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The Convo top ten – our first edition

The number one

Now that we’re getting on a bit we thought we’d help you find all the good stuff by rounding up the best Conversations each week. Here’s our very first edition – check back every Friday afternoon for more.

How could your bank be better?

Here’s your chance to get involved. We’re meeting with the FSA to talk about how banks could be better and we’ll be putting forward your Which? Convo stories. A bunch of you have already joined in, but there’s still time to add your gripes.

The Facebook battle

With the launch of The Social Network film, we ask: is Facebook your friend or foe? Al Warman and Sarah Kidner battle it out – Al’s fed-up with Facebook and Sarah’s a firm friend. What’s your view? So far, most of you are against the social networking site in our poll.

The supermarket special offers that aren’t so special

If you haven’t had a good laugh at our picture gallery of barmy supermarket deals yet, make sure you check them out. A £1 drink that costs £4 for two? Really? These have to be seen to be truly appreciated. We’ve been inundated with your examples too – keep ’em coming!

Do you trust online travel reviews?

Travel review site TripAdvisor’s in a bit of a pickle with a number of hotels reportedly trying to sue them for defamation over negative reviews posted on its site. But many of you wish you’d read honest reviews before travelling. Do travel reviews influence where you go on holiday?

Sorry you were out – but is Royal Mail sorry enough?

Tut, tut, complaints about Royal Mail’s ‘sorry, you were out’ cards are on the up. Laura Starkey’s fed up and so are you. Sophie says: ‘I’ve given up on having things delivered to my home address [due to] illegible reference numbers, insufferable automated phone lines and unmanageable delivery office opening times.’ Anyone got anything good to say…?

The driving test should be even tougher

Bad news for teenagers everywhere – the driving test just got harder. But Claire Evans thinks it’s still not hard enough. What do you think – should it include motorway driving and night-time driving? And should refresher tests be enforced?

Why can’t Argos send us what we order?

Have you ordered anything from Argos and got something completely different? Rich Dilks has been keeping tabs on all the orders he hasn’t got – it’s clocking up to be a pretty long list…

At last, we’ll have advanced notice of energy price rises

We’re pretty chuffed about this one… For a while now we’ve been campaigning to get the crazy ’65-day rule’ changed, which let energy companies wait weeks before telling you they’d raised their prices. Ofgem’s now saying they should give us 30 days’ advance notice. Result.

Do you want calories on menus?

The Health Secretary’s up for calories on menus – but are you? According to our poll results, the jury’s out – 49% are keen to see calories counted on menus and 51% aren’t. Pickle says this is ‘Just another annoying nanny state proposal’, while mad1 says ‘I recommend a trial first to see if people like it or not”. The poll’s still open, so cast your vote now.

Is Internet Explorer losing the browser war?

Ahh poor IE, with more than half of us using a different browser, it’s definitely not our favourite anymore. Are you still using it? Tell us in our poll so we can see if Which? Convo users measure up to the latest stats.


It’s definitely been a great week for Which? Convo! I’ve especially enjoyed the Facebook battle. However, we had a little glitch today with our commenting on the site. If your comment didn’t go up straight away, or doesn’t, don’t panic! We’ll get it up ASAP and we’ll get the problem fixed soon. Sorry again, but please keep commenting!

THis is a Post Office complaint:I was sent a letter in July. It arrived yesterday (October 6). The address was correct, i.e. Quarry Edge, Enstone Road…..) but without the Post Code. On the letter was marked in red “NOT Quarry Road. Please re-deliver” I wonder if anyone in the Post Office is able to explain why it took four months to redeliver a letter which was delivered wrongly in the first place but which was correctly addressed?