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This week in comments – do you want a free ride?

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Should you be able to buy your way into uni? Why don’t we pay upfront for bank accounts? Lots of our Conversations have been questioning our rights to a free ride this week. Here’s how people have responded…

Banks accounts aren’t free

Should we pay upfront for our bank accounts? Scott thinks it’s a great idea:

‘We should all pay £4.99 a month for all basic current accounts, but that should mean free overdrafts and no charges if you ever go 1p – £2,000 overdrawn.’

But Brian doesn’t want to pay for other people’s bad financial planning:

‘Why should I pay the bank for ‘looking after’ my money? They use it, while they have it, to make money on ‘the market’. I keep track of what is in my account so that I don’t have to borrow from the bank – i.e. no overdraft. So why should I have to pay because some people don’t live within their means?’

Should wealthier students be able to buy uni places?

This was an idea raised earlier in the week, later denied by the government, but commenter London Student thinks it’s barmy:

‘The problem facing students from normal backgrounds (i.e. those students without parents wealthy enough to buy them a place in a ‘top’ university) is not merely a lack of university places but the huge mountain of debt they face on being accepted.

‘And to say that this idea offers any financial consolation to those students – on the hope that universities will have more money to play with and so may be able to offer some token bursaries – is nothing less than offensive.’

Does Bin Laden’s death justify harsher airport security?

We should accept a bit of risk, says Ian:

‘Too many vested interests in cranking up [airport] security – huge industry. And no credible logic to Osama Bin Laden’s death increasing the risk in [the] UK. Plus, every time you are inconvenienced by extra security, the terrorists score by reminding you of their power. We have to carry on and accept a bit of risk.’

Want to sell your unwanted Olympic tickets? Good luck

Heather has a novel idea to help everyone get the tickets they want:

‘I can’t afford the big ticket prices. I had to ask for heat tickets and you don’t even know if the GB team are going to be in those heats. So I will probably be left trying to sell them. Perhaps an all country ‘swop shop’ for heats is needed.’

Would you splash out on kitchen space-saving design?

Victoria sings the praises of combination microwaves:

‘For £250 we bought a combination microwave that we could use for grilling/toasting, microwaving and baking food and used it for two years until we had our kitchen replaced. We cooked whole roast dinners in it, quiche, toast – everything you’d cook in an oven, microwave, grill or toaster basically.

‘I got so used to cooking this way that I really think if you know what you are doing a hob and a combi microwave are all you need to produce a feast! (A small feast maybe, but a feast none the less).’

Raise your glass to consumer victories

It’s not all doom and gloom here on Which? Conversation, and Pete – our commenter of the week – is glad!

‘This is what I love about you British… you put a huge amount of energy into moaning about the negative, and only a fraction of that energy into celebrating a success or ‘result’.

‘Kudos to you Charlotte for bringing these consumer successes into the foreground and giving the moany masses something to be a bit happier about.’

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