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Have you been mis-sold green home improvements?

Drawing of a home with energy efficiency ratings

With the temperature set to dip from unseasonable highs earlier this week to more typical teeth-chattering January temperatures, the Office of Fair Trading’s report into the energy efficiency industry is timely.

If you want to keep your home warm and cut down on your energy bills, insulating your property is the obvious place to start. From simple measures like loft insulation, to more costly and complex things like a new boiler or upgraded heating systems, the payback can be significant both financially and in terms of comfort.

I was therefore worried to see that the OFT’s report, published today, found instances of poor practice. It highlights the use of high-pressure sales techniques, unclear information about paperwork and cancellation rights, and poor quality installations. These will be familiar to anyone who has read our investigations into cavity wall insulation or double glazing sales – research that the OFT drew on in their own report.

Energy efficient spotlight on the Green Deal

The spotlight is about to be shone all the more brightly on the energy efficiency sector later this month, with the launch of the Green Deal. This report will make further uncomfortable reading for the government, who have placed a great deal of faith in the scheme being a ‘game changer’ in this area.

The OFT’s report shows that there is real potential for problems, since people rarely go through the process of improving their homes’ energy efficiency. The OFT also said that the measures that people install are often complicated. This heightens the opportunity for mis-selling – something that we have long been concerned about with the Green Deal due to its novelty and complexity.

It’s essential that the government keeps a close eye on the Green Deal. They have committed to take enforcement action if any providers break the rules – and we’ll be carrying out our own mystery shopping exercises to make sure they keep their word. In the meantime, we have put together a Green Deal checklist for anyone thinking of having an assessment.

Given the OFT’s findings, clearly the guidance and advice in place for energy efficiency installers and salespeople at the moment is not sufficient. Further action is needed. I’m also pleased to see that the OFT will be opening an investigation into the energy efficiency sector. We will work closely with the OFT and the government in the coming months.

Have you had any good or bad experiences with energy efficiency traders? Are you thinking about taking a Green Deal loan?

Ken says:
11 March 2015

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Jeanieurmie says:
16 March 2015

I cant find the face book page! please can someone find me on face book and add me? Jean Urmston, from Bolton cheers

Hi everyone go to new group facebook Not friends with tivium a comment has been put on there that might be useful. Moving of addresses for their limited companies and then resigning and starting new changing company names, sometimes going back to their old postal addresses. They have also had done business in Somerset as another similar case like ours happened there.

Two more comments added one a report about Tivium from the Guardian, Houses of Parliament MP Amber Rudd has commented on their service and is aware of the situation

STU says:
14 March 2015

Hi all,

Contacted the fraud helpline as recommended by earlier posts today and gave all details relating to this company, we were unsuccessful with our warrant, but i have kept up to date with these pages for any up to date info.
People, call this number if you haven’t already 03001232040 (action fraud) for 10 minutes of your time it will go a long way to helping nail these pigs..

Ken says:
17 March 2015

Hi All

Regarding Tivium Limited.

I am happy to advise that I have NOW been paid out in FULL.

I would suggest that if there are still “Claimants” that have NOT been paid that they write to them.

If you have a “Court Judgement” then mention the “Case No.” in your letter so that he can look at the information.

Send the letter by “Royal Mail Signed For” so that you can “Track” the “Item”.

I wish you well in your endeavours.

Tivium Limited also got a mention in the “House” – refer to Hansard of the 10 February 2015: Column 235WH regarding “Trading Standards and the Green Deal”. Tivium Limited was mentioned by Chloe Smith, Conservative MP for Norwich North.



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Chris says:
16 May 2015

Hi. I have been affected too. Any advice on what to do is greatly appreciated.

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Jonquil Bennett says:
20 May 2015

Hello Ken,

Well done for getting your money from Tivium. A year ago they agreed that I was entitled to a refund, but I have received nothing, in spite of a number of phone calls and letters. I have now a judgement from the County Court (made online) but still have received no communication and no payment from Tivium. I’m interested in your comment “mention the case number” and “in your letter”. Does this mean that you think I might get a response from the company if I write to them again, referring to the Court judgement? They have already agreed that I am due the money, so I'[m not in dispute with them, just not in receipt of the money. I’m baffled and miffed, and any advice wold be very welcome, thank you.

Good to see.
The main bulk of staff, management and directors ARE still working from metropolitan house, but obviously under a different company name.

pauline cassidy says:
18 March 2015

still trying to recover just under 3k from tivium judgement was granted ,so went to high court got a writ awarded ,and now even the high court enforcement officers are having trouble trying to trace them ,wheres the great british justice

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Dear Ken

I am glad you have been successful. If you could advise where you sent the registered letter to it would be very helpful; there is a site on Face Book Martyn Not Friends with Tivium that comments can be passed on there.


JEAN says:
13 April 2015

I still can’t find the face book page, would someone please find me and put me in the right direction
my full name is Jean urmston and I live in Bolton Lancs.. thank you in advance

Ken says:
19 March 2015

Hi All

In response to Anne – I sent my letters to Tivium Limited registered address

SA73 2LJ

I have sent them a list of all the “Judgments” made between the 7 July 2014 and 9 March 2015.

Mention your “Case Number” and the date of the “Judgement”.

Trust that you all get what you deserve and the same goes for the previous management of Tivium Limited.



Thank you Ken In response I have spoken to Stroma and they are not accredited with them anymore and all the other companies under different names and addresses pertaining to the Green Deal Service. This company now Tivium Ltd at the Milford Haven Address has a legal Judgement against them which will be done on 27th April and this means it will be wound up completely liquidation. I have had my judgement sent back since the end of december not realising that I cannot name the director and address at the same time it has to be the director at his home address or just the company at the company address. And because of this I will have to file a new report for the judgement to be certified by a Judge in the Small Claims before the information can be changed and this might take five weeks which means that by the time it goes out to the company it might be too late and so it will be more difficult to get my money back unless I know the directors home address. They have changed their name to Tivium Services Ltd which is a new company from Tivium Ltd. and I don’t know if I can legally claim my Judgement against them on that name. Insolvency Dept could not advise on that point that I would have to seek advise from a solicitor, which is not worth pursuing because of the extra cost. I may have lost the fight but I have not given up in the pursuit of putting in a complaint to Companys House about all their services and the way they pursue business. They should not be able to form any other private companies for any other business because of their practices as directors and managing directors. Anne

Ken says:
24 March 2015

Hi All

In response to Anne –

Tivium Services Limited is NOT the new name for Tivium Limited.

Tivium Services Limited were previously known as

Tivium Green Deal Installers Limited and before that as Nationwide Green Deal Installers Limited.

They changed the name to Tivium Services Limited on the 18 February 2015.

Being headed up by one of our favourite people:-

The registered Company address for Tivium Services Limited is:-

Level 3
207 Regent Street

The company is at present “active” BUT there is a proposal to have them “Stuck Off”.

Tivium Limited is also at present “active” BUT there is a proposal to have them “Stuck Off”.



Ronald Unsworth says:
31 March 2015

dear All, we also are owed £299 from Tivium. We paid this money to their representative in February 2014 and due to their incompetence (don’t want to go into too much detail) in October 2014 they agreed to refund us our money. As we hadn’t heard anything from them by the end of November, we contacted Citizens Advice Bureau who told us to write to them giving them a deadline to refund the money. This we did but still no reply from them. CAB told us to give them another deadline before taking them to court. On 8th January 2015 Tivium contacted us saying they had looked at our account and agreed they owned us £299 and would raise this matter with their finance department. By this time they had had our money for a full year so we made a claim through the small claims court. Tivium were given until the 24th March to pay the money. Again no response from them. Has anyone got any advice as to our next move to reclaim our money. The address we have been using for Tivium is at North Finchley, London.

Hi all I have been to Citizens Advise to help with doing my Judgement re issued as I had made an error with initial complaint I put directors name with business address and not the business address. I thought I had filled in correctly and this now is going to cost a further fifty pounds to send in again. He said that CAB had a recent email letter from a Mrs Weallens working in Gateshead Council aware of the treatment and complaints about Tivium and keeping an account of their business and the many complaints about this company. In her letter she advised CAB to warn others trying to get a Judgement not to wait their money as out of the 78 complaints only three have been paid back and the others completely ignored and she does not think it is worth taking them to Court because of this situation. But where does that leave us the Small Claims Court is useless and the only way is to take out expensive legal advise and taken them to court to get address from this company and its directors. This would be too expensive for me and not worth losing any more money so basically they have scammed me and I cannot get any satisfaction as the Small Claims Court which should have protected my interests is no help in this matter. They will go into liquidation as it is pending on the 28th April and they will change their name and address again to form a new company to continue their business and rip some more people off again. Maybe, if there were enough people to get together and share the cost of taking legal action against them, there might be a chance of getting our money back plus legal costs from the company and directors.


john jackson says:
8 April 2015

I signed up for raft of green deal measures with tivium in feb 2014, and paid my299 .after a string of delays and excuses and intervention from my mp i finally got my central heating in February 15 solar was due soon after but install dates were constantly moved.

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Ken says:
10 April 2015

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Jean says:
13 April 2015

why oh why are they still allowed to trade???? the more I read about them the more angry I get. this has been going on a long time, I wounder how many millions they have taken from folks over the years…makes my blood boil

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I hae to agree with you, Jean. Given the damage being done to the reputation of the Green Deal and other energy conservation and renewable energy iniatives it seems incredible that the government hasn’t stepped in to cut the legs off this firm and stop it running.

Andy from Bolton Lancashire says:
13 April 2015

My Dad has been caught to the tune of £299 by the tivium lot since last october this has made him ill due to his health. i have sent letters solicitors have contacted them i was dealing with the company daily with e-mails then as soon as i mentioned i was visiting London and was able to pick up my dads cheque it all went quiet i have had nothing now for 2 months and pondering my next move on them i heard the small claims court is unsuccessful.

MFP says:
16 April 2015

Get in touch with Action Fraud Number 0300 123 2040 and tell them what happened to you, they will give you a crime number they will be happy to hear from you, the more people who ring in and comlplain the better. Tell your friends and spread this information so that other people with not be taken in by these people.

Concerned citizen says:
11 April 2015

I believe that there are several people behind the scenes that have one sole interest and that is making as much money out the customer and the green deal scheme by whatever means necessary.

The above issues are the tip of the iceberg, there are unfortunate people out there who have signed up to and taken out a green deal plan who will be paying over the odds for years to come.

I would be happy to hand over any information I have to any authorised/legal organisation investigating this company and related parties.


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MFP says:
15 April 2015

i have been in touch with Action Fraud Telephone 03001232040 I have told them all the names that Tivium have been trading under and the addresses, and the address of one the directors. I would advise you to ring this number and tell them of your experience with this company, there have been a couple of people already phoned, and the fraud squad do appreciate any information you can give them. They have given me a crime number and another member of the fraud squad is going to ring me about it, The more people who ring them the noose will tighten around their necks, which I am looking forward to.

Action we’ve taken /Enforcement / Tivium Limited
Date: 06 January 2015
“Tivium Limited, a green deal energy company, has been prosecuted for failing to respond to an information notice. The company was fined was fined £5000, ordered to pay a £120 victim surcharge and £489.85 prosecution costs.” https://ico.org.uk/action-weve-taken/enforcement/tivium-limited/

Register of data controllers | ICO
“The Data Protection Act 1998 requires every organisation that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)”

Mick says:
28 April 2015

I was a victim of Tivium and have previously posted information, Today 28/4/2015 out of the blue I received a cold call from a firm calling itself SFS Home Assist the caller who sounded Asian (Indian) said his name was Alex Jason !!! and the company was based in Sunderland. Caller Phone number displayed was 001442081233, 0014 is the international dialling code from Radjistan to UK. The coincidence is they had my details and knew that I was a customer of Tivium. The caller said that if we signed up with them for our new boiler etc.we would get our £299 back This company is offering Green Deal cut price boilers they have a web page but very little is on it about the company. I havn’t had time to check them out yet but the format is the sme as Tivium. I do not know if this compny is legitimate or is this another Green Deal scam. I was wondering how long it would be before Tivium or whatever they would call themselves re-appeared. Needless to say I will not be dealing with them. BEWARE

Mb says:
14 May 2015

Everyone should go onto BBC iPlayer and watch ‘don’t get done, get Dom’ from today, quite interesting viewing regarding the Green Deal….

Gary L says:
15 May 2015

Thanks for the tip on Dominic Littlewood from the BBC investigating Tivium on behalf of a ripped off Tivium customer!, I watched the programme and to my amazement Dominic got to speak to Andrew James Tivium MD and miraculously got her £299 back and a £20 M&S shopping voucher!!.
This is just a publicity stunt by Andrew Matthews to make it look like he is being fair, there are hundreds of customers that are after their money back from Tivium, Gateshead Trading Standards are investigating the Company for hundreds of people, including myself, I have CCJ against him and still got nothing.
Please watch the programme and contact Dominic Littlewood at the BBC and let “Don’t get done get Dom” know that Andrew Matthews is just pulling a fast one to get public credibility on TV, it’s all B***LS**T. Go on this link to watch the programme http://bbc.in/1IDbpMW and then contact Dominic at the BBC and give him more info on this publicity stunt by Andrew Matthews.

I will not give up on getting my money back from this scoundrel and neither should anyone else, keep up the pressure on Andrew James. Let me know your thoughts after watching the programme?.

Gary L says:
16 May 2015

Apologies for the confusion on the name in my last posting, just to clarify the Tivium MD is Andrew Matthews and not Andrew James. His partner in the business is James Matthews who is Andrew Matthews son.

Daphne Holmes says:
18 May 2015

I have had trouble with tivium it has been over a year to try and get back my 299pounds back ihave tryed everything i have had nothing from them it was to do the government’s green deal that we went with tivium we had no idea that they were a scam company mrs holmes

Lorraine Dee says:
20 May 2015

I agreed to an installation of a new boiler in Nov 2014 . This was Green earth marketing I have not heard from the company but I did receive a letter from them in March 2015 agreeing they own me my money back but since that time I have heard nothing from them I wish these companies who are causing decent people heartache would realise what sadness they cause. I have written numerous times but no response.

I have had a call from SFS Home Assist and spoke to an Asian woman about installation of a new boiler and she rang on 0191 3037628 and she would not give me the address as it was not possible. I would get refund of £299 with new boiler. I think this number is used generally as a call centre number by business a free usage and cannot be traced.

I said I needed to investigate before I when ahead for a new boiler and I have not heard from her since.

I rang Green deal and they said that SFS Home Assist was a credited firm and registered with Green Deal but guess what the telephone number she quoted was 4329835. This means they could install a boiler under Green Deal. She could not understand how the telephone number was a different telephone number to the line that had contacted me. The telephone number was

Last week I got a call about the Green Deal on my property from Annie and she called on 0191 5800645 said that she was calling on behalf of their new company that was taking over the work of Tivium Ltd that had gone into liquidation. She said I had a Green Deal Report and mentioned I had paid £299. I instantly told her I had not received and I was in dispute with Tivium Ltd in the Small Claims Court. I asked her if that would mean I would get a refund and she said she never said that and our conversation got heated She gave the name as Finance Outsourcing and when I asked if they were Green Deal she said that they were a private company taking on the Tivium work. I said to her does that mean that I would get my money back from the company refunded and she got abrasive and said she had not said that. She could not give the address and she was very evasive and that she was only the operator calling on behalf of the company from a call centre. The number looks like a Sunderland number. Suffice to say that I told her not to call me again as I was not interested. She had given the name of the company but would not give the address. We curtailed the conversation quickly and I asked her not to call or bother me again.

This is obviously the same people. Tivium up to their old tricks as how did they know I had used Tivium Ltd and paid for an assessment or have my details and telephone number. The audacity of these people in thinking they could continue their practices and hood wink again, Needless to say I am going to report them.