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The Convo top ten – on cloud nine

Number nine on gate

Brrr, it’s been a chilly week with many chilling tales, from terrible transport communication in the snow to the value of winter tyres. But it’s not all about the weather – read on to see what else makes this week’s top slots.

Are you at a snow standstill?

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been snowing this week. A lot. I rather like snow, but I don’t like the lack of information we’re given from rail companies about our train services. How have you been getting around this week?

London’s broadband lottery makes mockery of ‘up-to’ speeds

Which? Convo’s Patrick Steen isn’t happy about living in London’s worst postcode for broadband speeds. Kem sympathised, ‘I get a similar broadband speed in West London (Ealing), up to 3.5Mb on a good day.’ But Hylton wasn’t so kind, ‘What a storm in a teacup!’

Just another manic Monday

This Monday was dubbed ‘manic Monday’ thanks to the mammoth online sales it generated. But will you choose to do your Christmas shopping online or in local shops?

Which companies top and tail customer service for you?

We reveal who came top and bottom of our customer service survey, but not all of you agreed with the results. Dave has given John Lewis too many second chances and won’t be going there again. But which companies top your customer service list?

Should GPs have final say on drugs funding?

Latest healthcare proposals could mean that GPs are given more responsibility for funding medicines and treatments. Could this lead to better treatment for patients or make the postcode lottery even worse?

Banks make being a power of attorney arduous

When it comes to helping you take on the affairs of your loved ones, banks need to get their acts together, as our money researcher Rebecca Fearnley has discovered. Judging buy your comments, she’s not alone. ‘The whole ‘industry’ for dealing with aging and increasingly infirm or limited people, leaves almost everything to be desired,’ says Past Sell By.

Can Ofgem investigation restore faith in energy companies?

Energy bills are on the up and so are suppliers’ profits. Ofgem’s decided to investigate these rising margins, but there’s questions over whether this will just be more talk. Let’s hope action will actually be taken on energy suppliers’ profits.

Have you been short-changed by anti-virus software?

Our investigations have found that upgrading your anti-virus software could cut short your existing subscription. Symantec, the makers of Norton anti-virus, and AVG both defend this practice – but we’d either like to see it eihter stopped or made clearer from the outset.

Lost patience with expensive hospital entertainment?

Have you ever had to rely on hospital entertainment systems? You might have found them to be extortionate. As Fat Sam puts it, ‘I suspect some hospital managers are trying to have too much fun being little Lord Sugars and trying to run hospitals too much like businesses.’

Winter tyres not worth the money

Have you considered buying winter tyres for your car? Cars content producer Rob Hull has, but he’s come to the conclusion that they’re too pricey – unlike many of you, who are quick to defend snow tyres. ‘Try and slam a pricetag on roadsafety, and then tell me again your conclusion still stands,’ challenges Clogboy.