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More exploding washing machines?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen, it seems that some washing machine doors may be falling out or exploding, leaving kitchens covered in shards of glass. Has this happened to you?

This is not the same issue as the exploding Candy washing machines we reported last year. That was due to a fault with some Hoover/Candy machines produced before September 2009, which could result in the drum breaking loose while spinning.

The problem I’m talking about today is the door on washing machines, and the glass within, apparently falling out or shattering. And some reports claim that the machine wasn’t even in use at the time!

Washing machine glass door danger?

The forum Whitegoodshelp, run by washing machine guru Andy Trigg, has been collecting stories from those who say they’ve been affected. Joanne told him:

‘Bought a Beko washing machine less than two months ago and 20 mins ago the glass shattered. It was on a final spin and sent the shards of glass all over the kitchen floor and the clothes inside are covered in VERY SHARP pieces.’

An anonymous poster added their own horror story:

‘My Miele W3740 washing machine glass door suddenly exploded shedding shattered glass and water around the room. The machine cost £700 and is only twenty months old so still within guarantee.’

There are now almost 50 cases reported on the forum and it seems the reported problems are not confined to one manufacturer. In fact, the list includes Beko, Miele, Zanussi, Bosch, Hoover, LG and Samsung.

And of the cases reported so far, twelve are apparently about washing machines that weren’t in use at the time. Gary shares his story:

‘My Meile W1613 had been unused for a few days when a “bang” was heard. On inspection the inner glass door had exploded. Just to clarify: it was not in use at the time.’

So what seems to be going on?

This hasn’t happened to any washing machines during our lab tests, so we have been unable to observe it in laboratory conditions and follow up with a proper analysis. But going through the accounts on Andy’s forum, there are theories ranging from hair cracks in the glass, or even that the glass is just thinner than it used to be. Still, nothing has been confirmed.

It has also been suggested by a manufacturer that initial scratches on the glass could be caused by hard items like zip ends and belt buckles striking the door during the wash.

We’ve contacted the manufacturers, and they’re looking into the problem. Beko, whose machines have generated the largest number of incidents on the Whitegoodshelp forum, has responded by saying:

‘Whilst we have no reason to believe that there is a fault with our washing machine range, we are investigating these incidents in full and always take such matters seriously. If customers have any questions, they can call our Customer Service number on 0800 009 4837 for further information.’

Has your glass washing machine door fallen out or exploded? If so, let us know in the comments below, and if you’ve taken any pictures, please email them to us at HomeEditor@which.co.uk.


I have a hotpoint ultima WMUD 962 machine. The glass door exploded mid wash, narrowly missing my son and in the process continuing to spin and ripping all the clothes in the machine. I had to turn the mains off to stop it. Hotpoint/Indesit have been useless. They refused to acknowledge it on the phone so I took to Twitter and sent an email. Twitter passed it on to a relevant team. They offered to repair the door for a reduced price of £84.99, I have told them the glass has gone through the holes in the drum, through the pipes and filter etc. Would they be willing to overall the hole machine fitting all those parts or replacing the machine if it’s not economically repairable. They are passing it on to yet another team. They have said that it’s my fault it happened. It’s caused over 120 in damages to clothes including school uniform that’s not cheap in the slightest. Will update if they ever get back to me. And it’s also costing me an arm and a leg to go to a laundrette, a shop you don’t tend to see around anymore. And as I don’t drive it’s been a nightmare esp with three children and working full time!

I have a Beco washing machine model excellence WMB81241LB which is only 3 years old and the door exploded the other night sending glass flying all over the place thankfully no one was in the room at the time. I tried phoning the company I purchased it from and there was no answer after 15 minutes so I decided to phone Beco direct the guy on the other end of the phone was very nice and polite but all he wanted me to do is take out a 12 month warranty to cover repairs. But what about all the clothes that are shredded and glass falling through the holes in the machine surely there’s no way all that glass would be found in the drum. I’m not sure what to do so any advice would be appreciated

My haier washing machine door exploded and shards of glass got embedded into the wall 2.5m away at 1.6m high AND it DID NOT MISS my MAN just getting over the shock !!!!

mrs pajones says:
4 January 2018

my BEKO 6167W glass in door exploded on Monday 01/01/2018 such a shock was not told this was common fault

I suspect that anyone who has suffered a door glass explosion would be interested in a machine without a glass door, but I have not seen any machines without one and the size of glass doors seems to be increasing.

My suggestion is to avoid using the machine at the highest spin speed because glass breakage was almost unheard of before washing machines with high spin speeds were introduced. It’s also worth checking pockets for coins etc that could cause damage to the glass and other parts.

janet says:
18 January 2018

My beko just exploded glass went everywhere am going back to where it purchased it less than a year old

My sons beko washing machine door exploded, glass every where, his baby son was in the room narrowly avoided injury, as machine bought through brighthouse and agreement has ended, beko said it was brighthouses problem not theirs, simply not true after a year of purchase it is the manufacturer who needs to look at this.
It is unacceptable that when an appliance is dangerous the makers just shrug their shoulders, as if the consumer is expected to risk life and limb, I also had a beko once and the drum dropped out of it and exploded, embedding shards of metal into my kitchen wall, never again!

It is the retailer that is responsible for dealing with problems during the guarantee period or for claims under the Consumer Rights Act (for six years after purchase in England). Beko have no responsibility for any claim, as they have made clear.

Where there is a safety issue it is always worth informing the manufacturer and if there is a problem with that model they should issue a safety notice or recall. The problem is that washing machine door glass breakage is not common and occurs with a wide range of makes. In addition, it can be caused by misuse – for example coins left in pockets.

The obvious solution is to get rid of glass doors, but they seem to be getting bigger. 🙁 There are a few expensive machines with a protective shield in front of the door glass.

Well today this happened to us. We had a wash on and while in a different room a strange noise came from the kitchen. My wife went to investigate, when she looked at the washing machine it made another noise which made her step back then boom. The whole glass door exploded all over the kitchen and the clothes inside. With a very nosey dog and two five years olds in the house wanting to see what’s going on we had to clear things up (after a few photos were taken). I called Beco to find out what they will do about this and after a whole load of questions we have an engineer coming out the week after we get back from our holiday to investigate. The unit is six years old and I won’t be having the its out of warranty conversation with them because if any glass had hit a member of my family we would be having a very different conversation. We have all the clothes in a bag so if they wish to see these they can as I would like to get them replaced as they can’t be worn and would like the washing machine fixed as it works really well and fits our family requirements. Has anyone had issues getting their unit repaired and clothes replaced?

I have a candy grand vita .. today my washing machine was on it went into spin and the door exploded … luckily me and my two children had just walked out of the kitchen … unluckily it has shredded everything that was in the machine I’ve tried to contact candy/hoover been on the phone 1 call 30 mins then got cut off second phone call 40 mins then got cut off I’m on my third phone call and 3rd email I’m fuming

My BEKO washer door exploded last week, a piece of glass hit my 5 year old in the face, luckily she was not hurt but it did scare the living daylights out of her. We purchased it on 7.11.14, so it is obviously out of warranty, but I contacted BEKO as this is a SAFETY ISSUE and therefore NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE in my opinion. However making that point to BEKO customer services was not an easy task.

The first 30 minute call (of which 20 were spent on hold)- I had to try remember where I bought the product and on which date as it was now out of warranty. I had registered it when bought, but it looks like their system wipes out-of-warranty purchases. So we had a guess at the date and retailer, and the lady said she would get an engineer booked to come out to me- I should receive a call within 24h.

I received the call 20 hours later – great I thought! The lady booked their engineer to come 4 days later, and she said: and i quote; ‘In jobs like this we would not try to fix it, it would be a replacement, I will get the engineer out to you on tuesday, in the meanwhile can you tape some cardboard over the front to make it safe’
I asked if it was ok to disconnect and put it outside instead – she agreed. I also mentioned that when i was cleaning the glass up I ended up with a cut on my nose that bled a lot – I wanted this to be added to the report.
I presumed the person calling was from BEKO – turns out not. As I found out on Tuesday when the engineer turned up; with a clipboard, a piece of cardboard and a roll of masking tape.

I showed him where the washer was going and he looked puzzled. He had come to tape it up (already taken care of), and take a photo – obviously done too. The washer had kept spinning and shredded gashes in most of the clothes as they flew out of the washer as speed- along with the tiny fine shards of glass the were sprayed all over the kitchen. The clothes destroyed cost nearly £300. I had logged this with BEKO but they don’t seem to give a stuff about people or their belongings.

After 4 calls and a lot of hassle later, they said someone else would call me back to arrange a replacement ( but I had to threaten them with court action!) NO ONE CALLED BACK – so on my 5th call, I was given an ‘ Approved Manufacturers Replacement Code (known in the retail world as an ‘uplift code’)..

I then had to go to the retailer – explain it all again, The guy at Appliances Direct was helpful and he spoke to the sales director, emailed him the code, and I am now awaiting a call from them. In the meanwhile – I have now done 16 loads of washing at my mums in 10 days – and its a huge inconvenience! I will be pursuing compensation for the shredded clothes too.

I Will update once I have anything more to tell. In the meanwhile – I WILL NEVER BUY BEKO AGAIN!

This is obviously a fairly common problem – as I’ve found 300 cases reported, and around 40% are supposedly BEKO.

Hannah Bamforth

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Irrespective of whether or not Beko is a budget brand, it should not sell products that can endanger life and limb.

Given the not uncommon instances of dangerous events involving broken glass washing machine doors, there is obvious scope for improvement.

I don’t think blaming users for obvious errors like failing to remove metal objects is good enough.

I think safe products need to be “fault tolerant” to such anticipated operational occurrences.

Oops – the spiking chucker just “corrected” Beko to Belong 🙁

Fixed that for you Derek 🙂

Thanks 🙂

Claire says:
11 June 2020

We had a Hoover washing machine that doing a cycle on it’s final spin the door exploded narrowly missing my Mum’s legs.