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Your comments this week – eggs, checkouts and energy

Were Sky right to put up its line rental prices? What’s the best way to secure energy supplies for the future? And how do you like your eggs? We’ve been hearing from you on these topics and more this week.

How do you like your eggs?

Our poll suggests that most of you prefer your eggs fried or scrambled. Our culinary commenters offered their best serving suggestions – including William:

‘I like my eggs between two bits of bread and snuggled up to a couple of pieces of bacon, a light sprinkling of black pepper and sauce (preferably the brown stuff).’

Lynn prefers a different method:

‘Has to be scrambled with a dash of skimmed milk and served on brown home-made toast with a good scrape of marmite. Glorious!’

Is printing at home on the way out?

As technology makes printing less necessary, are we printing off less at home? Kipper says:

‘Nothing beats a hard copy. However, printing is expensive and I’ve been more than a little miffed when recently starting a course and being emailed the course notes so I can print them out later. It’s costing me a lot in college fees and this is a hidden cost that I wasn’t made completely aware of when I signed up.’

What happens if the lights go out?

You had strong feelings about the energy regulator’s first Electricity Capacity Assessment of Britain, including Wavechange, who made an interesting suggestion:

‘Trying to get people and organisations to avoid wasting energy isn’t really working. Some are trying very hard and some don’t care. (I’m no saint myself, but do make an effort.)

‘What I would like to see is electricity prices continuously variable so that customers can benefit from lower prices when electricity is plentiful. We have done this in a very crude way for years, with cheaper electricity available overnight.’

Ring, ring! Sky hikes line rental prices

Sky has increased its line rental prices, leaving commenters like Tpoots unhappy:

‘I too received this letter and shall be calling to complain as a result. I only pay my line rental out of necessity for my broadband connection, and do not have a phone connected, so it’s not as if I am getting my moneys worth out of it.’

Have we come round to self-service checkouts?

Two years ago, we asked you if you liked self-service checkouts. The answer was a resounding no – but have your attitudes changed? Nfh likes them:

‘I like them when I use a credit card for a very small amount, usually because I don’t have any change and don’t want to break into a £20 note. It still feels awkward to use a credit card for a very small amount, and the lack of human interaction prevents any embarrassment.’

Dave Midgley, who gets our Comment of the Week, is less keen:

‘Self-service checkouts are here to stay, and they will become the “norm” in time. The reason being that these checkouts don’t phone in sick, they don’t need annual holidays, nor do they need to take a lunch break, pay a visit to the toilet or even want a salary…

‘I hate them with a passion and would rather be served by someone with a pulse, regardless how miserable or uninterested they are.’

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