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Your comments this week – love, leasing and liquid detergent

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It’s been a romantic week, as we’ve been speaking the language of love. Would you pay to find love online? You’ve also been debating car finance, nuisance phone calls and our detergent tests.

I want to own my car, not lease it

When you want a brand new car, we asked if you prefer to lease or buy. Malcom R said:

‘I feel that if someone else owns your car and lends it to you, they are going to do it for a profit, so you will end up with more expensive motoring costs than proper ownership. I keep my cars a long time; currently I have a 1994 and a 2004 car and would rather spend money on maintenance than depreciation.’

On the other hand, L2 took a different option:

I bought a car on 0% finance on hire purchase over three years, and kept it for another year and a half. Then I replaced it with another (same model) on 0% finance but its personal contract purchase this time. I’ll still keep it though at the end of the term, as I feel three years is too soon to change my car. If there was any interest on the finance, I would have kept my previous car.

Powder vs liquid detergent – which cleaned up in our tests?

Our tests found gel and liquid detergents couldn’t quite measure up to their powder equivalents. Clint kir shared his experience:

‘I have tried ‘liquitabs’ (liquid wrapped in single-dose envelopes) and will not use them again. It may be the particular washing machine, but I found two problems. Sometimes, the envelopes turned into a sticky slime in the water, got stuck to a piece of clothing and failed to come off in the rinse.

‘Other times, the liquitabs got thrown into the gap between the rubber and the glass of the door and stayed stuck there throughout the wash cycle. They only got dislodged during the rinse cycle, so the rinse cycle became soapy while the wash cycle was just watery.’

Making a noise about silent phone calls

Silent phone calls are a bugbear for many of our commenters including Jen, who shared her frustrations:

‘I’ve had so many cold calls that I now don’t bother to answer the phone, I just let it go to the answer phone. Many are silent and many are recorded messages. These are amusing when my answerphone kicks in, as they talk to each other! It’s been many years since I have been able to use the phone as it was intended to be used.’

Scrumpydog faces a similar problem:

‘As it happens, I reported an incessant string of nuisance calls to Ofcom only yesterday. A combination of ‘silent calls’ and a call centre agent demanding proof of identity or pretending they can’t hear you when you answer. I made it 55 calls in two weeks, anytime between 9am and 8.30pm.’

Jessops finally snaps – was I to blame?

As retailer Jessops goes into administration, you zoomed in on the advantages of high street shops. Barrie said:

‘There’s something about going into a shop, talking to the assistant, getting advice (hopefully good), making the purchase and going home with a nice product. Also, knowing you’d interacted with a fellow human being, helped pay their rates, helped keep someone employed along with all the service staff that were behind the scenes. Will I miss Jessops? Yes, but will just have to learn to live with it.’

Dating online – would you pay to find love?

Online dating is a growing trend amongst folk of all ages, but does it really work? Anon Happily Married shared his story and earned our Comment of the Week:

‘Online dating has pluses and minuses, as do all other methods of meeting people. I met some great people via chance encounters and some not so great, and the same applies to meetings I’ve had as a result of online encounters. I suspect there’s a bias towards people saying negative things about online dating.

‘I met my wife through online dating. We had a courtship of about 18 months. Then we got married and we’re coming up for our second anniversary. Yes, you can find love online.’

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