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The Convo top ten – who do you trust?

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It’s been a week of Conversations about trust, from who owns ethical food brands to what’s in your bacon and whether travel companies and energy suppliers can be trusted to give us the right information.

Are Brits too tight with their cash?
A new survey says Brits are meaner with their money than ever, but is this true? If Richard, who saves money on dog food by letting his dogs lick his plates clean, is anything to go by, the answer could be yes!

Are energy-saving light bulbs too cheap?

It looks like the cost of light bulbs is about to rise, so should we all be rushing to snap up the cheapies – or does it pay to be more discerning? Chris, for one, isn’t bothered: ‘I don’t care about the price of new bulbs […] if their life is as good as they say, we won’t have to buy any until about 2021.’

Energy providers – we just don’t trust you anymore

According to our latest energy satisfaction survey only 12% think energy companies are open and honest about costs buried in bills. We wanted to hear your opinions. ‘It seems that their plans are there to confuse us and it’s no wonder that people have lost their trust in them,’ said The Scottish Play, who told us about his experience with Eon.

Speed cameras – should they stay or should they go?

Which? Car has discovered that over half the fixed cameras in England and Wales don’t work at any one time. So what’s the answer to safer roads? Claire Evans gave her opinion, and you gave us yours. Kinsley thinks it’s about ‘ensuring that funding is allocated to enable different authorities to employ the most suitable measures for their area’.

We need honest opinions about our holidays

Should travel companies be doing more to tell us about how problems in different countries might affect our travel plans, asks Rochelle Turner. Not according to Rarrar who says, ‘I think the consumer has some responsibility to research their holiday destination themselves.’

Find out who really owns our ethical food brands

Do you care that big brands like PepsiCo and Unilever own smaller ethical names, such as Green & Blacks and Seeds of Change? Responses are mixed so far. ‘I don’t think that this is a big deal at all,’ says Consumer. But InspiredNinja14 feels differently: ‘I am sitting here nibbling my last ever Green and Blacks. I loved them and now feel so betrayed.’

Do we actually need motion-controlled tech?

In our first ever video made for Which? Conversation, Ben Stevens tries out motion-controlled tech to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be and reviews the latest trends from CES 2011. He thinks LG’s magic pointer remote control is on the right lines, but isn’t so sure about Panasonic’s prototype. Watch the video and see if you agree.

Why pay Ryanair for forgetting our boarding cards?

It’s Ryanair policy for passengers to print their own boarding passes, but if forgotten they’ll be hit by £34 for it to be reissued at the airport. As Roozbeh complains, ‘it takes advantage of the fact that not all people read the tiny terms and conditions and slaps them with extortionate fees’.

There’s not just bacon in your bacon

Bacon should say if it contains more than 10% water, but our tests found that some common supermarket bacon exceeded this, which was a shock to some. ‘I love Bacon. I eat it every chance I get. But this thread is kind of a wake-up call […] Reading Nick’s comment makes me feel kind of queasy about what I’ve been putting inside myself. Ewwww,’ said a rather shocked BaconLover.

Should self-service be the future of shopping?

Our annual supermarket survey revealed that most of you would prefer to interact with a human being and use conventional checkouts over self-service. Why? Rich summed it up pretty well when he said, ‘I really don’t have a problem with the self checkouts until there is a problem’!