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Should Royal Mail deliver in the evening?

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Royal Mail has decided to trial evening deliveries in a six-month pilot. Is this an option that could solve your delivery problems – and would it encourage you to do more shopping online?

The scheme is open to customers living within the M25 who have shopped online with House of Fraser or beauty store L’Occitane.

I know, this isn’t going to benefit many of us right now, but heck, it’s a step in the right direction. Plus, Royal Mail says it’s talking to other retailers about joining the scheme, so it could roll out on a wider scale if it’s successful.

And it could even be a signal that the postal service is actually listening to what customers want. Apparently, the scheme’s been inspired by a recent survey where Royal Mail asked people about their delivery preferences. Nearly six in ten said they’d do more online shopping if they could choose more flexible delivery options.

If you’re one of the lucky few living in the right area and ordering from the participating sites, you’ll be able to ask for items to be delivered between 6-10pm. While this isn’t a time slot that will suit everyone, there’s plenty of evidence that it will be welcomed by many.

Delivery problems solved?

Back in September we reported on the 25% rise in complaints about ‘Sorry, you were out’ cards. Your responses flooded in, and it quickly became clear that dodgy deliveries were causing a lot of frustration.

One problem encountered by commenter Kevin was that his item didn’t even turn up. ‘I was out. The postman had not got any delivery cards on him. So he simply took it back to the depot where it stayed,’ he fumed.

Others were annoyed by the lack of flexibility. ‘It’s all well and good being told to go to the collection office but when you work full time when are you meant to collect it?’ said Nomosaic.

With over 21 million full-time workers reported in the UK last year, this is a fair point. Many of us just aren’t around when the postie comes a-calling. And who wants to spend precious time at the weekend carting packages back from the delivery office?

Would you like the option of evening deliveries from Royal Mail?

Definitely – I'm rarely in during the day (40%, 101 Votes)

No – daytime deliveries suit me better (30%, 77 Votes)

Maybe – I'd use it from time to time (30%, 75 Votes)

Total Voters: 253

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Why no? if it create more jobs.

claireg2 says:
2 November 2010

great idea but will it ever be implemented? why not spend the money hiring & training people properly instead of relying on untrained agency staff?

Its just another semi-privatised delivery network for set retailers is all.
This is already performed by lots of other companies, eg home delivery network.

When they deliver all my parcels and mail after 5pm – that will be a revolution;
other than that the story is a damp squib.

They should stop being afraid to sack bad Royal Mail Group Ltd postal staff/team πŸ™

We also like our post from 06:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Or Before.

Now the rules are 09:00 – 17:00 πŸ™ :/

My posts always late, missing, &/Or Never delivered Or posted in someone elses letter box & They don’t bother posting it through My letter box πŸ™ :/

N1 Hackney Post Code Is BAD.

pickle says:
3 November 2010

It’s a good idea – apart from shift workers, most people are in for the evening. It might help to take up the slack from public service people sacked because of the deficit

My other half’s a big fan of L’Occitane (has anyone ever worked out if it’s pronounced Lockitan or Loxitan? I always thought if it’s the latter then the second ‘c’ should have a little cedilla, tho I’m guessing it’s the former, but I may be wrong as the cedilla isn’t always used, or is that people just being sloppy?) so I guess we’re going to have to sell up and move to within the M25 to benefit from this πŸ™‚ .

I’d like more online retailers to give us the option of picking it up from a delivery depot. All they need to do is send you an email to tell you it’s there and the delivery company don’t even need to drive round to drop a card off. That would cut a few delivery jobs and introduce a few savings for the delivery companies. Maybe not so good from a carbon footprint point but it would cut down on pointless journeys by them when you’re at work. Would save all the issues of parcels left in the rain, getting nicked, etc too.

Sophie Gilbert says:
4 November 2010

It’s loksitan, like in occident and occiput. The cedilla would only be used in front of an a, an o, or a u.

In the run up to the festive season, with more and more people buying presents online, evening deliveries would be most welcome.
This service would certainly reduce the number of people having to stand in a queue for an hour or so on a Saturday morning at the Royal Mail sorting office, waiting to pick up their parcels during November & December..