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The Convo top ten – magic eight ball

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It’s the end of another week and it’s getting chilly outside. So to keep you in from the harsh winds, stay in and read our selection of this week’s best Conversations and the comments that caught our eye.

Why are the nation’s roads in such a sorry state?

Are you fed up with Britain’s roads? Potholes and worn markings can make driving a headache, but there’s also an impact on safety. Can anything be done to improve our roads?

Tesco’s ‘bigger value’ multi-packs not always better value

Supermarkets are still at it with their daft offers. Now we’ve caught Tesco selling ‘bigger value’ multi-packs at a bigger price than if you bought the items separately. Send in your photos if you’ve spotted any of these barmy deals.

What do you think about Tablet PCs?

Ceri Stanaway thinks tablet PCs, like the iPad, are expensive but inessential playthings. Al Warman argues that they are inspirational gadgets. These two Which? Tech writers are going head to head for your votes – who will you give yours too?

Train overcrowding isn’t set to get better

Are we doomed to be packed into trains like sardines forever? Overcrowding on Britain’s railway is set to get worse as more and more passengers jump on board. Do you think higher ticket prices and newly announced carriages will make any difference?

Can you claim for lost digital downloads?

How many gigabytes of digital downloads have you got on your computer? Maybe you’ve even got terabytes? Well what would you do if you lost them, in a fire for example? Is it about time home insurance covered our digital downloads?

Is Christmas too commercialised for kids?

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas… Ok, I know, it’s still November, but I’ve been beaten down by high street decorations and festive press releases. But what about the presents – are our purchases too commercialised for our kids? Simon thinks parents should ‘stop giving kids the laminated Argos book of dreams’.

Are you buying now to avoid the VAT hike?

VAT’s on the up next year. At 20% you could see a fair bit added to your purchases. But is it making you buy more now? Sylvia F says she has renovated her house now just to avoid the hike. What about you?

Do you want to save the cheque?

The humble cheque – most of you can’t bear to see it go. In our poll, which is still open, a staggering 94% of you think cheques should not be abandoned. Jeff Pattison thinks they’re essential for clubs and charities to pay bills, with Leslie finding them useful to pay the milkman. Cast your vote in the cheque debate.

Touchscreen cameras out of touch with the real world

What’s with the recent explosion of touchscreen cameras? Rich Parris is frustrated by the removal of buttons, and many of you agree. Richard Jennings thinks this point should be ‘shouted from the rooftops’ – will you join the chorus?

Banks should stop complaining about tough reform

Dan Moore thinks that the banks should stop trying to dictate how they’re going to be reformed, as this would be like a convicted criminal wanting to impose his own punishment. Do you think a tough approach is best?