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Scottish Power sales calls banned for 12 days

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Scottish Power has been served with a 12-day sales ban by Ofgem after failing to meet the regulator’s customer service targets. It’s good to see Ofgem hitting suppliers where it hurts.

Back in November Scottish Power was told by Ofgem to answer all customer queries promptly, reduce its backlog of overdue bills and resolve all outstanding ombudsman decisions on complaints.

Since then the energy supplier has improved call waiting times and reduced its bills backlog, but there are still too many outstanding ombudsman rulings. This has led to Ofgem telling Scottish Power to stop all outbound sales calls for 12 days, staring from today. On top of that, any customers with outstanding complaints will continue to receive free energy until issues are resolved.

Last year Scottish Power sat at the bottom of our energy company call-waiting survey, taking customers an average of 30 minutes to speak to a human being on its customer service line. Yet, someone calling its sales line could get through in less than a minute.

Scottish Power punished

It’s right that Scottish Power is being properly punished for failing to meet its customer service targets. And given poor customer service like this, it isn’t surprising that trust in the energy market is so low.

We want the Competition and Markets Authority to propose radical reforms to Fix the Big Six. In the meantime, suppliers like Scottish Power should urgently improve how they treat their customers and not wait for the outcome of the CMA’s competition inquiry.

Are you a Scottish Power customer? What’s been your experience of their customer service? Have you had poor customer service from one of the Big Six suppliers? Are you tempted to switch?

Mdlcth says:
19 March 2015

I closed my account with Scottish Power in late December providing meter readings via new supplier. Four months on my accounts are still not completely closed and I have experienced a catalogue of problems getting agreement on my final bills and outstanding monies returned. Even yesterday I had to explain to the fifth customer service person this week that I should not be charged exit fees which had been debited against my account with no reference as to what they were. It took some time before this was clarified. As the rep couldn’t locate the information about my original now expired tariff I had to explain how to access it on their own site! She was then able to confirm I, the customer, was correct and exit fees did not apply. These will apparently be refunded.

Overall this last week I have lost 8 hours of my life stuck in the phone queue as well as on the phone talking to staff who never seem to have accurate records of my earlier conversations, do not seem to understand their own system of charging and cannot adequately explain the billing process in a clear fashion. I have now accepted an agreed figure for refund but am not convinced it is accurate but so worn down by the process I can’t face any further contact with them. Their service in this respect has been a life-draining experience.

alex says:
29 May 2015

Well we’ve just found out about this ban. . We signed up on the 4th March and haven’t heard back from Scottish power. How is it we have had to go on Google to find this out? We are new tenants so who do we pay our bill to? Or do we have a supplier?


You will probably be with the company that supplied the previous tenants but you will have been transferred to the ‘standard’ tariff which might not be the most suitable. Have you phoned Scottish Power to ask? Have your meter number[s] handy. If they can’t help you try any of the major energy comparison websites like moneysupermarket or uswitch or UKpower and they can check with the central database.

Jo o reilly says:
31 May 2015

I was with scottish power for a year – in July my dad was stopped-I called them every month to reset it – they never did – finally I switched as could not understand why I had to chase to pay them money
They called me when the switch became apparent wanting to know why I was leaving ????!!!!
Then threatened debt collections etc after 8 months of me calling them to pay them
I have asked for an explanation Nd apology – nothing


I.ow.them.a fortune