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Announcing our consumer agenda for government

Whoever wins the keys to No. 10 needs to deliver positive change for UK consumers. Our consumer agenda for government sets out our priorities.

Ahead of December’s General Election, we today launched our consumer agenda for government.

It sets out the commitments that we want all political parties to make to deliver positive changes for people across the UK.

From buying products online from a global marketplace, switching energy provider on a smartphone, or making payments from a banking app, the digital revolution has delivered opportunities for wider choice, faster deliveries and enhanced personalisation.

Tackling the challenges

But it hasn’t all been good news. Fraudsters use advances in technology for sophisticated scams, unsafe products repeatedly make their way onto online marketplaces, and fake reviews take advantage of consumers’ trust in online reviews.

At the same time, the move to digital is leaving behind those who have poor mobile or broadband coverage and those who rely on cash. We also need to ensure that those who aren’t online can still get a fair deal with their day-to-day bills.

We know from research we did this summer that eight in 10 areas in the UK lack full 4G coverage from all four operators.

And our latest research – published today – has found more than 250 communities across the UK that have poor cashpoint provision or no cashpoints at all.

Parties need to commit to policies that tackle the challenges and risks posed by this transformed consumer landscape, whilst widening access to this new digital world, and not leaving behind those who aren’t ready or able to go fully online in all areas of life, such as banking and making payments.

What we want to see

We need the next government to set out an ambitious, joined-up strategy to deliver an improved digital infrastructure that guarantees a reliable online connection for everyone – whether they are at home, at work or on the move.

The next government must work with industry and regulators to guarantee access to cash for as long as it is needed. And we must ensure that those who bank online are fully protected from Authorised Push Payment (bank transfer) scams.

We have one of the strongest consumer rights frameworks in the world, but the enforcement systems that support it are broken.

That’s why we’re calling for a stronger Consumer and Competition Authority that can stand up and impose tough sanctions on businesses that are breaking the law, as well as an independent product safety regulator to tackle dangerous products.

There must also be greater responsibility on online platforms and marketplaces to prevent scams, fake reviews and the sale of unsafe products, and security needs to be built into the design of connected devices.

Working with Which?

The next government must also work with Which? to build a fair and transparent pensions system –  one that enables people to track their pensions, addresses the pensions gender gap, and helps ensure that retirement income products are value for money.

On the increasingly important topic of trade, our position is clear; future trade policy must be built on the foundation stones of world-leading consumer standards, consumer rights and enhanced choice.

Whilst a future national food strategy must maintain the UK’s high food standards. 

We’re really excited about our consumer agenda for government, because we believe that it embraces the best of the modern consumer world, but will also help everyone have a stake in it.

Read our full manifesto here.


Which area from our consumer agenda is your top concern?
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Disband the Charity Commission and hence stop fraud by most charities

Reform the current archaic leasehold extension system and making it fairer, simpler and more cost effective for leaseholders.

With the continuing decline of final salary pension schemes, and tens of millions of “younger persons” failing to make proper pension provision or make the necessary pension contributions, in generations to come, most are likely to experience hunger and all other forms of poverty – a scenario that ranks second only to the lack of positive action from all Governments worldwide to face up to the issues of climate change.

Liccioni says:
6 December 2019

I want to know how the next government is going to tackle the use of non recyclable plastic and ask manufacturers to create and provide alternative recyclable and disposal materials, for example potato starch. The use of plastic in take aways should be reduced if not banned.

Mike Langrish says:
6 December 2019

Only plastic that can be recycled can be produced or used. All plastic must be recycled at end of life. All local Authorities must ensure that adequate recycling facilities for plastics are fully functioning at all times in their areas. Plastic materials cannot be shipped abroad or dumped in the sea, or disposed of other than through official recycling facilities.
Local authorities must be made responsible for all these recycling actions in their area.

Richard Hunt says:
6 December 2019

I would like to see it made a criminal offence for companies to raid the company pension fund and the C.E. O. should be held liable.There should be no hiding behind laws that limit the liability of the board in companies on the matter of raiding pension funds.
On the subject of plastics we need to have recycling facilities in the u.k. not pass it off to 3rd world countries who just add to the pollution problem.

The NHS is very important for future generations aswell as the present. Food banks in 2019 really!!! The Gap between rich & poor is getting bigger. The problem is not immigration it’s control. There’s no control in anything whether it be police, Nurses, schools, etc. I’ve seen council pump money into buildings only to knock it down after a short time and make it into something else. If it’s not control, it’s waste also a lot of our industries have gone abroad to make a bigger profit. It’s 💰 💰 💰

Better NHS
Fix the non recycling plastics
More money for the Nurses Firemen and all the Services.
NO Corbin.

Working towards prevention of phone scams as well as online. In particular protecting the more vulnerable members of society.

Fair care of the elderly. All parties agree something must be done but no one wants to get on with it. Stop those who have £23,000 being charged more than cost in order to subsidise those relying on local funding. Dementia is an illness not a social condition and should be funded as such.

Climate Emergency is main concern. Fat chance if the Tories win as they are on the side of big business

Anni says:
6 December 2019

All governments should be banned from engaging in weather warfare. They have been manipulating the weather for over a 100 years. Cloud seeding, ice plus and ice minus. We want full transparency and not be ripped off and conned so that the government make money when the one world government are the ones causing catastrophes all over the world. They all attended the UN convention in Switzerland in 1977 and signed and the puppet sell outs did this to cause mayhem all around the world to depopulate the masses and animals and all life forms to also get people out of their homes as they want people to live in substandard micro-homes in cities, not big enough to swing a mouse in.

Patricia Neate says:
6 December 2019

I think housing is the absolute priority, fundamental to health, welfare, education, connectivity.

Kevin Blakiston says:
6 December 2019

Ban Local Authorities (and central government) from exporting waste to foreign (usually poorer) countries where the waste can only cause danger and harm. Invest in all forms of renewable technology (for example replace plastic packaging with starch packaging). Ensure that ALL consequences of Government action are fit for purpose and are thought through to avoid unintended consequences.

Alan Smith says:
6 December 2019

I would like to see the next Government bring back the system of convalescent homes to ease the current pressures on NHS hospital beds

John Carroll says:
6 December 2019

This is crucial, it would free hospital beds and take pressure off the system from Ambulances waiting outside A & E right through to the wards. It’s more efficient, caring and cost effective.

Remaining in the EU is the main concern. There is safety in numbers, fragmentation not just of Europe but also of the UK would be a very backward step. Not just security, there are so many areas where we benefit from cooperation, this produces results much faster than individual schemes, medical, global warming, technological, you name it.

The point is there is no cooperation, Germany dictates the others follow.

Ban, or at least curtail, and definitely monitor the claims of Advertising. Advertising should be informative, helpful and honest in its claims, but too often it’s claims are false, promoting fake information. Advertising promotes ultraconsumerism, seducing people into desiring and buying more and more products they often don’t need, or even want. I believe this to be true, because if advertising didn’t work, why would companies spend billions, maybe trillions on it every minute of every day, on every social medium, all over the world. And there’s fashion, the environment . . . . . . . . . .

I would like to see the government supporting small, independent shops by reducing costs. In some parts of France, if your shop is part of your home, eg you live in the flat above, the owner does not have to pay much in regard to business taxes/rates. This keeps small shops alive in small communities and may be the way forward when our high streets are dead. Back to the old ways.

Norma Sadler says:
6 December 2019

I would like to see MP’s made accountable, capped wages only the pension that they pay into and no golden handshakes at the end of their term of office, no second houses paid for and upkept by the UK, capped expenses, that they have to pay for everything like every one else. They also have pay for their living expenses (heating, electric, gas and rent themselves). That they stop getting rich and taking so much money from this country. That the get the sack if they fall asleep in the house, and do not get extra money for attending.
That the NHS is given money so they can provide a good service. The schools are given enough money to pay for a good service. Pensioners get a rise in pension in line with other countries. No hour contracts are outlawed for all workers. There is a shake up in the court system – punishment to fit the crime. That accommodation is made available, so there is no one living on the streets. That veterans are given help when they finish serving the country. That Sharia law courts are all closed, That non UK residents have to nationalise and learn the language, and that this country only takes people in that are going to really provide a good service to this country.

Culpability – accepting responsibility for errors, poor quality, fabrications in all mediums and industries. A return to moral and ethical standards which have been eroded by commercial greed and political falsehoods.

Vee Bee says:
6 December 2019

Only Labour can give me and my family the security we need…