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Asda shoppers still stuck with double-charging problem

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Since June 2011, Asda has been in trouble for accidentally charging its online customers twice for their shopping. The issue continues to rumble on, although Asda says the end is in sight. Have you been caught out?

Back in 2011, we highlighted the plight of Asda customers who were getting charged twice for their shopping due to a problem with its online shopping system. Many unfortunate customers were hit with bank charges when their accounts went overdrawn as a result.

When you shop online, Asda asks your bank to hold the estimated cost of your shop, and then charges you for the actual cost of your shopping when it arrives. But in some cases – like if there’s a substitution in your shopping – the estimated amount is held for up to 10 days.

Asda charges twice – a basket-load of complaints

Complaints poured in from Asda shoppers here on Which? Convo such as Kelly:

‘I’ve just had it happen to me and I’m so angry. I’ve had £230 ringfenced as well as them taking £240 out for my shopping. Luckily I had just been paid otherwise we would have been in serious difficulty.’

Last summer, Asda told us it would have a new system in place by autumn 2012. But autumn came and went, with customers including Asdanomore still being left out of pocket:

‘I placed an online grocery shopping order last Wednesday (12 December 2012) and the estimated total of £69.39 was immediately taken from my current account. The final order was £10 less, as an item was out of stock. The full actual amount of the order was than also debited from my account.

‘I’ve been in touch with Asda twice for a refund. Asda then told me I needed to get my bank to fax them first (which the bank unhelpfully refuses to do). I apparently have to wait up to seven working days for MY money to be refunded from Asda.’

Getting Asda’s problem fixed faster

The supermarket says an update late last year solved the problem ‘for the vast majority’, and that final changes over the next couple of months ‘should get rid of the issue altogether’.

But given how long Asda customers have been dealing with this problem, we won’t celebrate until the complaints have dried up completely. Have you suffered from this problem with Asda’s online shopping? Did you manage to get your money back easily?


Asda have not sorted out their ongoing problems. My daughter ordered an online delivery as she had just had a baby and although baby was fine she was unwell herself and was house bound. The order did not arrive and they tried to deliver it to my house 6 mile away as my address was back up. They had not tried to deliver to her address. Asda said they would redeliver the following day. After waiting all day no sign of the shopping. The driver saud he couldn’t find her address. Turned out he had my postcode on her address. They said they would refund the £220. She cancelled the order. They received the refund only because the bank were very sympathetic due to her personal circumstances. They then took out another full payment of £220 which left them with no money and no shopping. Numerous calls to Asda and the bank, both saying it’s the other ones fault and the payment is still pending after 7 days. I have officially complained to Asda today and she got offered a £5 voucher to use online. As if that’s going to happen. They ordered this shop on the 1st December 2017 it’s now 18th. No shopping no refund. Absolutely disgusting. This has caused her harm and distress.

It is still happening!! During the cold spell ASDA cancelled my delivery order twice – understandable because of the snow. BUT they charged me for the first delivery and the second delivery AND also put a hold on my account for the value of the order. So what was a £150 order ended up with £450 being held on my account. Disgraceful!! It toomk a week for it all to wash though.

Then only today I had my card declined when trying to pay for a new carpet – I could not understand this until I got home to find that £211 had been ring fenced on my account despite the money having been taken out for the value of the order as well. Thank you ASDA for the acute embarrassment caused in front of my partner and the shop staff.