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This week in comments – Panasonic, cheques and sat navs


There’s been plenty of positivity in the air this week, as we celebrated the cheque being saved and highlighted Panasonic’s strengths. But, as our comments show, not everyone shares our enthusiasm…

Together we saved the cheque

We were really pleased to hear about the Payments Council’s decision to keep the cheque – but what did you think? Kate was celebrating with us:

‘At last – some common sense. A tribute to all the people whose views are so often ignored in the name of ‘progress’, but who spoke loud and clear about how abolishing cheques was a mistake.’

Stuart, on the other hand, isn’t bringing out the champagne:

‘Oh well done! Why not campaign to scrap decimalisation while you’re at it! It’s a pointless “victory”. The banks are scrapping cheque guarantee cards, so no one will accept cheque payment anyway.’

Ditch the sat nav and use a map!

Claire Evans isn’t happy about the popularity of the sat nav and thinks we should read maps instead, which amused Terfar:

‘Don’t tell me that Orienteering is no longer part of the school curriculum? No wonder my daughter gets lost in her bedroom.’

For Gareth, sat navs are a life saver:

‘I totally disagree with this as I have a very poor short-term memory and cannot commit map layouts or a series of instructions to memory. This means that without a sat-nav I am forced to make stops in order to look at the map again several times in one journey.’

Is Panasonic your most-loved technology brand?

The tech giant came top of many of our tech categories in our latest Which? satisfaction survey – but do you agree? Philip does:

‘This comes as no surprise to me at all. Granted, compared to most folk, I take my fanaticism of Panasonic to the extreme, I’ve even visited their HQ in Japan. However, considering my home is rammed full of Panasonic products, they are brilliantly designed, perform flawlessly and never let me down so my fanaticism is perfectly justified.’

HF’s not convinced, though:

‘I haven’t bought a Panasonic product in years. Sony is almost always my first choice. When Sony don’t make something I want or I think the product is overpriced, then its LG or Samsung. Panasonic rarely tops the short list or one reason or another.’

British Gas price increases – we need more competition!

We’ve all heard about British Gas’s bank-busting price rises, but what can be done about all these increases? Chris thinks he has the answer and gets our Comment of the Week:

‘I’m coming round to the conclusion that we need much more state subsidy to improve our domestic energy efficiency, more insulation, more money off better heating systems and legislation on minimum efficiency ratings of the appliances we buy. The cost to do this will have to come from general taxation, but this is a national problem and to coin a phrase “we’re all supposed to be in it together”.’

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Disappointed that the recent review of air purifiers only rates their energy costs and seems to ignore ongoing filtration costs. A quick thrash round the internet revealed only the price for one of the three filters in the best buy Electriq machine at £30. Might one then guess,in the absence of any information in the review, that the actual running costs per year amount to half the price of the machine itself? Without this information the review is somewhat irrelevant. I leave aside the thorny question that when one has spent more on filters than the machine cost does one landfill it and replace with a new updated model.
Yours perplexed

Hi David,
I have never been impressed with the air purifier reviews on Which? It is a shame they don’t pick them for review from Allergy UK. The reviews don’t say what size room the machines are intended for and further investigation will reveal most of them are for smaller rooms.

We are on our second Daikin model, the first one bought in 2003 is still in use but got a bit noisy a couple of years ago and we ended up with the newer Daikin model. They both came with a roll of filters that would last 7 years for the first and I think 5 years for the second. When I saw a new roll would cost around £70, I washed and reused the first Daikin filters. They don’t look too washable on the new machine and I see they have gone from around £30 to £82 since we bought the machine a year ago.

I don’t really know how good my machine is compared with others, but it does clear the air of pollen in the summer and is one of the few suitable for a larger room. Other brands might also come with a few years supply of filters.

Just out of interest, how did you manage to land on this page, an 8 year old round-up of Which? Convos?

(I have asked for the other post to be deleted as it didn’t post as a reply)