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Scam watch: the council tax band ruse

Council tax

If you were in the wrong band for council tax would you need to pay a company to reclaim the refund? No – but scammers would convince you otherwise.

Roger Abel told us: My 89-year-old father recently received a cold call by a company claiming that his council tax banding was too high. They said they would obtain a refund for him. He was asked to give his bank details to register a £65 fee to handle the administration and process the refund.

Luckily, he had his wits about him and realised it was a scam. It appears that this company is targeting elderly people. One of my father’s neighbours, who is 94 years old, paid the £65 fee to this company and had it refunded by her bank after reporting what had happened.

Our say on council tax scammers

We’re aware of a few claims management companies offering to challenge your council tax band on your behalf for a fee.

It appears that some may mislead people into believing they’re due a refund, or some may even take the fee without making any challenge to your local council. Often they’re very persistent and won’t take no for an answer.

We imagine that this company probably did make a challenge as its terms and conditions state that it will refund the £65 admin fee, and instead charge successful claimants a hefty chunk of their council tax rebate.

If you, or someone you know, get a similar call, we advise that you report them to Action Fraud and to the police.

If you want to challenge your council tax band, you can do it free of charge by contacting your local Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

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How to report a scam


This is not a dissimilar wheeze to the E111 health card. Once again, it’s worth implementing a simple rule: never act instantly and always, always consult with a trusted friend or family member before doing anything.


It’s the law of nature: for every opportunity there is an appropriate parasite.


This is just a sign of the times it is the cultural “spirit ” of the new age =dont give a sucker an even brake it will only get worse and will not stop . Many platitudes will be said but it boils down to the new society of get rich quick on the backs of the poor . Gone are the moral values of long ago of honesty and humanitarianism in its place is corruption /greed and slyness which are the value judgments from the top down. These values are imported to form a society of only caring for yourself its an enterprisal off-shoot of Western society along with hacking your computer for bank details and phishing emails nothing is going to get done about it because in doing so the new value society would be undermined and we cant have that can we ?


I think that is a very pessimistic outlook Duncan. History tells us that exploitation of the vulnerable has been going on for as long as human society has existed. It is more sophisticated now and there is more awareness but I don’t think it is out of proportion to the growth of the population and the greater civilisation of the world. I am constantly heartened by the good deeds that are done throughout society and the sense of community that does exist whereby people will look out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

To say that nothing is going to get done about it is to ignore the measures that have been taken to improve security, to prevent the misuse of personal data, and to thwart criminal activity. Times change and crimes change. Today we have to worry a lot more about our personal details being taken than about our homes being broken into. We have to be careful not to be taken advantage of. We can help people to avoid the scams and more can be done educate people. To some extent, in the subject of this Conversation, the opportunity to operate a scam is partly due to the complexity of the local tax system with the rating of properties carried out by an ‘invisible’ executive agency of government and the collection of the taxes by a local authority [in my case one of three that provide municipal services to our home and area – how is the citizen to know who does what?]. Where there is confusion there will be exploitation. We do need to do more to inform people and to protect them. I would suggest that any council receiving an application for a council tax refund or a re-banding of their property should check its source in the first instance and seek to uncover any improper practices. It is not illegal to apply for a council tax re-banding on behalf of a property owner and one would expect to pay for such a service. But if the approach is a con and there is no intention to put in an application then that is a criminal offence of obtaining money by false pretences. The best protection is to adopt Ian’s advice given in the first comment on this page.


John ,obviously you are not as old as me for I remember ,as a child not having to lock your door or youn could buy a standard front door key at the shop down the road . A single policeman was all that was needed in an area ,crime was mainly confined to gangs who werec well known and fought against each other but even then they had a sense of value and wouldnt attack the old/infirm/poor and no I didnt live in the country growing up . I have seen English values go through the floor because of media conditioning normally foreign to the values here its “dog eats dog ” now everybody is fair game to con/rob the most vulnerable in society I remember statements from well known gangs saying anybody hurting the old/infirm would be “taken care of ” . Now children are brought up at school to accept the new values which they think is normal war is rammed down their throats in computer games ,blood,gore,torture is now made to condition them to perpetual war so that killing is just a game , no John I abhor this new society it certainly isnt the values I grew up with. Just look at the increase in those taking anti-depressants even as children and those committing suicide in many cases because they cant afford what the media tell them they must buy to be accepted in society and of coarse we all must all be in debt ,mustn’t we to keep the banks (bankers ) in profit ?


Is this now off topic? Perhaps we should have a separate conversation “Is modern society fit for purpose”? Although as this is a consumers’ association, and much of the commenting verges on political, perhaps it would not fit in with Which?’s apolitical position.


Ah! So now its not just no political comments -okay– but not even “verging on the political” . This country and every country in the World is political every day the public pass political comments so even if you see a “bull in a china shop ” you ignore it and say-see no evil -hear no evil -speak no evil to deny the acts of any government dont hurt the 99 % is to lie by omission. So you cannot say anything against any government act ,but hold on comments have been made in the past on government decisions here why havent they been “struck down ” you cant have one law for one person and not for another unless you want to be accused of the accusations that this government applies to countries it thinks are “oppressive ” (only one point of view allowed ) .


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