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Your view: why we love your stories

A book full of stories

Every week on Which? Convo, you share your stories with us on a whole range of subjects. So this week, we wanted to celebrate the diversity of your brilliant stories with a round-up of our favourites.

Alex Jackson from Sustain told us about its Campaign for Better Hospital Food. In return you shared your stories of hospital food, including William, whose dad struggled to find a healthy option:

‘When my dad was in hospital recovering from his triple heart bypass, the only thing wrong with the whole saga was the very poor quality of the food. He is diabetic and they wondered why, when feeding him sugary food, they then had to keep him in four days extra to try and get that under control.’

When we asked you for positive examples of customer service, Gerard Phelan was happy to oblige:

‘My own story is of dining with a group of friends in a Wetherspoons pub in Islington. My meal arrived 10 minutes after that of my friends. The waitress apologised saying that it was the result of a temporary chef being unfamiliar with the kitchen.

‘10 minutes later the waitress was back. She had created a formal complaint on my behalf and received sanction from the pub manager to refund the cost of my meal. You can bet that I have since told ever one of my friends and colleagues about the Wetherspoons service.’

Unfortunately, your travel insurance stories rarely have happy endings, including Sam Kubunavanua’s:

‘Travelled to Fiji over Xmas. Flew from London to Seoul OK, but then flight from Seoul to Fiji was delayed because of Cyclone Evan. Stayed in Seoul for 36 hours instead of three.

‘Our claim was refused because the small print said it only covered delays for the first part of the flight and return journey, but not the second part of out-going flight, even though a direct flight is not available.’

And finally, the story of the lucky birds making homes in John Ward’s garden earned our Comment of the Week:

‘We had nine nest boxes in our previous [fairy large] garden, but our new place is still a work in progress. We had plenty of viewings of the nest boxes by Bluetits at our previous home, and two couples took up residence and raised families.

We also had a pair of Robins but I don’t know whether they had a brood. We’ve seen plenty of birds around the new house. Two wagtails have already adopted our garden and don’t seem bothered by the woodpigeons, rooks and seagulls who drop in for a snack every day.’

Do you have any stories you’d like to share with your fellow commenters? Do you remember any of your favourite Convo anecdotes?