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Scam watch: have you been cold called by a boiler scam?


Be warned, cold calls flogging new boilers are on the rise. But as John suspected these are likely to be a scam.

John told us: ‘I’ve received cold calls from a range of numbers. The calls consist only of a recorded male voice telling me about new boiler regulations in Europe. It says that every household in my local area must install a new A-rated boiler by the end of 2016.

‘I am confident that existing non-A-rated domestic boilers will continue to be legitimate until they reach the end of their economically serviceable lives – and that these calls are a potential scam. I shudder to think what sales pitch some naive consumer might receive if they were to press the relevant button to follow up the call.’

Our advice on suspicious calls

Unfortunately, it appears there’s been an increase in cold callers trying to convince people they need a new boiler since the introduction of the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive in September 2015.

As part of this directive, boilers and other electrical products must meet new minimum energy efficiency requirements in order to be sold in Europe.

However, existing products aren’t affected by these regulations, so we’d imagine you’re correct to assume this is a ploy to trick you out of money. You should report these calls to the police, trading standards and Action Fraud. Don’t forget that you can also report the call to us too.

Never buy anything as a result of unsolicited contact. However, if a sale is agreed over the phone, then the Consumer Contracts Regulations apply and you have 14 days to cancel penalty-free.

Have you been nuisance called about an A-rated boiler?

[UPDATE 17 MARCH 2016] – A Scottish boiler replacement company has been fined £180,000 for making millions of automated nuisance calls. Glasgow-based FEP Heatcare Ltd made 2,692,217 unwanted automated calls between April and July 2015.

And despite being warned to stop making illegal calls by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), FEP started to do so again by bombarding people with recorded messages. The ICO traced these calls to FEP Heatcare even though the calls didn’t identify a caller.

Our executive director Richard Lloyd said:

‘The ICO is right to hit companies with hefty fines for bombarding people with nuisance calls, especially when they fail to listen to previous warnings.’


Perhaps it is time to tackle the problem of scams and other fraud by advising everyone to avoid purchasing goods and services over the phone unless they have initiated the call.

Robert Parsons says:
24 March 2016

Scammers and nuisance calls make our lives a misery. Even more distressing they do the same for my 91 year old mother-in-law, who is already in poor health. These people are evil. The health impact is enormous, psychologically, financially and economically, and a fine of £180,000 is far too little. Greater international co-operation is required, as well as more proactive intervention by the telecommunication and IT providers.

I get so many in a day & so fed up with it. My phone memory is full of nusence numbers it can’t take any more. The callers from life insurance to life style questionares are ridiculous , & the people are changing numbers to get me to answer them. I have told so many cold callers to Please stop ringing me but to just ignoring me. Please, please get them to stop.

Totally agree I would never purchase anything over the phone.

I get them on a daily basis now it’s for pensions I am blocking their numbers but they just use another it’s very irritating if I want something I get it myself I don’t need the hassle of these people day in day out

Nigel says:
25 March 2016

The Law needs to be changed. It is time to tackle once and for all the problem of scams and other fraud plus the methods of selling goods and services over the phone. A contract should be provided that is written and that is signed by both parties with an agreed cooling off period.

Arthur says:
1 April 2016

I was also inundated with cold calls and spam calls until I purchased a “Truecall” box. This system intercepts your calls and only lets those callers know to you to get through. You can nominate which calls to allow and which to zap. Since this installation it has stopped hundreds of cold calls and I never get any ringing out these days. The equipment is easy to instal on your phone and although it costs about £80 it’s worth every penny. You can find it on the web.

I became so annoyed that I bought a truecall device to filter phone calls – useful but I paid for the kit and pay for the yearly subscription.

Change the law so that I am not obliged to pay good money to prevent bad company owners and their employees from phoning us.

Margaret says:
1 April 2016

I. Had to change my landline number as it got even worse. So now only family friends know my number now

Lyn says:
2 April 2016

Totally agree. I purchased one of these for my late father. I came around to visit him one day and found him standing in the living room staring at the ringing phone. It turned out they had been ringing him up to 8 times day and he was scared to answer it. True call made his last couple of years a lot quieter and less stressful.
As for the ringing phone that day, the time I had finished telling the caller exactly what I thought of them my dad was laughing and commented he didn’t realise I knew so many swear words!!!

It happens just as much as when you initiate the call/s yourself I’m afraid.

John Sandys says:
4 April 2016

…and my Mother in Law got scammed by the People selling a similar box. They did a great job of ‘selling’ her the idea that she wouldn’t have any more nuisance calls….having cold-called her themselves.
What they didn’t tell an 83 year old who can only just about operate a phone, was that she would need to do something with the box every-time she received a call, so it knew for the future whether it was a wanted call or not.
They convinced her to give her debit-card details over the phone. She phoned me shortly after the call as she was then doubting herself as we always tell her not to buy anything over the phone. She said they were very convincing as she had recently complained to BT about nuisance calls (coincidence or somebody in BT tipping them off?)The phone number they gave her didn’t work. I couldn’t find them (from the scant details they gave) on www, so we contacted the bank and were in time to cancel the payment.
A few days later a box turned up. No return details included with it, but it had a company name so I googled it. tried contacting them but no phone numbers worked. No e-mail address so I posted the box back to the PO Box number on their web-page, with a letter stating that this was not sold fairly, and was unwanted within the 14 day cooling off period.
A few weeks later the payment was retaken from Mother in Law’s account, but wasn’t noticed for a few weeks until her bank statement arrived, and a few weeks further on the box arrived back at hers.
Due to a family crisis, and mother in Law being too embarrassed to mention it again to us, it went unchallenged.
Scam completed a company claiming to assist protecting you against scammers!

Perhaps it’s time to stop anyone from collecting money for goods and services sold over the phone. Why would a rational person ever want to buy anything that way? Such a measure would stop these scumbags in their tracks. If a thing’s worth buying and selling, it’s worth providing some supporting paperwork to show description of the goods and services, consent, application of a cooling off period, and traceable names and addresses to registered companies, their employees and regulators.

The Distance Selling Regulations do contain some of these protections but unscrupulous sellers prey on the gullible who substitute apparent cheapness for a more conscientious purchase.

Helen Peterson-Tindall says:
25 March 2016

For gullible read also VULNERABLE! Many older people and even younger ones with health problems can be easily misled by their convincing sales talk and misrepresentations, also offers of discounts which never materialise. I am speaking from experience of when I was severely depressed and therefore very gullible and open to abuse of any sort, including very plausible sounding deception over solar panels. The company who came down from Merseyside to Suffolk offered sizeable discounts for a very prompt decision so that they could do the work ‘whilst still in the area’ owing to the cost of coming down from the North again! They also promised not to charge me the £500 cost of the scaffolding. I have photos of them on the roof with NO scaffolding in sight anywhere. Lastly they promised a big discount if I had panels put on the small cottage next door at the same time. When I said it was LISTED,
I was told it would be ok as they would be out of sight on the back and not to mention the listing to their Head Office and all would be fine. The ‘gentleman’ concerned assured me his religion would prevent him from misleading me! Besides this I was TOTALLY conned over the price and ended up paying nearly 3 times what I would have paid anywhere else had I been well enough to shop around. All in all a £30,000 mistake which I could not get rectified.

I too have been contacted about this ‘legislation’. I am also concerned over the total rubbish of the claims made by some of the callers.
Because we do not have gas but rely on oil, (most of these calls are aimed at gas users, not oil or solid fuel), by saying that we don’t have gas often takes the wind out of the caller’s sails.
Secondly until I retired, I was an Accredited Energy Consultant working for the Carbon Trust and advising on Industrial Energy use so I am reasonably informed over domestic energy legislation. Mentioning this often results in a very rapid curtailment of the conversation. Alternatively should they claim ‘Accreditation’, (as some callers do), asking for their Accrediting organisation and registration number often achieves the same result.
On the slightly different topic of Solar Panels, I actually had one caller claiming that their panels would generate at night…a new twist on the laws of physics.

Gerald A Norden says:
24 March 2016

There should be a ONE POUND sterling fine for EACH unsolicited telephone call.

Well said. I was about to put exactly the same comment on.

First of all they have to be identified. I find they withhold numbers. As I don’t answer them I only know they keep on about PPI and boilers.

No! The fine should be £1000 per call.

Morag Langley says:
24 March 2016

Please could you add in scam emails from the same company, if that is possible? And from so man other companies too

I think you are doing a grand job and wish you would include unwanted emails. I get over 40 per day from the same company on behalf of other company’s advertising their services.

GOOD IDEA !!!! I totally agree with Alya !!!!!

Joanna Brown says:
26 March 2016

I work at home (writing) and every time the phone goes it breaks my train of thought and wastes valuable time. I am most grateful to you for taking this up and support you wholeheartedly. Thank you!

Andrew says:
29 March 2016

more like £5 for each. maybe then, they would stop.

I have started asking the cold caller if I have asked for this phone call – some are now saying that by entering a competition I have said I had requested the call – not even entered said competition

A story that might please you:

A Scottish boiler replacement company has been fined £180,000 for making millions of automated nuisance calls. Glasgow-based FEP Heatcare Ltd made 2,692,217 unwanted automated calls between April and July 2015.

And despite being warned to stop making illegal calls by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), FEP started to do so again by bombarding people with recorded messages. The ICO traced these calls to FEP Heatcare even though the calls didn’t identify a caller.

As well as a £180,000 fine, the ICO has demanded that the firm doesn’t make further nuisance calls, otherwise it will risk court action.

Our executive director Richard Lloyd said:

‘The ICO is right to hit companies with hefty fines for bombarding people with nuisance calls, especially when they fail to listen to previous warnings.’

‘We must see a crackdown on nuisance calls, particularly in Scotland where we found nine in ten people receive nuisance calls. We’d like to see all parties step up and make manifesto commitments to tackle this modern day menace.’


I got a call from them yesterday

David Ellis says:
23 March 2016

Well done but there is a more recent nuisance call which is a scam. I received a call purporting to be from a BT technician saying that there was hacking into the BT server and inviting me to switch on my computer to for a check. I hung up and called BT. They had initiated no such call. The call came from 01269839047 but BT wouldn’t take action because they didn’t know if the subscriber is one of their customers. I think the caller should be fines and the operation shut down.

I agree with you. The BT technician one is the worst! Nearly caught us out thinking it was real as I was awaiting a real call from BT re my laptop! They took over my computer and Obviously know now they were copying my pages. When it got to the stage where they said BT owed us £300 and we should open up Internet banking for them to put it in, alarm bells started, so I said I was contacting BT (the real one) and did. They informed it was a scam. The cheeky scammers phoned back and said they would block me out and they did. BT could not get me back into laptop, so everything lost and so many passwords to change. Unreal, but people beware even if you are awaiting the real BT, hang up and phone BT as they log their calls and can tell if it’s real.

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I’m currently on nights and therefore trying to sleep during the day. Three days running I’ve been woken up by recorded messages from these clowns!! It should be illegal to phone landlines with a recorded message.

So did I and this was after repeatedly telling them to stop. Also the number you get on 1471 is wrong

Kenny says:
23 March 2016

I’m also on Nightshift and fully agree with you Helen. Anyone cold calling on my phone and waking me usually would get a right mouthful but you can’t even get that satisfaction with a recorded message

A M JONES says:
24 March 2016

I sometimes get two calls a day re: a replacement boilers, and although i ” press nine to be taken off ‘their’ data base”, the calls continue, and continue to needlessly fill up my voicemail.

Andrew says:
24 March 2016

I believe the legislation was changed this year to force companies to not withhold their numbers when making automated calls. This has not worked as they both withhold numbers and give a false number for Caller Line Identification.

I am still bombarded by these calls daily so don’t answer withheld calls. this means I miss calls from Doctors, Hospitals and other local authorities who routinely withhold their numbers (why?).

The answer is to make it illegal to make automated calls. There is really no case for them in our society as if we want services we can find them easily on the internet.

Close down these scumbags and put them out of business.

Lucky you, Allister! I got three yesterday & had one before 8.30 this morning, too. Cold calls have reached such numbers recently that I simply don’t pick up my phone when it rings, these days. I check to see who called & the majority of times it’s “I’m sorry, this call came from someone who withheld their number” followed closely by “I’m sorry, this call came from a number that can’t receive calls” & then the boiler calls.. A few days ago I had 9 calls. 6 were withheld numbers, two were the recorded speil about boilers (It makes me especially mad that the recording starts part way through the message so they don’t don’t need to say who they are!) but one call was actually from my cousin.. Imagine that – someone who actually wanted to speak to me as opposed to anyone who happened to answer the phone & might be talked into something!

Any calls to you from hospitals,surgeries,dentists or large organisations with switchboards will show as withheld or unavailable.This is a technical situation and not initiated by anyone.When I get one of these withheld or unavailable calls I do not answer,but check after 5 minutes or so to see if message has been left.If hospital or dr’s has clalled they will leave a message.

This comment was removed at the request of the user

I have had this same call on a regular basis. I go along with them and pretend to follow there instructions and when they say ” what does it say on youre screen” l tell them it says “do not go any further with this as you are being scammed” .. Then I get a lot of abuse from them as if I had done something wrong instead of them, but it takes up there time and it annoys them.

Can i ring them suggesting a pay day loan

JPM says:
24 March 2016

It’s not just these callers who are doing the scamming – any company hit with a fine will simply ‘fold’. They won’t recover a penny of the fines – it’s ridiculous.

Bert Marsh says:
24 March 2016

I have three calls today

Received exactly the same call today I rang the number which was01287947874 when I rang the number it came up as unobtainable

paul Wainwright says:
24 March 2016

Report it to the police on their non emergency number they will transfer you to fraud dept

John Marsh says:
24 March 2016

I have had three today

bob says:
24 March 2016

it not only uk companys indian setups bombard me every day 2 ore more phone calls i have found the best thing to do unfortunally is to be as rude as you can be

Jim says:
24 March 2016

I have been told of your press button your get charged £1.50 . I don’t know of that’s true or not.

I agree absolutely! And all the others pretending you have a computer problem and asking you to go and switch on your computer.

Jim. says:
24 March 2016

I have been told of your press button 9 your get charged £1.50. Don’t know of that’s true or not.

Joyce, there is no guarantee that your GP or the hospital will leave a message, they didn’t to me when I ignored Withheld number calls. When I had my phone set to bar anonymous calls the hospital or GP couldn’t get through. If you are expecting calls from hospital or GP you would see a local number if you have caller display on your phone.

If there was no such thing as “caller withheld number” then they could be identified. The phone companies should be told to remove the capability. All subscribers should have an identification BY LAW.

Robin says:
24 March 2016

Agree with you Bob. I’ve had a few calls from ‘Windows’ (don’t laugh) and the caller always has an Indian accent. Telling me my Computer is downloading lots of junk and they need to fix it. I usually play along for 5 minutes, then let them have it with a lot of rudeness and the odd insult thrown in. It’s what they deserve.

24 March 2016

I am still receiving nuisance calls – most from PPI. Many other calls I dont acknowledge as they cannot pronounce my surname, and when they ask to speak to me I tell them they have the wrong number.


mike hampton says:
24 March 2016

I agree Bob.We keep getting scam calls about our computers so called errors. They are mostly Indian. To everyone i say ignore these people ,tell them where to go and slam the phone down. Or let them keep talking , go and make a cuppa and if they are still on the line hang up

John H says:
24 March 2016

I am receiving calls of a similar nature purporting to be from Talktalk, I have reported it to Talktalk & to the telecoms regulator. So far I have recorded at least 8 different numbers being used and all are false when I have tried to call them back. I suspect that they have found out who is the provider and then pretend to be from that company. We screen all our calls now and if the number is not familiar ignore the call, we do sometimes get a recording on our answer machine but this is usually just background noise from a call centre.

Carl says:
24 March 2016

I couldn’t agree more! Withheld numbers should be automatically blocked by the phone company full stop!

luki says:
24 March 2016

I get at least 3 automated calls a day, they are so annoying.

Colin says:
24 March 2016

I agree with Robin, I have 3 or 4 of these calls each week with an Indian accent telling me that my computer has a virus or is downloading junk. I play along and ask them technical questions which usually results in them hanging up.

What about all the calls from the Far East? They are far more numerous and a greater nuisance than this lot in Scotland and, they phone at all times of day and night!!! I don’t suppose much can be done about them.
And, whilst we are about it…pop up ads on our computers???

Suggest you quieten the ringing tone when you want to sleep – if nothing else, put a cushion on top of the phone! It is maddening to be woken by a phone call you don’t want, particularly if there is no one on the other end.

Try pressing the ♯ key!

Try pressing # key instead

Michael says:
24 March 2016

They also use 01269849868

My husband received a similar call telling him that there was a problem with his microsoft computer – he let the caller carry on with the explanation then told them he had a mac computer – phone slammed down quickly by the caller. I think the phone companies could do a lot more to regulate things and fined if they fail.

I agree with you John

John Hoult says:
24 March 2016

Good on you Arthur. I remember once, these scam calls used to be considered White collar crimes and were treated as posh thieves. Scammers of any type should all be treated the same and dealt with by the courts like the scum they are.

Joe Carterjoec says:
24 March 2016

I still get them though not quite as often and they are still a nuisance.

It’s happening all the time, from north to south and east to west. I am absolutely fed up with it. So much Spam -who needs it?

Sue Ashton says:
24 March 2016

This is something I usually do as well. However, I did have a ‘windows’ call a couple of months ago from a gentleman with a really, really thick accent. So bad that I couldn’t understand him and had to keep asking him to repeat himself. I played along for a while (it costs the firm money for each call made) then told him I wasn’t going to play the game any longer and knew I was being scammed, plus told him if he wanted to continue in his ‘job’ he should learn to speak english better. He became very rude so I put the phone down. Beggar me, if he didn’t call back asking why I put the phone down on him. Again I put the phone down and, again, he rang back. He rang me back 3 times in all, until I politely told him to **** off. Haven’t had a windows call since then. Wonder if it was something I said. 😉

All of them should get fined; if I have to have one more call telling me I have been in an accident I’m going to scream.

eileen dobie says:
24 March 2016

I got 2 calls from them today!!…only know this as I am at home off work…this company in particular are a NUISANCE

Mary Mc Veagh says:
25 March 2016

I agree something needs to be done about such nuisance calls. though I doubt that will include making calling someone with a recorded message. In todays busy world many people have answerphones in case of receiving genuine calls when they are not available. In these cases a simple message gives the person the opportunity to phone the caller back if they wish. In the case of nuisance calls and scammers then I would simply ignore and delete them.

John Johnson says:
25 March 2016

Horrah, At last. We have suffered for best part of a year receiving two calls a day from this company Well done to all those who achieved this result.

25 March 2016

The other one is the Microsoft call telling you that there is a problem with your computer. One called my mother-in-law a bl**dy liar when she told him she didn’t have a computer. She actually doesn’t.

Ian says:
25 March 2016

Sometimes I try to sell them insurance. For some reason they hang up.

I get those at least twice day, and I also press nine to be taken off but still get their calls. I don’t need a new boiler as I had one two years ago I am also being bombarded with calls about a windows scrappage scheme, also automated.

fine the ceo and name him and his own number

David, I have caller display on my phone but if the number is withheld a local number will NOT show up, even if it is from GP, hospital etc. I never answer number unavailable calls but do pick up withheld numbers because I actually work on a part time basis at the local teaching hospital and they often need help at short notice.
I got information about a call blocker but there is a technical reason why I cannot have one fitted.

Desmond Rees says:
25 March 2016

Got a call yesterday saying exactly the same thing saying she was from BT internet services Indian accent the number that came up on my phone was 0089416413 when I asked her where she was Calling from she said Oxford asked her for her office number she give me this number 07041888893 told her she talking b******t and hung up tried the number no such number.

Nina Hamilton says:
25 March 2016

A.M.JONES. I was warned once never to press ‘9’ as this connects your phone line to a prison where an inmate can make calls at your expense! I don’t know if this is still going on.

Take it back to the factory software load at least, it will be full of software designed to allow easy hacking and identity theft. Tell as many people as possible about the scam.

Nigel Browne says:
26 March 2016

I agree with you. I keep getting calls on my phone like this and when I keep blocking them on my mobile they keep ringing me on different phone numbers and I have to keep blocking them and they still keep ringing me.

Its high time the minions in the so-called NHS took time out to review their “Non-Public-Facing” Policies.
Since when do Public Servants get to live in an “Outgoing Comms Only” tinsel-world ? Just whos’ Taxes pays for all this nonsense ??
The answer to all is simple – ARROGANCE !!!
Camerons’ answer is to Privatise the NHS – effectively making the process even worse !

There’s an element of truth in what you say.
All Fines imposed on “Companies” should follow the company directors irrespective of whether the company remains active – unless the “director” can prove he or she left the company before the Fine was issued.

You don’t actually believe the “Police” have any interest in resolving this do you Paul ? Don’t waste your breath.

This comment was removed at the request of the user

I work nights too and for the past 10 years, at least i am woken up constantly by these pests and recorded messages. My health sometimes deteriorates, physically and mentally, as i do not get any sleep. I am sick of it and they have to be stopped all together!!!!

I am sick of these calls telling me I’ve had an accident and my reply is: I have 3 Bullmastiff’s and 2 Dogue de Bordeaux dogs of 110 Kgs each and If you call me back again your going to have a F….cking accident when I come down to your office. They have the cheek to ask if I’m threatening them and I tell them “I don’t make threats just promises. I think when your a woman they continue to call back more. Talk Talk is another one with Indians calling me at all hours even through the night telling me I have an error and they need to get into my computer or I need to pay £80 to remove the viruses in my computer. I have 8 different numbers and when I call them back the number is dead as there calling from computers. Why cant the government or the fraud squad catch and stop these Indian crooks. Ive even had crooks from the Philippines call me about my computer. They are all criminals and should be treated as such and charged or jailed. The government need to do something to stop these crooks from robbing innocent people who work hard for they money.

this is good news. I have found that since registering with the telephone preference service and using the little box they provide for the landline, nuisance call have dropped enormously. I still get a lot on my mobile phone despite using software ‘Truecaller’. They are usually calls from legal firms who immediately lie to me, saying ‘I have a file here reporting the accident you had last year’. When I have time I use the philibuster technique from my days of public speaking – I say ‘Ah Yes fictitious accidents! They are such an important problem. It is really, really helpful that firms like yours spend hours ringing everyone up about accidents, that may never happen. That is accidents, spelt a-c-c-i-d-e-n-t-s, that is not incidents, but …………’ etc etc ad nauseam.

They are paying for the call and the trick is to keep them on the phone as long as possible.’ However this tactic will not suit everyone.

Master Neil Swales says:
28 March 2016

We all get cold calls, mine seem to originate from India at the moment. BT could stop this easily but why should they it must generate obscene amounts of money otherwise why should they upset so many of their customers by letting this continue? I know they don’t give a toss about their customers as have to tried to complain, premium numbers, disconnections, literally hours waiting to speak to an advisor. BT has the monopoly so why bother wasting time and money to help the customer? That’s my opinion for what its worth.

Jen says:
29 March 2016

Working in a hospital, most calls are made from extensions (as do doctors surgeries and local authorities) therefore the number will not flag up

Steve D. says:
30 March 2016

Rona – ***********They have compramised your system***************. Take your computer to someone who knows what they are doing and get the spyware/rootkits etc. that they will have installed removed. Do not use a computer online that has been compramised in this way as they will take control of it without you knowing and hack everything you have. Inform your bank/Paypal immediatly if you have used your computer for any form of online banking or payments such as Paypal since this happened.

Goodness Sue – I can’t believe you called this B—— a “gentleman”!! I can think of quite a few more apt names for him, but I won’t repeat them here!!

You should have stuck to your guns, I had a scam call and managed to identify who the telecom provider was, BT! It takes us time to find out this information, it is publicly available, but difficult to find, from Ofcom, for BT it is easy. In my case I called BT and made it quite clear that they have a duty to disconnect abusers of their lines and if it happened again I would take it up with (toothless) Ofcom first and the ICO. I have kept the Ofcom spreadsheets with number allocations to telecoms companies and refer to them whenever I get a scam call. I am on TPS, but why should we have to register NOT to get calls or junk mail? There is of course a equally, to most of us but probably equally illegal, a solution, find out the CEO details for nuisance calls and call HIS or HER home number at uncivilised times. 🙂

G Drummond says:
1 April 2016

A firm who makes these calls should be fined 90% of their gross income for that year but protecting employees wages.

lynn clarke says:
1 April 2016

me too bob

Renee Greenwood says:
1 April 2016

Good it’s time these were stopped when you are waiting for important calls it’s frustrati

I would have added a couple to zeros to that paltry fine!

Derek says:
1 April 2016

We now have a BT Call Blocker phone which means that even though Nuisance calls are still made to our number and appear on the calls list we DO NOT get bothered by them as the phone does not ring and disturb us.

There is also the scam which is very similar to the BT one it starts with an indian womans voice stating she is from Microsoft saying your computer has reported itself as having faults, then she hands you over to her “supervisor” who does exactly the same as the BT scammer does, even to ring back and threatening to block your phone line and he does, I even tried ringing my phone provider from my neighbour’s phone and there he was, but I recognised his voice, but played along then said I was calling the police next, as I had held his line and was instigating a search, he quickly hung up releasing the lines, I am conversant in the use of the telephone network as I am a retired BT engineer so I suppose that gives me a bit of an edge, but I feel a lot more can be done to stop these nuisance scammers.

Apparently when you press the # key 4 times in quick succession it scrambles their auto dialler.

c cargill says:
1 April 2016

we have them almost daily and at unsociable hours, like 6am in the morning.

Janet Hart says:
1 April 2016

I also had a similar call, as soon as the mention a cost I hang up. Unfortunately most of the calls seem to come from Asian speaking people and it can be quite hard to understand them.

This comment was removed at the request of the user

Janet Hart says:
1 April 2016

I agree to a certain extent as I hate it when a ‘withheld numumber’ comes up, but having worked in a very busy doctors surgery and a patient rings and says ‘you just rang me’ it could be anyone of about fifty or sixty people, the the patient gets very cross, because of patient confidentiality many health care workers are unable or reluctant to leave a messages in case they have inadvertently called a wrong number or someone else in the household picks up the message.

No they wont, they tell you that no crime has been committed.

I get calls at least 1 per week from a company about a government scrap page scheme. it is a recorded message and even though I press the opt out number I still get them!! very annoying!

Mairi Jack says:
2 April 2016

I believe I am still receiving calls from this company at least twice a day at 12.30 pm and in the early evening. It starts off with a fake voice referring to a database which says am eligible for help with a boiler. Very very annoying.

Quite a lot of our nuisance calls are apparently about government initiatives, particularly solar power. There are also calls about banking and quite a number of silent calls. Also people who claim we have answered a survey and are offering special deals. All in all though there are less calls but they are still a nuisance, you never know it might be an important call.

richard Aillas says:
2 April 2016

Some of these criminals somehow keep connected so that when you call BT in this case, banks in most cases, they answer your call. That call you had was an obvious scam since BT could not possibly call individual customers in that way, too many customers!

That is exactly what I do!

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I have had many like this but all purporting to be with TalkTalk. Love stringing them along and pretend to switch on my PC. They say I have a problem with Windows. Go along with them and after all the spiel I say oh I am sorry I don’t have Window operating system. They hang up then.

got a call from these idiots today. Not happy!

Wonderful news. I have low dementia and these calls about renewing our boiler seemed real because I knew we have had our boiler for more than 20 years but it’s still very efficient. I’ve lost the number of times this has happened but delighted they have been fined. If they do it again and they appear in court, I’ll be first in the court with the biggest smile.

I am getting recorded messages inferring that every home will have to install a more efficient boiler to comply with legislation by 2017 and I should press a number to arrange a visit while they are in my area. I block the number each time I receive the call but it comes again from a different number the next day.
Another message is that the data base shows that I have not had my energy efficiency checked as required. I block this every time too but it also comes back the very next day.

Kriss Nichol says:
23 March 2016

Me too. I work from home and these calls are distracting as well as bloody nuisance

Get yourselves a truecall call blocker, best thing I ever bought. You just make a safe list of friends and family and important numbers, only they get through, everything else gets blocked, so it doesn’t matter if these companies change their numbers, they’ll still get blocked.

Geoerge Downie says:
23 March 2016

Got similar call twice yesterday and once today. Listened to it this time to the end and pressed 9 to have my number removed. Will report if this caller tries again.

TrishS says:
23 March 2016

Never press anything! That in itself could be yet another scam, tying you into a premium rate service!

Sharon hendrey says:
24 March 2016

Cpr call blocker much cheaper than trucall. Immense satisfaction on pressing block now button. It’s preprogrammed with over 200 numbers you can add your own plus withheld unavailable and international

Try pressing # key instead

Where can you get one?

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mike says:
24 March 2016

A call blocker is not a great idea for many. Today my doctor called me to say the results of a scan were with him and he needed to see me urgently. If I had a call blocker I would not have had this call. Hope that the doctor would have looked for another way of contacting me but it shows that call blockers are not the answer to unwanted callers.

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I’ve had the same call two days running from two seemingly different numbers, same noisy office sounds, recorded message asking you to press 2 to arrange a visit.

0197562574 yesterday at 12.20 and
0164736397 today at 9.40

If you try to call the numbers you get “you have dialed an incorrect number, please check the number and try again” and “this number is no longer use, so we suggest you hang up and dial 118018, that number again, 118018.” Which is a premium directory enquiries number, hmmmm

Am tempted to press two and direct them to the local police station… oh and my number is registered with TPS, it’s not given out and it’s withheld.

TPS doesn’t work, we were supposedly on this scheme but unless you have the company name and number there is nothing you can do.

Michael Ward says:
23 March 2016

Got a call from these annoying idiots today and I’m not happy about it !

Craig Ferguson says:
23 March 2016

I feel B.T. could do more, I know there are phones that allow you to block calls but you have to buy them and also pay a monthly fee to B.T. for caller display. I don’t think I should be out of pocket to be left in peace. How about legislation stopping companies selling your details to others ?

I’ve got BT Call Guardian and it’s definitely worth it. We were getting a dozen or more unwanted calls per day even though registered with TPS. Now none.

I agree. The companies sell our details to other companies. It’s worse with emails. I get about four emails a day advertising their products. Where do they get my email address if not from something I’ve bought on Amazon? My bank account was also pirated last week, but my bank repaid the false withdrawals. Where will it end?

How about legislation simply making cold calls unlawful.
There is ZERO advantage to the consumer in this so get rid of the problem completely

Yes BT should do more, we got BT call blocking phones, but they only block so many numbers, so if these con-men use a number of rotating numbers you rapidly run out of call block entries. How about a 1000 number (or more) call blocker BT?

Hi all, BT recently made some announcements on what it was doing to take on nuisance calls. I thought you might be interested: https://conversation.which.co.uk/technology/bt-nuisance-call-block-blacklist-phone/

Lynda Rodgerson says:
23 March 2016

TPS is worse than useless. I get lots of calls that I shouldn’t get.

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Bill you are absolutely right. I’ve got the BT8500 with Call Guardian. There is also a newer version the BT8600 but they are the best thing ever. When an unknown number to your address list rings, it is intercepted by Call Guardian which asks them to ‘state your name’. A recorded message cannot do that so the call does not get through to you. Likewise if the caller does not give their name they will not get through. It is money well spent.

Allan there are already phones to do that. Look for the BT8500 or BT8600. I have one. Best money I ever spent.

Me too money well spent imho

E M Evans says:
24 March 2016

Yes, I bought one about six months ago because I was getting between 5 to 15 calls a day. Since buying the BT Guardian they’re down to zero. Best buy of all.
I don’t understand why BT customers are not told about it when they complain to them.

BRIAN says:
23 March 2016

I get regular calls that say “all homes MUST have a survey by the end of 2016”. I was to press a number to be put through to someone to arrange. I did so to speak to them to ask “who says I have to have this survey” ….they hung up. That says how legit it is. Trouble is many will be bullied into having this survey because they believe it is some government edict.

Evelyn Beck says:
23 March 2016

I am fed up with these calls about boilers, Windows, surveys and all the other nuisance calls. It is time something was done about it!!!