal gain, ( ie 25% plus 20% tax on the other 2 loans) anyone help on this would be grateful 🙂

David Dudley says:
8 December 2012

Hi Folks,

Wondering if you can help me, my mum has requested information from a loan provider and they have sent her a letter back stating that they have deleted any information pre 2000 what can I do to request this information legally?

Hi David, your mum would need to send a Subject Access Request to her loan provider. This costs £10 and the loan provider must provide her with all the information that they hold on her. If the loan provider really has deleted the records or has nothing on their system, then she is still able to take the case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). It’s not unusual that a loan provider would not hold records from 13 years ago, so I would advise that she digs through her own personal files to see if she can find any evidence of the loan/PPI herself, as this will be good evidence to give to the FOS. I hope this helps.

Moneygrabber says:
26 December 2012

Hi wonder if you can help. i made a claim for ppi against an abbey mortgage going back to 2002. They have upheld my claim but say they dont owe me anything as I claimed on the insurance in 2004. I would just like check if this is correct.

Celine says:
3 January 2013

I paid £2500 PPI upfront in 2003 to Carrington Carr who no longer exist. I wrote to the company who have taken over their business and recently recieved a letter to say that PPI was not regulated in 2003 and therefore I do not have a claim. is that true?