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Has your oven door shattered?

shattered oven

We’ve all heard about exploding washing machine doors. In fact, a few years ago, the Which? Convo community helped us compile hundreds of examples of exactly that happening. But what about oven doors?

Recently, a number of you have told us about the alarming experience you’ve had of your oven door shattering or even breaking explosively onto the kitchen floor. And in some cases, as with washing machines, the oven wasn’t even being used at the time.

One member wrote:

‘A few weeks ago, I went to open the bottom oven door to put away some baking trays and, as I touched the handle, there was a loud bang and the door shattered into a thousand pieces on the floor. Gave me a real fright. I had used the oven about 3 hours earlier so it was quite cold.’

Another said:

‘The oven had been on cooking a roast and was cooling down. I was in the kitchen when there was a loud bang and I felt something hitting the back of my legs. When I looked around, the outer oven door was shattered, with small pieces of glass scattered around the kitchen with a pile of small pieces lying on the floor underneath the oven door. We measured that the small pieces had travelled 11 feet from the oven door.’

But mostly, the oven has been cooking, when the incident has taken place:

‘Today, without warning and whilst cooking a roast meat joint, the inner glass door exploded forcing open the outer glass door and ruining the roasting meat and making a huge bang and depositing minute pieces of glass all over the kitchen floor.’

Are any brands worse than others?

When we looked at shattering washing machines doors in our May 2016 issue, the brand Beko cropped up more often than you’d expect, considering its market share.

But so far, when it comes to ovens, no particular manufacturer stands out – in fact, more than 20 brands are on the list from Which? members’ experiences.

So what’s causing oven doors to shatter? While we’ve never had an oven door shatter during our testing, we are currently gathering information from oven engineers, industry experts and manufacturers on why oven doors – inner or outer – might shatter.

So far, potential culprits include:

  • incorrect positioning of glass after cleaning
  • use of abrasive cleaning materials that score the glass
  • build-up of grease causing the oven to overheat
  • glass has been knocked
  • a wet towel hanging on the oven door
  • a dish touching the inside of the door while cooking

Over to you

While it’s unlikely that your oven door will shatter, if it does, it isn’t something you’ll forget in a hurry.

So, we’d like to hear from you if the glass of your oven – whether part of a cooker or a built-in oven – has ever shattered or exploded.

Let us know what happened, including any response from the manufacturer. And if you’ve taken any pictures, please send them to conversation.comments@which.co.uk

Marin says:
18 October 2018

This has recently happend to me, and I am shocked at the responses people have expressed from the manufactures. I wonder has anybody taken legal action against any of these manufacturers?

My outer glass on oven door exploded today. No idea why, the oven was cold and I had removed the inner glass to clean it. I closed the door and 5 mins later it completely shattered. New World are sending an engineer.

John Sloan says:
23 December 2018

Our oven was installed in January 2017 by a Howdens contract kitchen fitter. My wife opened the oven door on Saturday 22nd December to check on the burgers she was cooking in the oven and there was a loud bang. The inner glass simply shattered as she opened it, which gave her quite a fright, but thank goodness she was not injured Luckily the shattered glass was retained in the oven door. I had recently cleaned the oven 2 days ago and as far as I am aware I had replaced the glass correctly after cleaning it. Lomona gives advise as to what not to use to clean the glass, but no advise as to what to clean the glass with. I did not use a harsh aggressive detergent, cleaning powder cream abrasive cleaner or a sharp metal scraper or a liquid cleaning agent with acid or chloride. I believe this to be a fault in the manufacturing process. Beko whom I believe are the makers of the supposedly heat resistant glass for the oven doors have had ample time to rectify the problem and in my opinion should replace the glass free of charge without question. I shall be contacting Howdens tomorrow for a replacement..

Amannda Broomhead says:
11 February 2019

Our Beko oven door exploded yesterday evening as I was cooking tea, only had the oven 3 months, disgusting,

will hawes says:
16 February 2019

Our Beko oven door has just exploded as well. Also 3 months old. We will see how the suppliers respond on Monday.

I hope no one was hurt. Do let us know how you get on.

Nancy Honey says:
7 March 2019

Also a Beko. Inner glass door exploded when unpacking the brand new oven before any use.

Holly says:
5 April 2019

This has happened *twice* to our virtually unused Britannia range cooker, once in July and now today. It’s now out of warranty but they’ll still send the new glass for free. I asked what would happen if it happens a third time and there was a bit of waffle about ‘escalating the matter’.

Trish Roberts says:
20 May 2019

My Glem Gas Oven has just shattered the inner oven door for the second time. It’s about 5 .5 years old and has occurred twice. Low use of Oven as its just my husband and I cooking nowadays
Seriously this is very poor performance. I have had other Ovens for years and never seen this before. SO I have email company but nothing coming back??

IKEA oven door explodes sending shards of hot glass all over family kitchen
Mum Emma Clark has hit out after the less-than-a-year-old Whirlpool oven detonated saying it was lucky the children weren’t in the room
The full article in the Mirror is here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ikea-oven-door-explodes-sending-18323085

As shown in the photo of the oven, the glass has broken and produced many small pieces, showing that it is toughened glass. One of the reasons that toughened glass is widely used is that it does NOT produce shards and is unlikely to cause serious cuts.

Toughened glass can shatter or explode (due to stored energy as a result of heat treatment) but it does NOT detonate, since no combustion is involved.

If the Mirror wants to do something useful they could push Ikea and other companies to offer ovens with a metal outer door, especially those models with a self-cleaning function, since this involves a very high temperature and increased risk of glass breakage.

The picture tells a different story.

If the glass door exploded, why is there a reflection of a bare foot?

The majority of the glass is inside the oven and it looks like some of it fell out when the door was opened, so more likely something shattered inside the oven.

Something just doesn’t ring true with this.

I agree. The inner glass shattered (it doesn’t “detonate”), the outer glass is intact, and some pieces have come “out through the bottom”; it would be interesting to know where that gap is. It is unlikely they would have had sufficient velocity, taking that route, to cause direct injury.

Nevertheless, an unpleasant experience. Thermally-toughened glass rarely spontaneously shatters, so the IKEA statement ““a tendency to explode” is rather misleading. It is important when handling or cleaning toughened glass not to damage the edges or scratch the surface as this can cause breakage, not necessarily immediately.

I’d agree a rather typical newspaper report.

We have glass doors to view the cooking progress, so a metal door would be less useful.

It seems odd that anyone should be wearing bare feet when there is broken glass on the floor. I cannot see why the fragments of glass landed on the floor if the outer glass is intact. Maybe the door had been opened.

For many years I had a Belling cooker with a metal door and a glass inner door that was easy to remove for cleaning. I expect that anyone who had experienced a shattered door would be keen on this option.

My wife had a small Toyota hatchback some years ago – the model which has as its rear door/window a single piece of toughened glass. On the second day she had it, she drove to a local shop, and as she opened the rear door/window the glass shattered explosively. Toyota made it all good, of course, but the roof needed a respray.

D Blockley says:
7 September 2019

Today our Hoover HOA54VX built-in oven inner pane glass shattered. Our oven is a pyrolytic self cleaning oven with triple glazed door. The oven was on and cooking at 180 degrees. From our living room we heard an almighty bang … the glass exploding. Glass shattered into tiny pieces and went everywhere when we opened the oven door. We have had the oven for just over two years. I called Hoover Candy Customer Care and they seemed disinterested and tried to sell me a domestic and general repair plan. I now have an email address for their escalation’s team who deal with “statutory rights” claims… Will see how I get on!

Its a known fault that some ovens with “self cleaning ” can overheat and damage the stability of the glass DB .
In the USA ovens manufactured by Whirlpool have had Class Actions raised against them for shattering the glass ,temperatures rising to 1000 degrees + .
Here is a USA information help website on “exploding ovens ” put simply –
Class Action USA also has raised actions on the same type of ovens catching fire due to the
extreme temperature including Electrolux who – quote “knew their ovens could catch fire ” end quote .
The Hoover brand is owned by Techtronic Industries -headquarters- Hong Kong also owning -Vax-Dirt Devil-AEG

Susanne Davies says:
3 October 2019

My indesit oven door has now shattered twice in the space of 5 months, both times during the night when it’s not been on. Indesit fixed the first time but have not been helpful the second.

As a counterbalance to the outcry on “exploding glass ovens” etc USA manufacturers state that scratches caused by customer misuse contribute to this problem ,which includes slamming doors etc .
One tech.website blamed faulty manufacturing process of the glass leaving minute flaws in in the glass leaving it “under stress ” .

Saferproducts (USA government website ) has a list of recent problems –

I must say Wavechange has brought up the point of “scratched glass ” in the past but also “imperfections ” in the glass manufacture.