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Update: Is your tumble dryer a fire-risk?

Tumble dryer

With more than 100 models of Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers potentially posing a fire-risk and an estimated five million of them in UK homes, do you think brand owner Whirlpool is doing enough to publicise the issue?

[UPDATED 25 FEBRUARY 2016] It’s been three months since news broke about the fire-risk posed by some Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers made between April 2004 and October 2015 – 750 have caught fire leading to three injuries. The manufacturer, Whirlpool, has now added 58,000 Proline and Swan tumble dryers to the list of fire-risk machines.

But, Whirlpool has not yet published a full list of the affected dryers, instead advising consumers to check their models at safety.hotpoint.eu and safety.indesit.eu, or by calling 0800 151 0905.

How did you find out your dryer was a fire risk?

So if your Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan or Proline tumble dryer is part of the safety-alert, how did you find out about this?

Whirlpool published a press release and placed an advert in The Times on 24 November. It also tells us that it’s been in contact with around 400,000 owners since then and retailers are also contacting those customers that they know own fire-risk dryers.

How long will you have to wait for a tumble dryer modification?

We called the helpline (0800 151 0905) in the week before Christmas and were told we’d have to wait eight weeks to have our dryer modified. But we were told we could still use the dryer in that time as long as it wasn’t left unattended and the lint-filter was cleaned after every use.

This is a large scale problem – we know that more than 100 models of Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers are affected and the manufacturer has confirmed that there have been 750 fires. Because of this we think that if you have a fire-risk dryer, you shouldn’t use it until it’s been serviced and modified.

What’s happened to you and your tumble dryer?

Is your tumble dryer part of this safety-alert? You can find out by checking at safety.hotpoint.eu and safety.indesit.eu or by calling 0800 151 0905. And we’ve listed the 113 dryers we know to be affected in our news story.

I’d like to hear your experiences of trying to get your Hotpoint, Indesit or Creda tumble dryer modified. Has this happened yet and if it has, how would you rate the service provided? Or are you on a waiting list and how long have you been told it take to have your tumble dryer modified?

John Cameron says:
27 March 2017

Last autumn we accepted the Whirlpool offer of taking one of their fire risk tumble dryers to Currys and collecting a new model and paying a reduced charge, compared with them delivering it. The switch process was quite slick at Currys and we were glad the episode was behind us. Today (27th March 2017) we have just had a text from them trying to get us to make an appointment to fix the old machine. So about six months after we “bought” a new model from them, their useless administration is yet to update their records. How complex can it be, and how can we rely on any of their statistics?


MK says:
23 June 2017

I had a Hotpoint Washer/Dryer in my flat I rent around 2010 and my tenant sent photo’s of the “melted” washer/dryer door. We were all horrified. Hotpoint refused to have anything to do with the situation despite repeated phone calls/photo’s etc. In the end I just gave up with them as they refused to engage. Unfortunately the photo’s/evidence were held on my computer (which broke down) so that when more people started to come forward and complain about the same problem I was unable to re-start the complaint. I would never use them or any affiliated company again.

davina heron says:
31 August 2017

I had a hot point dryer that caught fire back in feb 28th 2016 and caused extensive fire within my kitchen luckily no one was hurt however damage was caused to my property and damage to my personal belongs and still now 18 months on Whirlpool are dragging their heels, still refusing to accept liability & trying to find every other avenue to escape taking responsibility for their product which they have left me with no other option but to take them to the small claims court & sue them for damages! This is currently ongoing

Yes there should be an organisation with the authority to enforce such matters, in the same way as Aviation Safety issues are handled.
What is the difference between an airline ignoring a mandatory notice resulting in a fatal accident, and a fault with a white good supplier failing to ensure their product is not the cause of a death?

We need a compulsory registration system, otherwise owners of potentially faulty appliances cannot be contacted.

This week I purchased a BRAND NEW Tumble Dryer for our family (been without the use of one now for weeks) and as the weather is torrential we are desperate for it, so it was delivered today WOOP WOOP. Only to find that its one of the faulty, unmodified, crappy, unusable machines that could potentially burn my kids to death should I leave it on its intended cycles and go to bed for instance. So, of course, its not so easy for Indesit to just accept responsibility for sending out this machine to me that I don’t want, and replace it for an A1 appliance, which I thought I was ordering sort of today, or as soon as practically possible, which I would do given the situation. No… no they decide that`s too big a decision for customer services, I have to wait for up to two days for a phone call back….quite amazing I think.
What is more amazing is that this company is still allowed to distribute these products to customers with this problem existing.
Some will be diligent enough to be aware of the scare and check, a lot will not as it is a new appliance after all.
Who looks after their interests, say a single mum with three children for example, with no insight of what to be aware of would just plug in and play, until it all went wrong…. OR WORSE….. Unbelievable.
A complaint to Trading Standards has been lodged.
Is there any more that can be done?
Anyone have a spare tumble dryer lol?

David, if Whirlpool have sold you a dryer that is unsafe you can check from the serial number. I am sure Which? would be interested to follow this up, if so. Selling a known unsafe product is illegal under the Consumer Rights Act and they should be prosecuted.

Hi David, that does sound quite worrying. Can you confirm the model number for the tumble dryer that Indesit sent you?

Hi Alex, yes its model no EDCE85 Indesit… I checked this model along with its serial number on the Indesit website and it is definitely one of the unmodified models. I cannot believe they are still selling these appliances especially with the high level of media coverage they have received in recent months.

Hi David, I can’t find this model number – could it be Indesit IDCE845. Here’s a full list of the recently recalled products. https://www.which.co.uk/news/2015/12/113-hotpoint-indesit-and-creda-tumble-dryer-models-pose-fire-risk-426557/

Model number is right Alex, rechecked on seeing your reply, and defo on the fact it is one of the affected models.

Indesit MyTime EDCE 85 B TM Tumble Dryer in White

Thanks Malcolm, that point is worth knowing, from my point of view… and Whirlpools!
Maybe that is the lever I need to speed the replacement up.

Hi David – Did you buy the machine from a well known retailer? I presume that Whirlpool will have contacted all retailers but it’s always possible that unused machines are resold to other companies.

I really do hope you have success with Trading Standards.

Wavechange, it was bought online from Smartcare, Indesits partner I believe.

Thanks David. It’s not a case of surplus equipment sitting in a warehouse and forgotten about.

Doubt that very much considering the source, also Alex wasnt able to recognise the model number…i wonder if that’s an indication of a recode or new product even since the recognition of these design flaws.

Assuming it’s new you could reject the goods and ask for a refund from Smartcare.

I could, but I’m a bit of a terrier, I know I want to run back for another bite, I would like to know why they feel it is ok to continue to supply these potentially dangerous fire hazards which put peoples lives at risk, just for profit, and to discredit the name of a large and reasonably reputable major white goods supplier, whom has lost my confidence just over the morals of this debate.

One of the problems that we repeatedly complain about is that Trading Standards can be very unresponsive to individual complaints, almost certainly due to chronic underfunding. What response you get may depend on your local TS. Peterborough TS is the primary authority assigned to deal with the Whirlpool company but I don’t think they will enter into discussions from what one of our regulars – Malcolm R – has said in our earlier discussions.

Morning David, thanks for confirming the model number. You may be interested in our product safety advice for when Indesit call you back. The advice can be found here: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/l/product-safety

Please keep us updated – I have also made our product safety campaign managers aware as well.

@awhittle, as the picture and link above (26th Oct), this dryer is currently available, including from AO. It does not appear on your list of suspect models. Have you checked the serial number against the Whirlpool list to see if David’s dryer is on the recall list? After 2 years it seems odd (well, more like grossly negligent) if Whirlpool have unsafe products with retailers. If there is a possibility that defective appliances have “slipped through the net” then Whirlpool should be taking urgent action to remove them from sale, but what about other unsuspecting customers who have already bought them if David does indeed have a defective dryer?

Perhaps Which? could double check the facts and, if it proves necessary, contact Whirlpool and Peterborough Trading Standards for action?

Thanks, Alex – this all seems to have been resolved,. as David explains below.

Just come off the phone to Indesit Customer Service, actually spoke to someone by the name of Leroy who seemed to know what he was talking about, and he was quite pleasant which was nice.
OK guys here it is, apparently, the website used for checking out whether your appliance is affected or not by the need for modifications gets it wrong… I had no green dot stickers on the appliance upon delivery, so I entered the following model no and serial no…EDCE85BTM….709116071 The website claims it is affected, but it is wrong. The serial as I now am aware reflects information to reveal that the appliance was manufactured only last month (09-September). Yes I was right to jump up and down, based on the information I was provided with, but alas if Indesit were more aware what they were talking about in Customer Services as a whole it would have saved a lot of grief.
A learning curve for me, maybe Bosch is worth paying for after all!

I’m pleased to hear that all is resolved David.

Thanks for the support and advice guys, its all good til it goes wrong innit lol, then the tone changes, and Indesit certainly sounded indecent yesterday. Remarkably I had a call a few minutes ago with a similar explanation as my previous post, with no apology, but they did mention additional staff training, which can only be a plus.. All the best to you all. Dave

Thanks for reporting back, David. You might like to stick around. There are vacancies here for people who are prepared to take action if poorly treated by a company or other organisation.

Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope everything is OK with your dryer now. Wavechange is right, if you ever feel like sticking around you are more than welcome. If you have any questions just get in touch 😀