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Your comments this week – lights on and lights off

Lots of colourful lights

This week you’ve been thinking about solutions for safe lighting outside the home and controlling your lights with the flick of a smartphone. Meanwhile Bond has left some wallets shaken as well as stirred.

Council street lights

Some of you felt that motion sensors could be the solution to reducing the cost of street lighting without compromising on safety, but Malcolm R is not convinced:

‘Switching “on demand” by presence detectors does not work with lights on main roads because, as has been said, the majority of the lamps used need time to produce sufficient light, by which time the vehicle has gone. There is more of a case in residential roads for pedestrians – primarily with LED lighting which does give full light output instantly.’

On Twitter, @RussRB took a dim view of the topic:

‘If the new street light outside our house got any dimmer it would be sent to the corner with a dunce hat on.’

Are you motivated by diet and exercise apps?

Morag finds the MyFitnessPal app very motivating in her quest to lose weight:

‘I love MyFitnessPal. I’ve lost 88lbs (6st 4lb) this year using it. Recording your calorie intake and having support from friends (on your wall) is by far the easiest way to lose weight and get fit.’

Wavechange takes a rather different view of the impact of fitness apps:

‘I suspect that a lot of people are fat because they spend so much time playing with their smartphones and other gadgets, rather than going out and getting some exercise.’

Controlling light bulbs with your phone – genius or gimmick?

The Philips Hue lighting system sound like a bright idea to Tpoots:

‘I do like the idea of controlling them via my phone, if only so I don’t have to get out of bed, or the blanket on the sofa during the winter months. I’m also one of those nerds who’d like changing the colour of it based on cool colours I find in pictures.’

Would you split up with your bank over ethics?

Choosing a bank based on ethics can be tricky. Sophie Gilbert told us about her switch to Nationwide:

‘I switched to Nationwide because they are a building society, have a good reputation generally, and because my husband banks with them. I have accompanied him several times to theEdinburghbranches atSt Johns RoadandGeorge Street(he doesn’t do distance banking) and the service he has received (and I since switching) has been exemplary each time.’

Crease-free style – are irons required or redundant?

While some of you are glad to be free from the chore of ironing, John Ward feels it still has a role to play in modern life:

‘Since one never gets a second chance to make a first impression, I think an iron and a good ironing board are essential. I couldn’t wear a tie if the shirt wasn’t crisp and smooth and I never go out without a tie. Ironing time is a great opportunity to put on some pleasant music and do some private thinking’

Do you celebrate Halloween or Bonfire Night?

Celebrating Halloween divided opinions; some feel it’s too commercial, while others see it as a good excuse to dress up and have fun. Bonfire Night had a much warmer reception, particularly from Stevem:

‘Bonfire night has become a community event in our village. After a best guy competition in the pub car park, the road is closed for a torchlight procession to the Glebe Field for hot soup, burgers, a huge bonfire and fireworks. Nothing political or religious, just good fun and fundraising.’

‘£80 for two tickets to see Skyfall?’ Vue cannot be serious

Bond-themed puns abounded when we asked you for your experiences of booking tickets online to watch Skyfall with Vue. Our Comment of the Week goes to Deborah Kendale who went looking for the man with the golden refund:

‘When I phoned the customer “helpline” and found out I was 120th in the queue we ended up travelling a nearly 40 mile round trip to get a refund. The manager at the Vue cinema in Birmingham was not at all apologetic telling me it would take 10 days for the money to be refunded. He wasn’t interested in my husband’s idea that we should receive some reimbursement or recompense for our inconvenience.’

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