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The Convo top ten – room for improvement

Wall being painted

We’ve been calling for change this week, highlighting industries that need improvement. Wall insulation advice isn’t good enough, digital cameras need viewfinders and we’ve submitted our surcharges super complaint.

Our surcharges super complaint

We’ve now submitted our super complaint to put an end to ‘rip-off’ card charges, after over 40,000 pledges of support! But will it put an end to greedy surcharges? It will if you spread the word and send everyone to www.which.co.uk/ripoff!

Cavity wall insulation advice lacking

Our undercover investigation into cavity wall insulation companies found that you don’t always get good adice. If insulation isn’t suitable, you could be left with costly consequences, so we’ve urged the National Insulation Association to improve training and monitoring for assessors.

Fuel costs are same as in ’80s – shouldn’t we be happy?

The price of petrol might be escalating, but our research found that fuel costs are almost on par with 30 years ago. So maybe we should stop complaining? Jonny agreed, ‘Yes – stop moaning, drivers! Those of us who are trying to do our bit for the environment by using public transport are paying about 1/3 more!’

Manufacturers respond to our viewfinder campaign

We took your avalanche of support for our viewfinder campaign straight to the big camera manufacturers – Canon, Olympus, Sony, Pansonic and Fujifilm have all replied. But are you happy with their responses? And remember to tell us who impresses you most in our poll.

Disabled passengers ‘passed around like parcels’ in airports

Airports are obliged to offer adequate assistance to disabled passengers, but our undercover reporter was left alone for hours in distress. This is unacceptable and we’ve written to the Civil Aviation Authority to make sure something’s done about it.

Mayonnaise – stop invading our sandwiches

This is my own mini-campaign. I’m fed up with mayonnaise playing a leading role in every shop-bought sandwich. Dean has signed up to my manifesto, ‘FINALLY!!!! I often wonder why every single sandwich is dripping in mayonnaise, I hate it.’ Do you hate mayo too?

Vox pops: Could a tablet replace your laptop?

Last week we popped down to Apple’s flagship Regent’s Street store for the launch of the iPad 2, and asked queuers whether their new tablet would replace their laptop. So far everyone agrees with Richard, who said, ‘I wouldn’t buy it for productivity; I’d buy it for enjoyment’.

Facebook’s instant ads as you type – a step too far?

Ever wondered if online advertisers can read your mind? Facebook’s instant ad targeting could certainly make it seem that way. But Facebook’s EU Director of Policy Richard Allan joined us to argue that targeted ads are a price users are willing to pay in exchange for a free service.

The baby products parents wish they hadn’t purchased

We asked parents what baby products they’ve found most – and least – useful. This Convo resonated strongly with Lynley, ‘I was a total sucker! I bought just about every baby gadget or gizmo going. Now I look back and think, what on earth was I on?’

Apologetic emails don’t make up for losing our personal data

What is it with companies, like Play and Santander, emailing people to say their details may have been stolen? Don’t you think they should be doing more than just ‘fessing up!? ClaireG2 told us on Twitter, ‘[Play.com’s] email was laughable – warning us about being careful with our email addresses after they were the one who screwed up!’