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SSE drops doorstep energy selling…

Do not disturb sign

…don’t slam the door on your way out. Wow! SSE is suspending doorstep sales. The energy company just announced that it will stop sending out sellers paid on commission. Let’s hope others will follow in its footsteps.

There was a flurry of excitement in the office this morning as we got a call from SSE, telling us that it was dropping doorstep sales completely.

Apparently SSE recognised that consumers don’t like doorstep selling, it was no longer effective and it needed to do something about it. Wow, indeed!

You’re such a good listener

SSE listened to us and you – well done. Which? has been telling energy companies that there’s a need to address the record low level of trust that people feel about energy companies.

Alistair Phillips-Davies, SSE’s Director, said ‘Energy companies need to earn and retain trust.’ He is right. Who would have thought I would be praising one of the big energy suppliers today!

Energy bills are now a number one financial concern for UK consumers, and many people feel that the energy companies are not always going to help them get the best deal.

This country’s also on the eve of an £11 billion project when energy suppliers will be coming to all our homes to install a new smart meter. We think that this will be good for consumers, but we’re concerned that suppliers will try to exploit this ‘foot-in-the-door opportunity’ to sell us other products.

You’re making me uncomfortable

It is right that energy suppliers recognise how we feel when they send someone to our house. If they try to pressure us at home then many of us, quite rightly, are left feeling hassled and angry. Often I’m door stepped when I’m at home and really busy with the kids.

I don’t need anyone telling me they can save me money on my energy bill – I will go to Which? Switch in my own time. While I’m burning the dinner I don’t need more pressure.

SSE has got the message – “don’t call us, we’ll call you!” If the domino effect becomes reality then we may see other energy companies stop doorstep selling too. Now, that would be interesting. Good news, but how long will energy suppliers keep listening?

Anyway, I’d better go now, someone’s at the door.

sse says:
8 July 2011

pet pe laat maar di

London Branch says:
8 July 2011

SSE Mates… dont worry there is something better waiting for us…

TKP says:
12 July 2011

Gold old British Gas are recruiting MORE doorstep sellers.

Denial or what?

Jenny Grimsdell says:
23 November 2011

Very pleased to see that doorstop selling will stop. Anyone think that telephone selling will stop? Have been plagued for the last few weeks by Scottish Power! they drive me mad, and nowEon have joined in, it really does drive me nuts.