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Would you use reusable toilet roll?

How far are you willing to go to make your life a little greener? As far as reusable loo roll!? Here’s how things went when I gave it a try.

With living more sustainably very much on everyone’s minds, a number of new things have appeared to help people have a greener lifestyle.

But when it comes to eco-friendly products, did anyone expect an alternative to toilet paper to appear!?

Often called ‘family wipes’ the idea did seem to horrify the internet when they were reported in early 2018.

But one night when I reached for the loo roll only to find we were all out, I decided I’d give the reusable wipes a go.

Never caught short

It was an easy swap for me as I was already washing wipes and nappies for my young son.

As a result, it was relatively easy (and surprising!) for me to get past the ‘ick’ factor. With good washing machine practice and sanitiser designed for nappies, we never had an issue with smells or any nasties.

Using wipes took a bit of getting used to, and I did lose one down the loo in a tired moment of muscle memory but, overall, it worked pretty well for me.

The wipes could be used dry or wet; I had a sealed box for the dirty ones and a cloth bag for the clean ones.

Dirty ones were then tipped into the washing machine along with the nappies, so mucky wipes weren’t being handled.

Would you give it a go!?

Before I knew it, my son had outgrown nappies and I lost the habit of using the reusable wipes as I just couldn’t decide on the best way to wash them.

I could be tempted to start again though, as I’m about to get a new washing machine with a better mini load function.

This experience has raised three questions though, do feel free to answer them in the comments!

🚽 Would you consider using them?

🚽 Have you made any other reusable switches?

🚽 Will you ever be able to look me in the eye again?

Would you use reusable toilet paper?
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Frank Cherian says:
8 March 2020

Use one sheet instead of half the roll. Also try using both sides of the one sheet before disposing.
Happy wiping.

Jannie says:
20 March 2020

Both sides of one sheet?? Disgusting surely??!! Ugh!

Noreen Bracken says:
10 December 2020

Thought about doing this, then pandemic hit. While shielding at home (health & age) not able to get a food delivery for 2 weeks & watching people on news fight over toilet rolls, I thought now is the time. So I coped with my stress by cutting up and over sewing old waffle tea cloths into ‘family cloths’ then made napkins, kitchen cloths etc. and panty liners. Very productive stress relief, low waste points and saved money.