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Asda shoppers still stuck with double-charging problem

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Since June 2011, Asda has been in trouble for accidentally charging its online customers twice for their shopping. The issue continues to rumble on, although Asda says the end is in sight. Have you been caught out?

Back in 2011, we highlighted the plight of Asda customers who were getting charged twice for their shopping due to a problem with its online shopping system. Many unfortunate customers were hit with bank charges when their accounts went overdrawn as a result.

When you shop online, Asda asks your bank to hold the estimated cost of your shop, and then charges you for the actual cost of your shopping when it arrives. But in some cases – like if there’s a substitution in your shopping – the estimated amount is held for up to 10 days.

Asda charges twice – a basket-load of complaints

Complaints poured in from Asda shoppers here on Which? Convo such as Kelly:

‘I’ve just had it happen to me and I’m so angry. I’ve had £230 ringfenced as well as them taking £240 out for my shopping. Luckily I had just been paid otherwise we would have been in serious difficulty.’

Last summer, Asda told us it would have a new system in place by autumn 2012. But autumn came and went, with customers including Asdanomore still being left out of pocket:

‘I placed an online grocery shopping order last Wednesday (12 December 2012) and the estimated total of £69.39 was immediately taken from my current account. The final order was £10 less, as an item was out of stock. The full actual amount of the order was than also debited from my account.

‘I’ve been in touch with Asda twice for a refund. Asda then told me I needed to get my bank to fax them first (which the bank unhelpfully refuses to do). I apparently have to wait up to seven working days for MY money to be refunded from Asda.’

Getting Asda’s problem fixed faster

The supermarket says an update late last year solved the problem ‘for the vast majority’, and that final changes over the next couple of months ‘should get rid of the issue altogether’.

But given how long Asda customers have been dealing with this problem, we won’t celebrate until the complaints have dried up completely. Have you suffered from this problem with Asda’s online shopping? Did you manage to get your money back easily?

Jennifer Denton says:
28 January 2013

This happens to me every time I shop with ASDA, we have arranged an overdraft just to solve the problem. If you complain all that happens is you get frustrated as they are not interested in the slightest. We are on a low budget and so use ASDA, the bottom line is they don’t care!

Domdom says:
29 January 2013

I have had this happen plenty of times and usually I’ve had enough money in there to cover it. However, got caught out this last time and when I phoned them to ask them to fax my building society to have the funds released (which my BS had requested I tell them) Asda informed me that their policy states that they won’t fax your bank until three working days after the date of your order!! This is dispite the fact that they have already taken the money out for the shopping!! Am sick to death of Asda and their extremely unhelpful customer services – friends I have spoken to have major problems with them too – shopping missing, deliveries not being made etc. think I will try shopping elsewhere!

Domdom says:
26 December 2013

After so many times of being messed about by Asda – stopped shopping there and now use Tesco. They mostly have everything in stock, and if not, send very similar substitutes (usually of a higher standard for the same price). Have not found them to be much more pricier than Asda and their customer service is very good. I no longer have any funds kept ‘on hold’. Will never shop with Asda again…….

brian wright says:
29 January 2013

I ordered £40 of printer ink 7 days ago from asda, i was told 24 hour delivery. when i rang the call centere was told it was never in stock . When I asked why I had not been told by e mail could not answer me, then was told it would take ten days for refund.So asda have my money for 17 days, is this asda,s latest scam!

Tracy says:
31 January 2013

This has happened to me numerous times being on a strict budget and a family to feed I don’t think it’s right they can do this, Asda have told me they have the right to hold the funds for up to 10 days also the bank blames Asda and Asda blames the bank, I am fed up being passed backwards and forwards where they all say it’s not their fault trying to get my own money back.I regularly shop online with a lot of companies yet this is the only company I have this problem with..

Is this thread intended to take over from the previous one as it is still gettin g new comments .If so can it be locked please Mods ???

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Hello Stuart, thanks for the comment. I have already returned to the previous Conversation to post a link to this latest debate.

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For goodness sake – why yell at an organisation that is trying to help? Go and place an order with Asda is you need somebody to yell at, Stuart 😉

This same practise of ringfencing money is still going on. Fortunately for me I have developed a system which works nicely because my bank, the Co-op, has a regular policy of removing ringfences placed by Asda. If I want to order from them, I place the order, wait 12-15 hours and then ring the Co-op and say “Please remove the ringfence.” I would suggest anybody who does NOT bank with a bank with this automatic policy begins to bombard their bank with requests and relevant arguements. Might even be worth throwing this across to the Financial Ombudsman because I suspect that would meet with a frosty response.

I do not believe Asda is going to stop this practise until they receive enough pressure from organisations like Which! and many financial institutions. Make your bank agree to remove the ringfence. They will not enjoy that. It takes time. And as we all know….time is money…..

Also for those people caught by bank charges by this unfair practise, if you can afford it, take Asda to the small claims court (amassing careful details of time wasted trying to sort out the mess – I am sure you might fly an hourly rate of £30 per hour). I am currently building up a log of time I have spent on the phone to my bank removing these ringfences and when it gets a bit meaty I will start a prosecution. I have already written to Asda HQ telling them that this is precisely what I am doing. and sending them an invoice charged at my regular hourly rate. They have not paid it yet, nor refuted it….perhaps I will also start recovery proceedings.

This is about people power and support by organisations like Which!

We do not have to put up with this.

“For goodness sake – why yell at an organisation that is trying to help? Go and place an order with Asda is you need somebody to yell at, Stuart ”

Behave yourself you . ..and no the Smiley does not make it all right .!!!


louise vincent says:
6 February 2013

Asda currentlty have £180 of my money (ringfenced), im over drawn, was left with no gas or electric, 4 hours on the phone to them, my life insurance payment bounced so im now not covered. will incurr bank charges, high phone bills because i dont have landline phone only mobile. Theyre customer services were rude, kept hanging up on me. i lost a whole day yesterday trying to sort this out. My original shopping was £180 but many items were unavailable so the final amount was around £136, but asda took both amounts. Both my bank and asda blame each other, no one is taking the blame for this. And after i had to sort out asdas mistakes making phonecalls to my bank and forwarding authorisation codes to asda to fax to the visa dispute department yesterday, i have woke up this morning till still find that 5 days after my original shopping was delivered and paid for , they still have £180 of my money, the whole experience has been so upsetting i feel as if this is theft. i have had no written appology or any offer of compensation. i will never shop at Asda again!!!

Tracy says:
6 February 2013

I found Asda’s customer service totally useless they spoke to me like I was a 5 year old , will not be using them again which is a pity as they have some great products, my bank cancelled the ringfenced amount but explained that legally Asda could claim it again at any time…………….

Rae Dodkins Rudge says:
23 February 2013

Perhaps if we started billing Asda for the bank charges, over draft charges and time spent sorting the mess out they might actually do something about this. Is it even legal?

zoe goodacre says:
4 March 2013

I recently shopped online at asda. I did it once before but had no problems but this time my actual shop came to around £150 but they didn’t have certain things in stock so was reduced to £130. They have also taken both amounts from me and left me £130 overdrawn, but I didn’t have an overdraft. It wasn’t until I phoned my bank this morning that I found this out. I’m so annoyed as I have to wait 10 days for my money now. So that’s failed direct debits for me and bank charges now which I never usually get as I always keep money spare due to me having a 2 month old baby. I will not be shopping with them again as thanks to asda I will have nearly £45 in bank charges!!!!

Tracy says:
5 March 2013

Try getting your bank to cancel the 2nd charge they can do this but they also explain that legally asda can claim the money again ! Don’t even bother contacting Asda’s customer service its based overseas and I couldn’t understand their accents and they are useless anyway I got fed up with the bank blaming Asda and vice versa . I cannot understand what gives them the right to hold our money for 10 days when you don’t owe them it, last time I spoke with them regarding this problem they spoke to me like I was 5 years old. I hope you get it sorted out like you I have a baby and their last botch up left me having to borrow money for calpol for him.

Sarah says:
19 March 2013

We placed an on line order last week and for the first time my husband used his card to pay for it. Today, I received an email from Asda saying payment could not be secured. Now, he’s checked his bank statement and it shows that the money paid out…is this what you mean by the bank ‘ring-fencing the payment? As far as we can see, we’ve paid it. Also, as I mentioned, it’s the first time my husband’s used his card to pay, and he banks with Halifax. I’m with RBS, so just out of interest, are the majority of problems with Halifax? We never had any problems when I was paying for it.

To Sarah: The problem with the system that Asda use is that when you place the order they seem to “reserve ” the amount of the order but when the order is checked out at the store the actual amount is also charged but only that latter amount goes to completion and that is the amount that will show on a bank/card statement …the other amount is not claimed by Asda and will drop off in a few days and become available to the customer in their bank account …now whether this causes you a problem depends on what sort of balance you keep in your account ..if it is healthy that won’t trouble you but if you live “on the edge ” it might well do.
Obviously you would need to ask Asda what the problem was with the card but if the amount of the order which matches the receipt the driver gave you is actually showing on the bank statement ( and not just the difference between Balance and Available Balance) then it would seem to have worked OK.
I hope that you understand my explanation .

Don’t forget to check the Price Guarantee as well as you might get a £ or ££ back

Sarah says:
19 March 2013

I’ve just read all the comments on this…shocking how they can get away with it. How on earth do they think we can afford to pay twice until they sort their mess out. I definitely won’t be shopping with Asda again.

Sarah says:
20 March 2013

I’ve just phoned Asda and told them that they funds have left my husband’s account…they say they haven’t received the money and the bank must be holding the funds. Now, I’ve Googled this and found a thread on mumsnet where this happened, except in that case the goods weren’t delivered, but the funds were taken leaving the woman only £24 to live on. So I should think myself lucky! An absolute farce…

If the amount owing to Asda is showing on the bank account as a debit then I’d suggest it has been passed to Asda and I’m sure that’s what your bank will say if/when you ask them . The payment must have gone through when Asda checked out the order otherwise it would not have been delivered .

lesley j says:
6 April 2013

I never done online shopping with asda before and thought I try them as I find it hard doing shopping working full time..well my order didnt come at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! no call or text I rang customer services they useless just kept saying my order be with me soon..all evening I waited in for nothing and to add to that the b******s took my money!!!! and now saying I received ..they not surposed to take payment untill received and they took mine at 11.30am and my delivery slot wasnt untill evening between 7 and 9pm..Like I said it didnt arrive be WARNED dont shop with asda.I have now load of hassle getting my bank to get my money back.

I’ve not heard anyhting about not taking the payment until the order is delivered as I’m sure it gets put through a checkout process same as any other customer ( altho they probably have a dedicated checkout for deliveries ) …that wouldn’t work …..what if you bank balance had nothing in it once the delivery had been made .

What do you mean they are saying you received the order …who said that …have you asked to get put through to the Home Delivery Manager via the normal store Tel number which will be in the directory or online …you don’t need to go through South Africa.

Lesley J says:
6 April 2013

Customer services said order been delivered..They have realised now their driver didnt deliver.
Store manager was surposed to ring me within a hour after waiting 2 hours I rang customer services and told them tell him not to bother and to cancel my order never ever again order online shopping.

ps no explanation why my order didnt come.There rude and lie customer services useless..

David says:
25 April 2013

Asda, Where to start I have been overcharged £136 for £35 worth of groceries. Substitutions I order kidney they deliver liver without putting it in the substitution s at the top. Before they charged for bags I had to fight for them, no problem now they charge! I order ground coffee they send instant. I order six malt drinks they change them as they don’t have enough in the shop but don’t tell me about it. They continually send me food costing twice as much as I have ordered on my shopping list on line. I can go on and on. All I can say to anyone out there suffering make a point of getting on to the free customer service line and complain . Its not the drivers fault so don’t have a go at him Also get your local Asda stores number and ring ask for the home shopping Manager if he is not in then go to the top the General Manager of the store do not be put off by some assistant start at the top. I am disabled and rely upon my computer to get my shopping but it does not stop me from having a go.

marlese robb says:
13 May 2013

i did a home shopping order to be dlivered to my home on the 9/5/2013, this order was for the amount of £497.16, when my shopping arrived the amount they acc needed was £413.18, £83.98 difference in these amounts as there wasnt all my goods delivered which is fair enough, i have now been on the phone with my bank and asdas 12 times, asdas has not only ring fenced the first amount but taken the second amount out my bank, leaving me with no money and over £400.00 overdrawn, the last phone call which was this morning the call handler for asda offered me a £10.00 E voucher for my troubles, to say that i am fuming is an understatement, this has also effected my other bank account as i had to use the money from there to pay for things as asdas had said they would fix the problem on fri 10th and that the money would be back in my bank that day, this hasnt happened so BOTH my accounts are now in the red with bounced payments, DISGUSTED AND VERY ANGRY i am, i have 3 children and now no money, WHY ARE THEY GETTING AWAY WITH THIS?????

Tracy says:
13 May 2013

Sorry you have had to experience Asda’s incompetence they also offered me a £10 e-voucher for the inconvenience as if I am stupid enough to shop with them again I don’t normally swear but lets just say they got told where to put their voucher they also got my bank account suspended because of suspected fraudulent activity lucky my bank stopped it the muppets tried taking £1500 for a £300 shop……….What p****d me off is that they will not admit blame, I was lucky my bank cancelled the ring fenced amount but explained that they could claim it again at any time even though it had been paid, its not easy but keep complaining not to Asda unless you do it writing last time I complained I got spoken to like a child complain to your bank, hope you get it sorted out x x

Simon R says:
17 May 2013

Just had the same experience – we use a prepaid credit card to help with budgeting, order was cancelled due to lack of funds – the reason for the lack of funds was that they had already ring fenced the funds! Left with little food in the house, 2 young children, a guest arriving and not much time to go and do a big shop!

This follows last week being sent a pack of 10 mini pepperamis that was opened and contained 7 mini pepperamis and the opened wrappers for another. Will not be using Asda again.

Glenn says:
11 June 2013

Another thing that bothers me is that they take what they term Adjustments from my card 3 days or so after I’ve had my shopping delivered and already paid for it.These adjustments are small – between 30p to just over £1.I emailed CS about it months ago and got no response.

Would they come to my house 3 days after I had bought shopping instore and ask me to pay more ?…I don’t think so.So how can they justify it via online shopping…a nice little scam.

Jean Kane says:
19 June 2013

Asda may be better priced for some things, but there customer service is terrible emailed once telephone twiced regarding Dulex gloss paint cornfield £11.00 for 50ml on their website, no respose.

Then they charged me twice for my shopping they could not care less and lied telling me I ordered two lots of shopping I ordered I lot and amended it, countless telephones calls, customer service
told me 3 days later in another phone call that there was only one order.

Andy Clarke CEO will not even respond to your emails, if they do not explain to me why and prove
it is not their mistake which I know it is as I checked out once with one delivery slot, I am
taking legal action in County court.

“Asda may be better priced for some things, but there customer service is terrible emailed once telephone twiced regarding Dulex gloss paint cornfield £11.00 for 50ml on their website, no response.”

£11 for 50 mls ..now that IS expensive . lol…not so cheap at 500ml either .