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Do you have a recalled Whirlpool washing machine? Here’s what to do

More than half a million washing machines are affected by the latest Whirlpool recall. Check if yours is one of them, and find out what to do next.

Update 29/04/2020

Whirlpool has recalled another 21 models of Hotpoint washing machines over safety concerns that have been identified in the door mechanism.  It’s thought around 55,000 households in the UK could have one of the models in this latest round of recalls.

The full list of affected models, including the most recently announced, can be found below so you can check if yours is one of them.

If your washing machine is affected, we’d like to hear from you about how quickly you’re able to arrange a repair or replacement, and how it’s being carried out under social distancing restrictions. Tell us below in the comments section.

Update 29/01/2020

Six weeks on from the announcement of the safety issue and three more Hotpoint washing machine models have been added to the recall – listed below.

We want to know how the recall is progressing for affected customers.  We’ve really appreciated hearing your feedback.

We want to find out if people’s cases are being resolved effectively. If you own a recalled Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine, take our survey and tell us about your experience of the recall.

Update 09/01/2020

Whirlpool’s recall of more than half a million fire-risk washing machines begins today.

Sue Davies, Which?’s Head of Consumer Protection said:

“It would clearly be unacceptable if customers were left for many months without adequate washing facilities in their homes, particularly when there is also no offer to cover consequential costs such as trips to the laundrette.

The company should do the right thing and offer customers a refund, so people can get fire-risk machines out of their homes and quickly find a suitable replacement.

There needs to be a full investigation about what Whirlpool knew about these machines and when. The government’s failing Office for Product Safety and Standards must also be replaced by an independent regulator with real powers to keep dangerous products out of people’s homes”

Do you agree with us that Whirlpool should offer a refund? Andy Slaughter MP does, and has started a petition asking Whirlpool to do the right thing.

Sign the Petition

Originally published 18/12/2019

Bought a Hotpoint or Indesit machine since 2014? You might need to stop using it. It’s been found that some have a faulty door which could cause a fire.

But with the Whirlpool website and customer care line experiencing technical difficulties, many people have been finding it hard to get the information they need.

We’ve put together this guide covering what you need to know.

How do I know if my washing machine is being recalled?

Check the model number on your machine and see if it’s one of the affected models listed below. You can find the model number inside the door, or on the back of the machine.

The company has said the problem is with Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines made between October 2014 and February 2018, but it’s worth checking regardless of when you bought yours.

These are the washing machine models affected:

Hotpoint models recalled

  • FML 742P UK
  • WMAOD 743G UK
  • WMAOD 743P UK
  • WMAQB 641P UK
  • WMAQB 721P UK
  • WMAQB 721P UK.M
  • WMAQB 741G UK
  • WMAQB 741P UK
  • WMAQC 641P UK.M
  • WMAQC 741G UK
  • WMAQC 741P UK
  • WMAQC 741P UK.M
  • WMAQF 621G UK
  • WMAQF 621P UK
  • WMAQF 621P UK.L
  • WMAQF 641G UK
  • WMAQF 641P UK
  • WMAQF 641P UK.M
  • WMAQF 721G UK
  • WMQF 721P UK
  • WMAQF 721P UK.M
  • WMAQG 641G UK
  • WMAQG 641P UK
  • WMAQG 721P UK
  • WMAQG 721P UK.M
  • WMAQG 741P UK.M
  • WMAQL 621G UK
  • WMAQL 621P UK
  • WMAQL 641P UK
  • WMAQL 721A UK
  • WMAQL 721P UK
  • WMAQL 721P UK.M
  • WMAQL 741G UK
  • WMAQL 741P UK
  • WMBF 742G UK
  • WMBF 742K UK
  • WMBF 742P UK
  • WMBF 742P UK.M
  • WMBF 763P UK
  • WMEF 722 BC UK
  • WMEF 742 P UK
  • WMEUF 722P UK
  • WMEUF 743G UK
  • WMEUF 743P UK
  • WMFG 741G UK
  • WMFG 741P UK
  • WMFG 741P UK.M
  • WMFUG 742 P UK.M
  • WMFUG 742G UK
  • WMFUG 742P UK
  • WMFUG 842P UK.M
  • WMJLF 842P UK
  • WMJLL 742P UK
  • WMSAQG 621G UK
  • WMSAQG 621P UK
  • WMXTF 742G UK
  • WMXTF 742K UK
  • WMXTF 742P UK
  • WMXTF 842P UK.M
  • WMYL 7151PS UK
  • WMAQC 641P UK
  • WMAQG 741P UK

Indesit models recalled

  • XWA 81252X K UK
  • XWA 81252X W UK
  • XWD 71452X K UK

If your washing machine is listed above, you should stop using it until you can confirm if it’s affected.

However, Whirlpool says to reduce the risk of fire, affected washing machines can still be used on a 20C setting. We think this is confusing advice, and we’re pressing for more information.

However, we have confirmed with a number of insurance companies that you’ll still be covered if your recalled machine starts a fire, as long as you follow Whirlpool’s advice.

Some insurers have told us you might not be covered if you knowingly ignore Whirlpool’s safety advice.

If you decide to carry on using your washing machine, stay at home while it’s running a cycle and don’t put it on overnight.

How do I get my washing machine replaced or fixed?

Whirlpool will start a repair and replacement scheme on January 9th 2020.

To get yours fixed or replaced, you’ll need to register on the Whirlpool website.

You can also call the Whirlpool customer service line on 0800 316 1442.

If you’ve already submitted your information, Whirlpool will be in touch with you soon.

How long will it take to get a repair or a replacement washing machine?

We don’t know yet, but it could take weeks or months for repairs to take place. If everyone follows the advice to stop using their washing machines, thousands will be unable to do their laundry over Christmas and New Year, or even longer.

For this reason, we’ll be pushing Whirlpool to also offer refunds in addition to the options of repair or replacement.

How do i know if the machine I’m offered is ‘like for like’?

If you’re offered for a ‘like for like’ replacement machine, it’s important that it’s suitable for your needs and is as close as possible to the specifications of your original washing machine.

In deciding what is suitable it’s important you consider the following specifications:

  • Capacity (drum size)
  • Spin speed
  • Machine colour
  • Energy rating

And, importantly, that the dimensions of the replacement machine is appropriate for the space in your home.

Will I be able to get any costs covered?

We’d like to see Whirlpool offer reimbursement of any out-of-pocket expenses caused by this recall. For example, the cost of removing and replacing fixed appliances in fitted kitchens.

If the recall results in you paying out, keep your receipts just in case there’s a chance to claim these costs back in the future.

We’ll be updating this post as we get more information on the recall, and how repairs and replacements will be rolled out.

Do you have a recalled model? Has Whirlpool arranged a repair or replacement for you yet? 

We want to know how the experience has been for you.  Fill in our survey below: 

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Create your own user feedback survey

Tell us more about how you’ve been affected below.

Lynda Dickebs says:
24 November 2020

I have been waiting for a replacement washing machine since Dec 19! Ea h time I phone the recall line get told the same old story ” non in stock”, ” first come first served”. What a farce and how unfair. Whirlpool should be ashamed

My washer was on the recall list and I was told in February 2020 by Whirlpool that the machine would be replaced. Many phone calls later I am still waiting for a black machine. I am told the same thing each time, they have no stock. They have no answer when I ask them why I could buy a black machine of the same make from several suppliers but they are unable to obtain stocks.
After all this time my opinion is that if they are unable to supply a replacement machine they should offer a refund.
This is turning into a farce and has gone on way too long.

@lmerryweather – Hi Lauren – Please can we have an update with advice for those who are still waiting to have their problems resolved.

Miranda Stamp says:
1 December 2020

Are there any additional models of machine being added to the recall list? My friend has a Whirlpool one, they rang for advice on the model and was told it definitely wasn’t one of the models affected. Last night their washing machine, not in use at the time, caught fire. Luckily they had working smoke alarms and were able to get out, but have lost everything and sadly they were not insured due to a mistake on renewal.

That’s a very sad story, Miranda, but it shows how important it is to have working smoke alarms. Manufacturers will recall fire risk appliances but even ones that are not recalled can go on fire. Whirlpool did add some more Hotpoint models to their list of recalled machines but that was a long time ago, and could have been dryers rather than washing machines.

Washing machines and tumble dryers are responsible for a substantial number of household fires, as this Which? article shows: https://www.which.co.uk/news/2018/02/revealed-the-brands-linked-to-the-most-appliance-fires/ It’s very very unlucky to have a fire when an appliance is switched off but others have mentioned this in this or other Conversations. It’s best to switch off appliances after use, which is easy if the switch is above the worktop as in modern homes and ones that have been refurbished, but difficult if the switch is behind the machine. A greater risk is leaving washers, dryers and dishwashers running overnight and fire services regularly warn against doing this.

This could have been so much worse if the smoke alarms had been purchased through an online marketplace.

We need appliances that catch fire to be properly examined to try to determine the cause, particularly when switched off. That way we learn.

This could have been so much worse if the smoke alarms had been purchased through an online marketplace.

We need appliances that catch fire to be properly examined to try to determine the cause, particularly when switched off. That way we learn.

Miranda, really sorry to hear that news but thanks for sharing.

From now on, I’ll start switching off my washing machine (and also my cooker hood) when not in use. As my washing machine is about 30 years old, it can only be a matter ot time before it fails one way or another. Given its age, I do also avoid using it in unattended operation.

There are numerous reasons why a washing machine can go on fire but it should be possible to design them and other appliances so that they can contain a fire, for example by using fire resistant materials such as metal rather than plastic and glass in the outer case. It would not prevent a fire from starting but the fire would be contained and not damage people’s homes, or worse.

If the appliance were switched off it may be the door was not closed, thus not containing a fire.

I am trying to find out more about work being done on fire in domestic appliances.

Yesterday our washing machine caught fire after a Whirlpool/Hotpoint engineer had just left, saying he had repaired it! Within five minutes of switching it on thick smoke poured out the back, the drum and washing liquid filer. If I had been in a different room then the whole house could have gone up in flames. We switched it off grabbed the sack trucks and dragged it outside. BUT.. No one seems to be taking it seriously and an engineer can’t come out until the 31st Dec! We have also been told it has to be kept in the house to keep it dry or no one will look at it! so now we have had to bring it back into the house! The drum and motor are burnt out and no doubt unrepairable. This is a claim of negligence and could have cost us our lives! Unbelievable lack of service from Hotpoint/Whirlpool and the insurers D&G!!

I registered my Hotpoint washing machine in December 2019. It is confirmed as a recalled model. I’m still waiting a year on for a replacement!! I phone regularly but all I get is that they have no stock. They should be in in 2 weeks. This is the longest 2 weeks ever! They also ask if I have updated the link on the website which will tell me when stock is in. I do this constantly. It tells me nothing. I’m sure it’s not doing my clothes and household items any good being constantly washed on 20deg and I am constantly on edge and will not leave the machine unattended. Will this ever be resolved??

Wow reading all this comments has made me worry even more on how long I will be waiting for a machine. Twice I contacted the recall team to be told my machine wasn’t on the list. It took for my machine to start playing up at Christmas with the door lock being the problem, I booked a call out as I had cover to be told mine was affected so he couldn’t fix it. I’m now waiting for a replacement & been told I will hear something working ten days! I have four children & my washing baskets can’t cope!

My machine has been registered for nearly a year now for replacement. Every couple of months I receive an email asking me to click a link to view and update my options. I want the machine replaced. Every time I’m told the model is out of stock and should be available in a couple of weeks. This happened in October and exactly the same has happened today. Customer services can give no more information and are next to useless. They don’t want to replace machines and they won’t refund; they want to repair as it’s their cheapest option. This is an appalling way to treat customers. There is absolutely NO WAY I will ever buy another Hotpoint appliance.

Is it not illegal to knowingly sell fake or counterfeit items in U.K. which you have to be refunded for and don’t have to send back to China where it would cost more than item is worth

Yesterday ( Feb 11 2021) the Hotpoint tumble dryer spontaneously caught fire. Fortunately I was working from home and the smoke alarm was activated. I was able to unplug the at the mains and then douse the appliance with water. The plastic molding around the control panel melted and the machine is past repair. However the acrid burnt plastic smell hung around even though we opened the windows to ventilate the room for 10-12 hours. The model was TVHM80CP(UK). It was a replacement provided by Whirlpool in Nov/Dec 2016 for an Indesit which was on the recall list. We opted to pay the 59 GBP and get a new tumble dryer assuming the fire issue had been addressed. We were not aware of the green dot safety symbol. On inspecting the burnt TVHM80CP, no green dots were found either at the front or the back of the dryer. Contacting Whirlpool/Indesit/Hotpoint is proving to be very challenging. I emailed the CEO Maurizio Pettorino at Indesit last night, and sent an image of the burnt-out tumble dryer. It would appear that we were given an at risk tumble dryer as a replacement.

Patrick Taylor says:
12 February 2021

I look forward to your continued story so we can see how it pans out.

October 2020 my washing machine started flashing codes by chance I found that it was a re called model. Registered and didn’t hear anything. I then rang a week later as I had a newborn and needed a washer. I was told no stock and they didn’t know when any would be available. I had read on here people had been waiting a year so just bit the bullet and purchased a brand new one. Anyway December I was given the option of fix or replace then end of January given a date for new machine which came today and old one taken away. I know it’s a long slog but make sure to check emails every day incase any are missed. I don’t think I did bad time wise compared to a lot of others stories. Good luck and hopefully they are now re stocked and finally getting to you all.

It’s good to hear that your problem has been resolved, Donna. In future I suggest that you register new products with the manufacturer as soon as possible so that you get to know if there is a recall.

Lesley Dinsdale says:
23 June 2021

Same as previous customers every time we ring out of stock ring again I couple weeks. Been going on since 2019 what can we do to get attention on this matter as I think they have had long enough now. Where do we stand legally.