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Win! Safety advice changed for dangerous dryers, but we need a full recall

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In a damning indictment of the product safety system’s failure to stand up for consumers, it’s taken the threat of legal action for Peterborough Trading Standards to take enforcement action against Whirlpool.

Some of you will recall that in December 2016, we filed a claim for a judicial review into Peterborough Trading Standards’s handling of the Whirlpool fire-risk dryer saga.

Following the filing of this legal review, Peterborough Trading Standards has since issued two enforcement notices on Whirlpool.

Safety advice

The enforcement notices require Whirlpool to change its advice and warn owners of affected dryers to unplug and stop using the machines until they are repaired.

This has been our advice since November 2015 when the safety issue hit the news. But it has taken until now, and our legal threat, for Trading Standards to see that the risk was all too evident from the hundreds of fires caused by fire-risk Whirlpool brand dryers.

As a result of this enforcement action we will cease with the legal process at this time.

However, Whirlpool still needs to take action to address many of the other points identified by us, namely: addressing the speed at which repairs and replacements are being carried out; acting in the best interests of affected customers; properly training its call centre staff to give accurate information; and publishing a full list of the affected model numbers.

Whirlpool has now aknowledged that the affected dryers shouldn’t be used, so consumers are left without usable dryers, inconvenienced and out of pocket. We therefore want the company to do the right thing and issue a full recall of these dryers.

We also urge those with affected dryers (certain lines of Hotpoint, Indesit, Swan, Creda and Proline dryers) to go straight to Whirlpool and demand your machine is fixed. We also believe you should try and approach the retailer you bought your machine from to request a refund.

Product safety system

I believe this long-running issue highlights the fundamental weaknesses of the current product safety system – it shouldn’t take the threat of a judicial review to get Peterborough to act on its duties as a regulator, stand up for consumers and put their safety first.

This is a failing of the system that I’ll again be highlighting with ministers. We will not stand idly by as issues such as the Whirlpool fiasco go unresolved.

It’s clear that the government must reform the product safety system.

That’s why we’re calling on our supporters to back Andy Slaughter MP’s petition to help force a debate in Parliament on this safety issue and the product safety system.

I urge you to sign this to help guarantee a Parliamentary debate.

On 28 February 2017 the government posted its response to this petition (thank you to @Wavechange for the sharing the link). The response has been expected since the petition passed the minimum threshold of 10,000 signatures. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures it will be considered for a debate in Parliament.

joan astill says:
23 February 2017

It is allvery well whirlpool saying unplug the machine and don’t use it until it is repaired. These machines should be recalled immediately. Because how long is it before they do get round to repairing? I was supposedly to wait for 11 months. I went through a website called RESOLVER.COM and they helped with the problem. Although the repair was brought forward by only 3 months, at least that was a great relief.


I used to work for Whirlpool. I was one of their customer care agents and I ended up quitting the job because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Please don’t use these machines until they’ve been modified, and please don’t be surprised if your engineer turns up on the wrong day, or if your machine starts leaking water or refusing to start after you’ve had the modification. These machines are dangerous, and Whirlpool don’t give a crap about their customers.

Michelle says:
23 February 2017

I have one of the affected machines. I registered for a repair on 16th February 2016′ and advised my repair would be in January 2017. I am still waiting….. The website confirms my repair is overdue, but doesn’t offer a new date. Instead they say they are working hard to reduce the delay, and will arrange a new date for me in future. Unbelievable!!! I have a young family and can’t do without my tumble dryer. It looks like I am now forced to buy a new machine from hot point. Well, it’ll be the last appliance I ever buy from them!

T Nowlan says:
23 February 2017

Clearly this is ridiculous ,these machines are faulty,not fit for purpose or more importantly safe. Therefore must be recalled ,grow some and do what’s right.


So all the fluff and lint is fault of hotpoint
Just look up the vent hose is it blocked? If it is then in block it
Which need to stop spreading this rubbish

Rosemary says:
24 February 2017

This fault should be sorted out by Whirpool ASAP


All the regulars should give themselves a pat on the back along with Which policy makers and the posters posting on Which. Today,s Mail has Whirlpool as a front page article and praises Which for the action its taking , not that I buy the Mail only read the front page in a supermarket. It seems the cry has now reached into the far corners of power , it remains to be seen who wins here the customers with those faulty dryers who demand compensation or Whirlpool with its hard lobbying of Westminster .


It’s nice to have the occasional comment rather than the increasingly common ‘b***h at Which?’ I did sign Andy Slaughter’s petition but I wonder why our government can’t just insist that the matter is debated in Parliament. I want to see evidence that this country is run by government and not by business.