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Scam watch: have you been cold called by a boiler scam?


Be warned, cold calls flogging new boilers are on the rise. But as John suspected these are likely to be a scam.

John told us: ‘I’ve received cold calls from a range of numbers. The calls consist only of a recorded male voice telling me about new boiler regulations in Europe. It says that every household in my local area must install a new A-rated boiler by the end of 2016.

‘I am confident that existing non-A-rated domestic boilers will continue to be legitimate until they reach the end of their economically serviceable lives – and that these calls are a potential scam. I shudder to think what sales pitch some naive consumer might receive if they were to press the relevant button to follow up the call.’

Our advice on suspicious calls

Unfortunately, it appears there’s been an increase in cold callers trying to convince people they need a new boiler since the introduction of the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive in September 2015.

As part of this directive, boilers and other electrical products must meet new minimum energy efficiency requirements in order to be sold in Europe.

However, existing products aren’t affected by these regulations, so we’d imagine you’re correct to assume this is a ploy to trick you out of money. You should report these calls to the police, trading standards and Action Fraud. Don’t forget that you can also report the call to us too.

Never buy anything as a result of unsolicited contact. However, if a sale is agreed over the phone, then the Consumer Contracts Regulations apply and you have 14 days to cancel penalty-free.

Have you been nuisance called about an A-rated boiler?

[UPDATE 17 MARCH 2016] – A Scottish boiler replacement company has been fined £180,000 for making millions of automated nuisance calls. Glasgow-based FEP Heatcare Ltd made 2,692,217 unwanted automated calls between April and July 2015.

And despite being warned to stop making illegal calls by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), FEP started to do so again by bombarding people with recorded messages. The ICO traced these calls to FEP Heatcare even though the calls didn’t identify a caller.

Our executive director Richard Lloyd said:

‘The ICO is right to hit companies with hefty fines for bombarding people with nuisance calls, especially when they fail to listen to previous warnings.’


Its a damming indictment of how low this society has fallen in its commercial exploitation of the poor in society that most adverts try to make people feel guilty if they dont spend money they have saved for old-age when times are hard and that every emotional trick is played by showing relatives who should benefit but in actual fact the beneficiaries are those rip-off companies -CEO and shareholders,– at a time of removing benefits from the poor . All ideals- all high principles – all fair play -all decency – removed down to the LCD of increase the wealth of millionaires , pets are treated better. Its disgusting , no morals are left , no sympathy for those that have not ,Georgian workhouses are next as Georgian values are back again , the Reformers failed , merry Xmas ! Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! – the goose is getting fat —for some.

M. T. Offiler says:
25 November 2016

The other day, I had 5 calls telling me that since I was not connected to the gas main, I was entitled to a free HE boiler. I was asked to press 2 on my keypad to speak to an “advisor”. The caller’s number was “Withheld” and I strongly suspected a scam, so I deleted the message. As a matter of principle, I never press the key that such callers give.


I take it was “Gas India ” calling , we have BT India- MIcrosoft India already , High Efficiency Vindaloo and Madras boilers , for those with a less “hearty ” need for a supply we have Korma boilers with a good bit less heat. Kidding aside –you did the right thing not pressing “2” M.T. Offiler .

J hon Hamilton says:
25 November 2016

I have had up to 4 to 5 calls a day from a company or companies offering a new boiler for people on benefits this has got to stop modern technology can do this as customers we should demand that our phone providers do so at no extra charge cold calling should be stopped’.


You are on ,like others , a Marketing LIst J hon Hamilton , they just ignore the TPS , there are even cold calling call-blocking companies selling overpriced and under ability call-blockers to stop ALL types of scamming/harassing calls. The ONLY communications you deal with in boilers for the poor are DIRECT information from your local council and for that get onto your local council /regional website and see the APPROVED list of companies.

Janet Few says:
13 February 2017

After the 7th one of these today (and numerous over the last few months) I finally succumbed and against my better judgement ‘pressed 9 to opt out’. Ten minutes later another identical call. I have tried logging the numbers but none of the actually exist if you try to call them back. I did start reporting them but lost the will – they come from a different number each time. And yes, I am on TPS.

Tobydog says:
15 February 2017

I am getting the same calls, one day I had five identical calls in a period of two hours. I started reporting them but they are using different random numbers each time. I no longer answer any number I do not know but this is like being under siege in my own home. Surely somebody can do something about these, they are far worst than the ‘something wrong with my computer’ calls, at least you can swear at them!

Janette says:
10 November 2017

I’m having exactly the same experience. The real caller id is masked by a fake number. I’ve complained repeatedly to no avail.

Rosemary Burkhill says:
26 November 2016

I came back from holiday and my and my messaging server was full of the boiler messages, on one date there were 5. I did not reply