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The Convo top ten – that’s the way to do it

Punch & Judy show

This week you’ve been setting rules for the banks, picking holes in flawed web browsers and criticising the Olympic tickets payment system. Why can’t companies get it right?

What rule should banks stick to?

If you had the chance to order your bank around, what rule would you make them stick to? Not only could your rules be presented during May’s Consumers International World Congress, you could be in with a chance of winning an Amazon Kindle!

IE9′s anti-tracking tool is flawed

Our tests of IE9′s new anti-tracking privacy tool found a fundamental flaw, which could leave things you want blocked, allowed without your knowledge. Does that sound right to you?

Do you agree with our Budget predictions?

It’s the Budget next week, so Laura Starkey has weighed up the rumours and asks ‘what would you put in the Budget?’ Don says we should ‘close down offshore tax havens’ with Derek Wharton arguing that it’s just a matter of doing the right thing, ‘ensure that those able to pay (based on disposable income) pay all of the amount to clear the deficit’.

Overdrawn? Maybe you’ve won all your Olympic tickets

Are you planning to buy tickets for the Olympics? Before you even know whether you’ve won your ticket bids, the money could have already been drained from your account. Do you think that’s a fair system?

99p ebooks – proof publishers are wrong on prices?

Self-publishing authors have had huge success with ebooks priced under a £1 – should big publishers follow suit? Simon thinks publishers ‘need to catch up and start pricing [ebooks] appropriately’, but the publisher Tescape told us that ’99p may perhaps under value the effort that goes into a book’.

Tired? Take a ‘daycation’ not a two-week break

More and more of us are shunning the traditional two-week break in favour of single days off. The trend has prompted the buzz-word ‘daycation’ – are you a fan of them?

Why are gadgets so ******* shiny!?

We’ll leave the starred-out letters to your imagination, but the sentiment still stands – why are screens on gadgets so glossy? Our poll’s very one-sided so far, with 91% in favour of matte screens. One commenter Canonach, for example, is struggling to read his iPad while on holiday in Tenerife. Do you prefer matte screens?

Should we stop building nuclear power plants?

As the world braces itself for a nuclear catastrophe in Japan, should we stop building nuclear power plants in the UK? John Fitz-Hugh doesn’t think we have an option, ‘Sadly renewables alone will not meet our requirements’ he said. But Sophie Gilbert thinks we should ‘phase [nuclear plants] out one by one’.

Should cigarettes be forced under shop counters?

From 2012 tobacco will have to be kept under shop counters – is that right? Fat Sam thinks the government should instead ‘whack up the tax even more on cigarettes to help fund the health service’, with Richard maintaining that ‘smoking should be banned outright’.

Are you hungry for new food technologies?

GM, cloning, nanotechnology… food innovations are everywhere, but do we welcome them? Pickle isn’t a fan, ‘Oh for heavens sake! Let’s go back to eating proper fresh food straight from the country. All this mucking about with perfectly good food leaves me feeling sick.’