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Scam call warning: Amazon Prime ‘renewal’

An automated scam call is impersonating Amazon Prime, telling victims their subscription will be ‘renewed’ for £39.99. Here’s what you need to watch out for.

We’ve been made aware of an automated scam phone call designed to trick Amazon Prime customers into connecting with a fraudulent ‘account manager’.

It’s similar in tactics to the ‘Visa fraud department‘ call, which also instructs victims to ‘press 1’ to be connected.

From here, it’s highly likely scammers will attempt to extort bank details and/or personal data from you.

Update: 18/03/2020

Thank you to the 17,000+ people who filled out our survey on this dangerous Amazon Prime scam call – the data we’ve collected will be vital in taking action against it.

What’s next? We’ll now be taking your responses to the phone companies and Amazon itself to demonstrate just how widespread this scam call is, and how it’s impacting on people’s lives.

We’ll then work with them to implement appropriate action, including warnings, potential call-blocking and reporting these calls to the relevant authorities.

This page will be updated as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your support.

Update: 13/02/2020

This Amazon Prime scam call has been frequently posing a threat to the public for too long. We want to see action taken against it from the phone providers and Amazon.

You can help us stamp this out by answering the following questions:

The Which? Amazon Prime scam call survey is now closed

We’ll then use your responses to prove just how widespread this problem is and which providers are the most affected.

Amazon Prime scam: what to expect (16/10/2019)

To find out exactly what you need to watch out for, I spoke with Craig, a member of the public who received the call on his landline earlier this month.

He was told by an automated voice that this was a ‘reminder’, and that his Prime account was being renewed at a cost of £39.99.

It went on to tell him that he should ‘press 1’ to speak with an ‘account manager’.

Craig is indeed an Amazon Prime customer, however he’s never associated his home number with his Prime account. This would suggest that the scam is targeting members of the public at random, rather than Prime customers directly.

How to deal with phone scams

If you’ve received this call, hang up immediately. Amazon will never contact you in this way, and the call being completely unsolicited should also set off alarm bells.

You can read our full guide to phone scams here, and also report this scam to Action Fraud using its online reporting tool.

If you do think you may have given sensitive information to scammers, contact your bank straight away and let them know what’s happened.

You can also find out everything you need to know about getting your money back after a scam in our guide.

I made Amazon aware of this scam call after speaking with Craig. An Amazon spokesperson told me:

“We take phishing and spoofing attempts on our customers seriously, and will never call a customer for payment outside of our website. If a customer has concerns or receives a call they believe is not from Amazon, they can check the Amazon.co.uk help pages for guidance”

Have you received this Amazon Prime scam call? If so, did you think it was genuine?

Whether you’re an Amazon Prime customer or not, do help us get the word out by warning friends and family about these calls, and let us know if you’ve received anything similar in the comments below.

Sylvie says:
25 November 2019

And now they have started in Australia too! As others have said the scammers have called my landline even though I only use my mobile number with Amazon. No I am not an Amazon Prime member. Yes I have ordered stuff through Amazon.

S Naylor says:
25 November 2019

Just had this phone call but the price has gone up to £79.99. I hung up.

Had this call a couple of times – ignored it (just has another from (01320207816)), I have never associated my home number with my Account – so just dialing numbers at random, and seeing who will bite.

Three times this morning. Is there anyway of blocking them

That,s the big problem Alan/Aidan if the numbers start with —01-02–etc etc then even BT will stop you from universally blocking them as they are UK area codes but if they are sent via –VoIP they can be blocked using a call blocker most aren’t real numbers but “virtual numbers ” bought en block to stop you finding their location as businesses use the same type of methods to hide their real location ISP,s aren’t going to block them.
Sorry to say the only long term solution until we all go -VoIP is to buy a good call blocker.
I was blocked by BT from using an American code( blocking single “0” starts ) compatible with my new call blocker but incompatible with BT,s programming in their exchange .
America has a different area code system.

Had 3 phone calls today supposedly from Amazon to tell me that £39.99 would be taken from my account to renew my prime Amazon account and to press 1 to speak to an account manager. All from different telephone numbers.

Susan Harris says:
25 November 2019

Today – synthetic “Far Eastern” voice calling landline from 01644 350725.

Chris Baddeley says:
25 November 2019

Had three calls in the last few days. They are asking for your bank details. Not even an Amazon Prime member. They are just phishing. Beware!

Kerry Dowling says:
25 November 2019

Just had a phonecall (01291658387) to say our amazon prime was being renewed and would cost us £39.99
I hung up as soon as I heard the automated message say the price! Bloody people!!

Anthony Kistell says:
25 November 2019

I’m really sick of these criminals purporting to be Amazon advising a 39.99 DD payment was being collected… I told them what to do and was asked if I wanted to speak to a Manager and press1…I did and listened to complete BS until I’d had enough so told them they were crooks and to give me their phone no. to verify…they hung up.. 01685 873940.A lso had it from BT about my computer being compromised with viruses??? told them what to do…How can this be stopped? It is easy to understand how non technical/computer people can be fooled and it’s increasing, now every day or so…getting me really XXX

Not random I don’t think. I’ve just taken on a trial period with Amazon Prime and my trial ends towards the beginning of December, so this suggest (I’d further say it’s quite likely) that the scammer knows this information. I’ve never had such a call before.

Many times they are just taking chances, they probably have a random number selector and if you answer they put it on record, and yours just happened to come up, they called me on a number I’ve never given to any body, I don’t even know it myself and I rarely answer a call that I don’t know, and I get rarely get scam calls, maybe about once every 2 months

bob charles says:
25 November 2019

I received this scam call today but I did not react to it because I am not an Amazon Prime member, I just told them to **** off. The number they called from was 01971325753 so please do not fall for this scam, these people are the scum of the earth and should be exterminated!

john williamson says:
25 November 2019

John–I’ve had 7 calls today 25th nov.i’m on BTblack listing service(for all the good it do’es) you would think BT would find away of stopping them.a good few O.A.P’S will be getting caught with this type of scam.

I received an automated call from Amazon stating that £39.99 would be taken out of my account for prime, firstly, I pay more than that for my prime, secondly, payment for my prime isn’t due until 2020, and finally they called me on a number that I don’t use and I have never given to Amazon, so basically I just hung up, called amazon and gave them the number they were using, if you ever get a scam call, listen carefully, take note, scammers generally try to make you panic and that’s how they trap you, always hang up and call Amazon, your bank or whoever they are claiming to be from, but call from a different phone and never to a number they have given you, I never answer and always google any unknown number, I can always call them back if it’s legit

Anna Le Jeune says:
25 November 2019

I’ve received this call twice now on my landline (latest today). And my husband has received one on his mobile. It says it’s auto-renewing your prime account so you shouldn’t have to do anything if it was genuine. We’ve just hung up every time.

Jack UK says:
25 November 2019

Same as above, only issue for me was it reminded me to cancel my prime (free version) their timing was perfect as I needed to do it that day.!! They asked me to go to my P.C and they would hold. Had they not said that it might have been a diff’ story.
I then realised something was up, they then called another 3 times.

According to the NY police and other US state police they are getting the same scams as us regarding “Amazon Prime ” the NY police say that the UK is quote- the foreign (overseas ) country getting the most attention from the scammers .
They know the UK is getting great attention and advise –“Amazon never call a customer for payment out of their website – their advise—hang up.
It looks like the scammers speak English or don’t speak European languages for the most part .

Here is some advice from the USA “Daily Scam ” –

[UPDATED PHONE # BELOW 11-23-19 – This scam is still VERY active! See updates below.]
In mid-August, a woman we’ll call “Martha” needed help with a shipping label for a product she purchased through Amazon but wished to return. She searched Google for the Amazon customer support phone number and easily found 888-341-6651. However, what she found turned out to be one of many fraudulent numbers posted by criminals to appear as Amazon support numbers. She was victimized emotionally, financially, and felt that she couldn’t trust her computer and online accounts. The fake phone number was one of dozens of scam phone numbers cleverly positioned and posted on many Internet sites, including Amazon.com, by criminal gangs to lure unsuspecting consumers. UPDATE: We are hearing from victims in the summer of 2019 who have found scam Amazon Customer Support phone numbers via Google search and then these numbers disappear! It seems as though the scam numbers are posted and removed after short periods of time, making it harder for Google and security services to identify and remove them.

Don’t believe posts on public forums such at Twitter or Quora.com when you see people posting the phone numbers for customer services like Amazon. They are usually FAKE, like these recent posts saying that Amazon support can be reached at 315-894-7222. That number leads to criminals in India.
Those are USA telephone numbers NOT UK ones .
Notice how US security services do take action –last sentence next up paragraph.

I have had at least 12 calls from “Amazon Prime” over the past two days. Driving us all crazy. Keep adding the numbers to my blocked list but they use a different number every time.

Just had the automated American voice saying my Prime was being renewed for 39.99, but here’s the thing. I only had the phone line installed 4 weeks ago, I am ex directory and no one has my number as everyone uses my mobile. So if it is random dialing its a lucky hit or unlucky as I don’t have Amazon Prime lol and just hung up.

26 November 2019

Just received the automated call from amazon, it does sound guenuine and as I have only just cancelled my prime account I wasn’t totally sure. but i just ended the call as I know not to press 1 and just checked my online amazon account.

But i’m pretty sure this could very easily catch people out who use Amazon Prime.

David says:
26 November 2019

Received a renewal scam call today from 01277607602 on my landline. Hung up when the automated caller suggested that I press 1 to speak to adviser. I am on a Prime free trial at present.
Is it a coincidence that the call came a few minutes after placing an order?