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This week in comments – freezing, fuel and files

How much do you use your freezer and what for? Are car hire firms taking the mick with their fuel charges? And would you trust Google’s cloud with your personal files? Here are the best comments of the week.

Google’s cloud storage

Google launched its own cloud storage service, but its T&Cs have got some readers hot under the collar. Robbie comments:

‘[Cloud storage] seems like a strong idea for the sharing/storage of trivial information, but the question of personal or confidential information being on the cloud would lead me to be reluctant to use it.’

However, BarneyC doesn’t think Google’s T&Cs are that worrying:

‘‘The T&Cs limit the scope of how Google can utilise the data – and it is pretty specific that it is for serving up improved services. So from that point I don’t see a major headache.’

Should supermarkets keep treats away from tills?

The major supermarkets have been criticised for placing treats at checkouts. Jess comments:

‘I don’t have to walk down the sweetie aisle, but I do have to queue up at the till, and in my local small supermarkets my children have to queue for several minutes with a great pile of calorific junk right at their face level.’

However, Jonas131415 thinks we should be responsible, not supermarkets:

‘It is up to me to decide and control my purchases. I don’t buy from till displays and I seldom see others doing so. I doubt the argumentative conversations at the till between parents and children are any different from those held by the main sweet display. Children need to understand what ‘no’ means. I see no need for supermarkets to change this practice.’

Investing in wine – it’s a vintage risk

Commenter Phil warns of wine investment risks:

‘You can’t just take it home and stash it in the cupboard under the stairs, oh no, it has to kept in carefully controlled conditions in a secure storage facility for which of course there’s an annual fee. Ten or 20 years down the line the storage costs soon outran any potential profit.’

And Sophie Gilbert thinks wine is better drunk:

‘You only live once, you can’t take it with you, carpe diem and all that sort of thing. Buy good wine if you can afford it and enjoy it here and now. Here’s to living, cheers!’

The hidden fuel charges that pump up car hire prices

David thinks the car hire companies in our investigation need to learn from Australian firms:

‘In my youth in Australia car hire was completely fair and sensible — I get the car with a full tank and I return it with a full tank – thus only paying for exactly what I use. It is not rocket science but it is totally honest.’

Freezing your food – separating the fact from fiction

The frost has thawed on your freezing dilemmas. We’re getting lots of good tips on freezing foods. Bananas got a surprising amount of attention from Bea, Rosie and Afrog:

‘You can freeze bananas. If I’ve got bananas that are getting a bit too ripe, I peel them, wrap each one individually in cling film then stick them all in one freezer bag. They taste lovely when partially thawed – like banana ice cream.’

‘Slice bananas thickly, freeze, then dip in melted chocolate – fantastic treat for small people!’

‘Freeze over ripe bananas and when you have enough, defrost, drain and use in a banana bread as if they were fresh.’

The digital TV switchover – how was it for you?

London has just switched to digital, but John Ward, who gets our comment of the week, switched last year and didn’t have a problem:

‘Hullo London… this is Norfolk calling. Glad to hear the digital switchover has caught up with you at last. We had our’s last November. There was plenty of publicity, a helpful woman staffed a caravan in the market place to give advice and guidance, and the local electrical shops handed out loads of leaflets and put up countdown posters. Perhaps they thought the technology would baffle us! Judging by media reaction and articles it all went very well.’

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