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Scam watch: ‘Sky TV’ caller offers cash

Had a phone call from a service provider offering you compensation? Be wary, especially if you’re asked for personal details, as this member was when they received a call from ‘Sky TV’…

Member Peter Marfell told us:

‘I’m a Sky TV customer, and someone recently called me claiming to be from Sky. The caller said I was owed £200 compensation for poor service.

‘I hadn’t made any recent complaint, but he knew my name and address, and asked me to confirm these. Then he asked for the expiry date of my card. I replied that a genuine Sky caller would already have these details. He became abusive and then hung up.’

Our say on unsolicited calls offering compensation

Sky has confirmed it ‘doesn’t make unexpected phone calls requesting personal or financial information, to provide compensation or otherwise’.

This fraudulent caller’s motive is clearly to obtain your card or banking details. Never give these unless you’re certain of the caller’s identity.

If a call concerns you, hang up, wait five minutes and call the person or organisation using a number you’ve verified independently. It’s also a good idea to report scam calls to Action Fraud.

The troubling question is how the fraudster has your phone number, name, address and TV package provider. Here are some tips on how to protect your identity in future:

  • Change the password on your email account
  • Evaluate the security of your home’s letterbox (especially if it’s external or communal)
  • If you’re opted in to the open electoral roll, consider opting out
  • Never access email, banking or other sensitive accounts on open wi-fi networks provided by cafés, etc.

Have you ever had a scam call like this? Were you convinced by the scammer or did you call them out?


It happens most days with pretend TalkTalk callers. I just tell them,
“Don’t talk rubbish. You’ll get nowhere with me,”
and put phone down. The calls are getting less so maybe they have finally understood. These calls come from mostly outside Europe, mainly India and I’ve been told ICO can do nothing about them. Why not?

I would have thought that most of us have become used to cold callers informing us of benefits we are “owed”. And most of us tend to put the phone down on them.

However, it does seem somewhat alarming that a caller has your name, address and phone number.

john says:
22 January 2018

don’t forget, names, addresses and phone no’s can be found in the normal phone directory (book or online), unless you are ex-directory

I’m ex-directory and they still manage to know my full name, address etc. I also opted out of the open electoral roll and never use communal wi-fi! There really is no privacy these days.

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Scams are becoming more and more prevalent for social media users. People are now urging Facebook to take action.


What do you think?

Barrie Irvine says:
21 January 2018

I have recently had calls from Barclays Bank and Natwest Bank using Withheld numbers. Would you not think they should know better? We asked for proof as would they and the calls were terminated but it turned out the calls were from the banks.
We are in the process of setting up a system to reject all Withheld calls.

Appliance cover. Sky do not cover their equipment. Very soon after we started with Sky, the “ex-Sky engineers” started contacting us about “very expensive” repairs if it went wrong. So, for about £6.50 pm, we could relax. It never occurred to us to question HOW THEY KNEW our details – public knowledge?
Reception was bad, so along came an “engineer” who thought distant trees were to blame. Just that.
To check the dish, another would not try to take his 5foot aluminium ladder through our house – “too awkward”. I failed to let me do it for him.
Another sent us a new (?) remote control (£15 or so from Lidl) which didn’t work.
More fishy capers – renewal payment (yes, from yet another lot) demanded BEFORE details of their offer. Credit card payment uncancelable. Luckily, I lost my wallet + card, and cancelled it. Furious demanding letters from insurers – I ignored them, apart from curt advice on the route to the Devil’s lair.
This exposed a useful dodge to cancel PERMANENT card payments to crooks. “LOSE” YOUR CARD AND REPORT IT AT ONCE. Past arrangements are not reinstated.
ALL these Insurers were shut down by Authorities. £500 wasted over the years.
Some years after, I was looking through my bank a/c, when I saw the £6,50pm had been extended to £65.00 for one month. Clever, yes? Too late for the DD board to get at a closed company. Strangely, most of their like were based in Arundel.
Revealing realities then occurred to me when I tried to renew with all of them. Authorities had closed them all down.

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