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Have you been mis-sold green home improvements?

Drawing of a home with energy efficiency ratings

With the temperature set to dip from unseasonable highs earlier this week to more typical teeth-chattering January temperatures, the Office of Fair Trading’s report into the energy efficiency industry is timely.

If you want to keep your home warm and cut down on your energy bills, insulating your property is the obvious place to start. From simple measures like loft insulation, to more costly and complex things like a new boiler or upgraded heating systems, the payback can be significant both financially and in terms of comfort.

I was therefore worried to see that the OFT’s report, published today, found instances of poor practice. It highlights the use of high-pressure sales techniques, unclear information about paperwork and cancellation rights, and poor quality installations. These will be familiar to anyone who has read our investigations into cavity wall insulation or double glazing sales – research that the OFT drew on in their own report.

Energy efficient spotlight on the Green Deal

The spotlight is about to be shone all the more brightly on the energy efficiency sector later this month, with the launch of the Green Deal. This report will make further uncomfortable reading for the government, who have placed a great deal of faith in the scheme being a ‘game changer’ in this area.

The OFT’s report shows that there is real potential for problems, since people rarely go through the process of improving their homes’ energy efficiency. The OFT also said that the measures that people install are often complicated. This heightens the opportunity for mis-selling – something that we have long been concerned about with the Green Deal due to its novelty and complexity.

It’s essential that the government keeps a close eye on the Green Deal. They have committed to take enforcement action if any providers break the rules – and we’ll be carrying out our own mystery shopping exercises to make sure they keep their word. In the meantime, we have put together a Green Deal checklist for anyone thinking of having an assessment.

Given the OFT’s findings, clearly the guidance and advice in place for energy efficiency installers and salespeople at the moment is not sufficient. Further action is needed. I’m also pleased to see that the OFT will be opening an investigation into the energy efficiency sector. We will work closely with the OFT and the government in the coming months.

Have you had any good or bad experiences with energy efficiency traders? Are you thinking about taking a Green Deal loan?

Paul O reilly says:
11 January 2013

Well done to WHICH
Your research and comments and up to date information and analysis is always very welcome, particularly in the energy and energy conservation market.

Hi I signed up to tivium yesterday 19th august paid £299 and was told today that I would get my new boiler installed at the end of February 2015 is this normal

I have just found out that Tivium, Gateshead that I signed up and paid £299 in June had a suspension placed on them on the 4th July 2014. They sent me my Green Deal Report on the 14th August after they knew they had this suspension. Anyone thinking of these Green Deals be very careful, it could cost you more than you expect. A programme on BBC News Tyne & Wear showed people who had paid their money wait up to 10 months and either did not receive assessments reports or failed to have equipment installed, after being contacted Tivium offered a refund of £50 gift voucher which is disgraceful. Someone paid £199 had been waiting from July 2013, eventually got the report, but Tivium has yet to fit the boiler.

If you signed on the 14th August, they were suspended on the 4th July. The surveyor called at our house on the 9th July 5 days after suspension. You need to write to them stating that. Get in touch with Trading Standards, Trade Description, and police.

Peter McKue says:
6 October 2014


In invited Tivium to my home on 14th Aug 2014. We were taken in by their salesman, a guy called Joe Morrell we signed up for the survey assessment and gave him a cheque for £299. He gave us a assessment date of 15th Sept 2014 needless to say nobody turned up. I’ve tried writing to their registered address and phoning them dozens of times but with no success.

I think I’ll try the trading standards.


Motivated says:
23 October 2014

Hi, I too find my self in the same situation. On the 1st July I signed up with Tivium for the survey assessment and paid £299.00. After researching Tivium Ltd I cancelled the assessment, well within the cooling off period, and requested a refund. To date none of my many communications have been responded too. I have contacted both Trading Standards and the CAB. I shall take their advice and try the county court. Don’t give up, lets stick together and make this company accountable for its actions.

Violet says:
3 November 2014

We also signed up for a report from Tivium Ltd but after reading reports on the internet cancelled within hours by email I received a phone call asking why I wanted to cancel I said That their representative had said she was a official from the government but I had found out she wasn’t.
She should have left us a compliance pack with a cancellation form inside but she hadn’t so Tivium Ltd posted one to us which I filled in and sent back straight away, This was on the 5th. September 2014.
To cut a long story short we have now had to resolve having first a CCJ sent from the small claims court, this has not resolved the problem and now we have had a Control Warrant issued, on the 29th. October 2014 we have yet to see if this gets us our refund

Mags says:
4 November 2014

Violet. Make sure that you send correspondence to Tivium’s Newcastle address and not their London address. I got my refund but it took 5 months. I sent letters to both addresses by recorded delivery.The letter to the London address still has not been signed for.

by 2015 Tivium may not exist as a company, they are full of B S, they take your money and deliver nothing. They have ripped off my 86 year old mother in law, but they will not get away with this.

do you have there Newcastle address?
my story is page 2 ( think it got lost in replies)
same story as everone else I guess.
thank you.

Neil Allan says:
7 November 2014

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archie says:
12 January 2013

i have heard conflicting reports RE, solar roof panels. The question I would like to ask. “Are they a good ,long term investment. Thanks in anticipation for any help you can give.
Sincerely Archie.

Dear Archie,
Many thanks for your message, and it’s certainly a question worth asking. When the government’s feed-in tariff first launched, the rates that were payable for electricity generation were very attractive and despite a relatively high initial investment in the panels themselves, the return from the tariff and the savings on bills delivered a very decent yield.
There are lots of appealing aspects to a solar panel investment. Firstly, feed-in tariff scheme guarantees payments for 20 years, and rates are linked to inflation, meaning that they will rise in line with the retail prices index annually. Payments are also completely free of tax, not to mention the reduction in electricity bills. The cost of solar panel installation has fallen dramatically since the scheme’s launch too – figures from the Energy Savings Trust state that a 3.5 kWh system costs around £7,600 but could be lower than that.
However, the rates that the government pays has also fallen significantly. The generation tariff is now at 15.44p for kWh – much lower than the initial 41.3p kWh paid in 2010 – and this has had a big impact on the potential returns you could earn.
So, arguably solar panels are less attractive as an investment as they used to be, especially from the feed-in tariff. But with rising electricity prices, the bill savings element of the investment will continue to be useful, well beyond the 20 guaranteed paid period.
If you’re weighing up investing in solar panels, it’s worth looking at the potential returns you could get from an Isa – either in a savings account or on equity markets. Your money would also be shielded from tax and your initial investment won’t have to be recouped before you start making a profit, unlike with buying solar panels. It’s worth remembering though, that investing on the stock market does put your money at risk.
We’ve got lots of information on solar panel investing here http://www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/how-to-buy-solar-panels/is-solar-pv-a-good-investment/
and on investing your money here http://www.which.co.uk/money/savings-and-investments/guides/how-to-invest/.
Best regards,

To say there are concerns about “Green Deal” mis-selling has to be something of an understatement. I’d say in the Green Deals current operational format it is a forgone dead cert.
I’m an energy assessor and I provide Energy performance Certificates. These give would be buyers and tenants the heads up on the kind of running costs they can expect for the property they’re thinking of buying or renting. The cost of a certificate paid for by the seller or landlord is low and the potential benefit to the buyer or renter is significant, if they actually bother to read it. Sales are not made or broken as a result of any properties rating but buyers who take notice are forewarned and therefore forearmed.
I’ve been receiving offers of Green Deal Advisor training for some time now but with the Green Deal in it’s current operational format I’m not going to go for it, mainly because I cannot see the Green Deal succeeding. There are many reasons I don’t think it will work.

The big players in the the energy efficiency sector will monopolise this. They’ll charge inflated prices, they’ll employ advisers who double as sales people and perhaps who also find their pay is partly if not wholly sales commission based. Not amount of monitoring is going to ensure there is no mis-selling. This could only be ensured if advisers are not tied to a Green Deal Provider and are completely independent.

The “Golden Rule” whereby energy bill savings will outweigh repayments for energy efficiency improvement measures will only work for things like loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. Remember these use to be very cheap through subsidy or even free. A new boiler will be at an inflated price, you’ll pay 7% interest and by the time it’s paid for you’ll be ready for another. Good deal? not really is it?

The Green Deal loan stays with the property if you move. So any would be buyer has to take on the loan repayments. Would you buy a house with an existing Green Deal loan attached, or would you insist on completion of that loan by the seller or at least expect a substantial price reduction? Me too.
For renters it’s worse you’ll pay for upgrades to a property you don’t even own. How would any tenant feel about that? Is that an encouragement for tenants to go the Green Deal route? No I don’t think so either.

Early loan repayment will incur a financial penalty. So you could end up paying most if not all the interest even if you clear the loan early. Good deal? don’t think so.

All in all energy efficiency upgrades, which are a really good idea, are far better sourced by going your own way. Loans at lower interest are out there, smaller players will charge much less for the actual measure you’re installing and you might even see some actual energy bill savings.

If Government is really serious about improving the nations home energy efficiency they’ll ditch the self financing market force approach, which will only line the pockets of the big players at the expense of us all, and go for a system of encouragement through subsidy.

I’d really like to be proven wrong about the Green Deal and see it modified to address obvious problems. This could perhaps include some subsidy to make the finances add up. It might then as a result actually succeed. Unfortunately however I’ve a feeling it will rather be the subject of a future mis-selling scandal and we’ll see this Government flagship energy policy flounder very embarrassingly.

The so called social initiatives and carbon schemes seem to have made it necessary for the Government to deceive us all.
Would you be surprised to hear, that the total government take, including VAT, hidden taxation on your gas is greater than 20%. That the profit for the Utility Company is less than 3%?
There can be NO competition, tariff changing and switch in the long term, a waste of time.
We insulate our homes to save fuel and all the government does is tighten the ratchet in regressive taxation.
The above figures are available online in Centrica’s accounts for 2011 and for a breakdown of the numbers, visit:


Good on WHICH for taking this initiative! Thanks very much for reading.

I have solar panels installed on the roof of my house, the return is lower than I was led to believe, even though the installation company used figures supplied by the government.

I think that there is mis selling of low energy light bulbs.

First it was the deliberate lies told about light output, which was always way lower than stated – though that has (I hope) changed now they are rated differently.

Now I find that they simply don’t last in real life use anything like the length of time that is advertised. It is my belief that many last only around 25% of that promised. It is possible that the bulbs last well if they are switched on and left on for a long period, but last much less well in real life on-off use. Is anything being done to check this?

Which? turn energy saving lamps on 30,000 times in their tests and most survive this treatment:

Having spent a lot of time looking at the light output of the new lights, I agree that the manufacturers were a bit optimistic, especially since light output can decline with age. Modern lamps are generally very good, but those in which the lamp is surrounded by a glass envelope are unlikely to be as good as spiral and stick types. Even if you have to use a more powerful lamp, you will still save a lot of money at current electricity prices.

Make sure your lamps are ventilated because putting them in enclosed or semi-enclosed fittings (e.g. small lampshades and downlighters) can overheat and destroy the electronics in the cap base. Never use them with dimmers or automatic outside lights unless they are intended for this use.

Energy-saving lamps can last a very long time. They do for me and for many others.

Robin Redbreast says:
20 March 2013

The Green Deal will fail for a number of reasons. Firstly if energy efficiency measures were not attractive to consumers when they were offered free or very low cost during the CERT years, why would anyone go for a scheme that requires an upfront payment for assessment before you have anything installed? Secondly, the “Golden Rule” is there to ensure that consumers don’t pay more than the financial benefit they get by having measures installed. For this to actually happen the measures must perform in accordance with their “tested” specifications. When the in situ performance of measures such as Cavity Wall insulation and PV fall well below those claimed by specifications there will be a flood of consumer complaints from householders stuck with a Green Deal obligation on their house which is a financial drain rather than a benefit. I can even see conveyancing lawyers drafting guarantees of performance for Green Deal measures installed to indemnify buyers against unexpectedly high electricity bills. The increase in energy costs will muddy the waters and confuse consumers even more as time goes on and it will be the lawyers that gain from these disagreements. Another great government initiative that will cost jobs in the energy efficiency industry, confuse consumers and rip-off householders.

Craig says:
23 November 2013

My 70 year old mother was approached by a company called Tivium who sent an advisor to her house, he said that she was entitled to a replacement boiler but would have to pay £200, she is infact entitled to a free boiler replacement but the advisor told her that many companies that were replacing boilers were putting in cheap boilers, the £200 that she was paying was for their “Premium Rolls Royce boiler replacement scheme” this would include a “top of the range” Worcester Bosch boiler, a Mag clean filter system, TRV’s for every radiator and Wireless heating controls.This boiler was sold to her by the rep saying that it was a Which rated boiler and he said that the install should be within 3 to 4 weeks. Tivium cashed her cheque within a couple of days then she received a letter stating what she had paid for “a guaranteed top of the range Worcester Bosch boiler”, Magclean, TRV’s etc. She then heard nothing from them for 6 weeks. I tried calling Tivium who said that they were having problems with installers in my Mums area and that it would be sorted soon.After another 3 to 4 weeks she received a letter saying that after “extensive customer research” the boiler they would now be installing was a “WHICH NUMBER 1 RATED BOILER MANUFACTURER” Vaillant boiler, the letter if you dont read it well looks like they are saying that you will get a WHICH NUMBER 1 RATED BOILER but this is not the case. All lies as the WHICH number 1 rated boiler manufacturer is Worcester Bosch anyway so WHICH you need to look at this as TIVIUM is using your company logos etc. to tell lies.
My Mother was guaranteed a Worcester Bosch boiler not a Vaillant but when we phoned Tivium to challenge them over this they did not want to help, I told them that they either had to give my Mother the boiler she paid for or if they could not do that to give her £200 back as they had changed and therefore broken the contract. I was told on the phone by Tivium that the Vaillant boiler they were intending on installing was a WHICH NUMBER 1 RATED BOILER which it is not and that if my Mother wanted to cancel it would cost her a further £500.
WHICH you need to look at what this company is doing claiming WHICH NUMBER 1 RATED boilers when they are not, they are clearly misleading people. I intend to take this further to the ASA, Trading Standards, OFT etc. as I believe they are misleading and miss selling to in many cases vulnerable people.

9 June 2014

I am also trying to get a £299.00 refund from this company. First contact was in December 2013, from which a survey would be carried out costing £299.00 which would then produce an energy efficiency document for work to be highlighted for GREEN DEAL uptake.
The survey was only carried out in February after I had queried the delay with TIVIUM.
When no report was forthcoming, after contacting citizens advice, I wrote to the company(recorded delivery) requesting the return of my payment as under the sale of goods act the report which was supposed to take 28 days had not arrived after 77 days.
NO REPLY but the report arrived, dated 27th May “FULL OF ERRORS”with even the type of property incorrect and my estimated savings exceeded my current energy spend( if only)
NO RESPONSE to my complaint. I am now sending a second request which now includes a section under the Failing to Supply banner of misselling.If I am successful I will add to these comments

lynn says:
11 June 2014

I am also having trouble with tivium I paid my £299 beginning of march’14 had assessor out 20th march who told me tivium would have his report in 2 weeks and I would receive it 2 weeks after that guess what I received nothing, I keep phoning them only to be told they have had problems and my report will be out to me, I phoned last Thursday when someone promised my report would be sent out to me last Friday it is the following Wednesday now and guess what I still received nothing, I phoned them again today and they are looking into it and I will get my report soon but they can’t give a date I was told if I not heard anything in 2 weeks I should call again, I have asked for my money back but guess what you have got to fill a refund form in, they will send it to me but they don’t know when I will get it

Dave says:
12 June 2014

In Regards to Tivium. I had been receiving nuisance recorded phone calls from them for months, I didn’t know it was them however because they was never a number associated with the calls. The only info they gave was about a free Government funded boiler scheme.

When I started to receive several a day I eventually pressed 2 and spoke to a live operator who told me they were Greendeal UK. I arranged for a surveyor to call at my house when I knew I wouldn’t be home and they left a business card for Tivium – http://tivium.co.uk/

There appears to be countess stories of these nuisance calls from them but very few linked to the company name Tivium because they are very careful not to reveal that is who they are.

Poppy says:
14 June 2014

So has anyone managed to get a refund yet? I subsequently had a phone call from this company and the representative was extremely forceful, rude and pushy and made me feel like I would be a fool not to agree to an initial visit. I was in a very vulnerable position at the time and felt extremely bullied by the caller. I agreed to the visit in which the rep completely misinformed me about the scheme. The initial visit was on 29th May 2014 and I too handed them a cheque for £299 which I was told wouldn’t be cashed until the assessor was due to visit. This was an absolute bare faced lie as it was cleared from my account 4th June 2014 and the assessor was not due until 09/06/2014 and also having verbally cancelled to go ahead with the scheme the following day after the visit 30/05/2014 via telephone. I am currently not working so I could really do without this.

I contacted Tivium customer services earlier this week to ask when this refund would be sent as I’d cancelled well within the 7 day cool off period and had still not heard anything from them for 2 weeks. I also mentioned that it was truly dishonest of them to have not made it clear the amount of interest I would be charged during the ridiculous length of time it would take to pay for the boiler and that in actual fact I would be likely to pay nearly 4 times what the boiler was actually worth. I wouldn’t have found any of this out until the assessors visit and by that time the 7 day cool off period would be up and I wouldn’t have been able to request a refund.

Luckily I researched all I could about this misleading company in time to enable a refund. This is an appalling tactic used to prey on the vulnerable and make a tasty profit of £299 per victim. I had told them I wasn’t working and that I couldn’t afford the £299 but they made me believe that no interest would be charged on the repayment and that once the full amount was paid back I would then start seeing the benefits. By this time the boiler would be 10-15 years old and I’d probably need a new one by then or more likely I’d have probably sold the property and moved on so I wouldn’t see any benefit at all. I since have received a letter today (over two weeks later) stating my refund had been granted (that’s nice of them) and that I would be refunded in due course. Due course? And how long is that going to take? I will be calling customer services on Monday to find out just how much longer I will be waiting for the £299 cheque to be sent and to complain yet again about their ruthless sales tactics and misguided customer service.

I am not elderly but I’ve recently been very ill which has left me pretty vulnerable lately so I do feel for others of an even more vulnerable nature being targeted in the sane way. I intend to report all this to watchdog and I am sure I will not be the only one to do so. I really want the public to be aware of these kind of companies to prevent others from falling victim.

I, too, have fallen foul of Tivium. Coerced into an appointment of their convenience, the rep promised that my post dated cheque would not be cashed until after the surveyor had been. Appointment for surveyor booked for 19 june. Cheque dated for 9th june. Cheque cashed 20th May. Called rep, promised phone call from office in the next 20 mins. 4 hours later still no phone call so called them. Didn’t like the attitude so cancelled the whole thing. Was told i would have to apply for a refund. Finally received the letter saying my refund request has been granted in July and that the cheque would follow in due course. Phoned to query why they couldn’t have enclosed the cheque with the letter and was told it would take 45 days from issue of the letter. 45 days have been and gone. Have phoned to chase week in week out. Today i get a letter apologizing for the delay and that the finance department are working hard to arrange a refund to be sent to me. So far it has taken 4 months and my case was marked as urgent priority back in June.

Hi, I fell foul of Tivium from a cold call on 14th March about Green Deal and getting a new boiler. He visited that day and talked through the deal and if I would be eligible, which I was as my boiler was 16 years old. I fell for this scam thinking they were a genuine green deal company working with the government and they would get an installer to fit a Bosch boiler. I paid by cheque £299 for Assessment Report and the engineer came out on 28th March. I found out on that day from a friend if they were a genuine green deal company they would have a kit mark and registered as a green deal company. I knew nothing of this and I was shocked to find that it was not but a private company and I was too late to cancel the one week cancellation had expired. I was not covered under the golden rule or for any difficulties with the installation of a new boiler when I had signed the contract. I should have checked this at the time but I did not read it later as it was in small print and believing from sales pitch and the promises that I was covered by a genuine Green Deal Company ( in this I had been foolish and too trusting) I understood then that I had fallen for a scam and they were liers and cheats that I had lost my money which I can ill afford to lose.I felt cheated and angry and very vulnerable. They misrepresented what they did and sound so plausible and on their website they called themselves Green Deal and did not state they were a private company, so they hoodwinked the public by misrepresentation. I have gone through the same difficulties getting any response from their office as they were never in. I went to Citizens Advise which gave me some advise what to do but this is very limiting as the only way is going to the Small Claims Court further cost to get the claim heard. I decided to get the report and use it with a genuine Green Deal company; I rang them beginning 5 weeks and no response back with a report which I had paid for so I then sent them 2 emails and they responded that there was a delay due to technical difficulties and will send it out in 48 hours ASAP since then nothing no report. That was the end of April and 5 weeks on they have not responded. They have breached their contract and I have reported them to the Action Fraud and waiting for a response from them. Now my next action will be the small claims I do not want their report and if I receive one from them I will return it. I have reported them to British Standards and the Utilities and Citizens Advice Bureau had no luck with them. There is not enough protection for vulnerable people to get their money back. I cannot get help from my bank because I used a cheque and not a credit card. If the company go into liquidation then they are not accountable and they legally have covered themselves with their contract to any liability to be able to get your money back. I have reported the situation to my local MP and she is aware that other constituents have complained about these kind of scams and she will inform the Minister implements Green Deal. The Government needs to close the door so these kind of companies cannot trade.

This Company has been in suspension since the 4th July, but still trading had a reply from somebody who paid £299 in August after suspense which he is reporting this to the police as being fraudulent, which it is (where is all these £299 going to, (I ask you)????. My niece had them to come to her house and at the end of it the rep. told her not to bother and that was after suspension, so these people seemed to know that there was something going on.If everyone got in touch with the managing director at Finchley which is the head office and the Trading Standards these people could be put out of business. Another thing the Government is the ones who wants people to have this green deal, they have obviously not thought about this enough (as usual if they had two brains one would die of loneliness) I think that everyone who has been ripped-of by these people (and the Government) everyone should all complain to the Trading Standards and the Government and demand that everyone is paid back their money, even if the Government have to pay it back themselves they have plenty of money to pay to other countries it’s about time they thought about there own country I was going to have external insulation according to their report this could cost between £4,000 and £14,000, I looked this up and payback would be (wait for it between 50 and 139 years) pending on your suppliers and the amount of your electricity. If I live that long I could probably get that for free (which would be a miracle) Right everyone get the ball rolling by writing or telephoning to Trading Standards, Managing Director Tivium and Government, and TV people in North-East have complained to and 3 people got money back and 2 got £50 in vouchers. If you are on Twitter let other people know how this company has treated people and still taking money from them after they have been suspended.


Mick H says:
4 July 2014

Conned big time by Tivium dont touch this company with a barge pole!!!! Tivium is not a Green Deal registered provider. December 2013. Unluckily for me I was getting estimates for having my aged gas boiler replaced when I received a cold call from Tivium. Stupidly I agreed for one of their assessor/salesmen to visit. From then on I was totally misled by the assessor who made out that my boiler could be replaced with a top of the range Worcester Bosch boiler free of charge under the Green Deal scheme (If it sounds to good then it probably is) all I needed to do was pay a fully refundable fee of £299 to get a Green Deal Assessment and if that assessment confirmed my boiler to be inefficient then I would be refunded the up front fee and also get other Green Deal funding. After the initial visit I had heard nothing by February 2014, I had to phoned numerous times and I eventually got a Green Deal assessor to visit in March. He was at my home for about 30 minutes took a few photoes but no measurements and made brief notes. He advised me that my Green Deal Assement would arrive within 28 days. Needless to say after numerous other phone calls a Green Deal report in May. Surprise-Surprise The report I received contains several inaccuaracies with regard to my property. At this point you find out that you have paid £299 for what amounts to an EPC that can be obtained for about £70 or free of charge from reputable Green Deal installers and there is no prospect of any refund from Tivium.. It is at this point you realise that the Green Deal is not a good deal in fact it is a very poor deal and the EPC is only a guesstimate of likely savings. You do not get anything free of charge don’t be conned any further. You pay through your power bills and the total amount you will end up paying will far exceed anything you could possible save, and if you want to sell your house you will find that you may have to clear any Green Deal funding outstanding. The bottom line is Don’t get conned by Tivium and be careful with agreeing to any Green Deal it could be very expensive.

I have sent Tivium a letter requesting my money back for breach of contract for still not sending me their Assessor Report since 28th March after engineer visited to do the assessment. Tivium promised it would be done in four weeks and heard nothing from them still I wrote an email at the beginning of may. They then replied it would be ready soon but they were having technical difficulties. I wrote email back saying it should be ready as soon as possible and they their team gave an apology and said it would be done and completed within 48 hours. Since then nothing no phone calls, letters or emails to keep me informed of the situation. I have waited long enough and have sent them a letter by registered post to state I would like my £299 back because of breach of contract. I do not hold out much hope but I am determined to get this money back. They made promises used their sale pitch and I trusted them but when I found out about them it was too late and I was well passed the one week cancellation and they seemed to have covered all angles in the contract so that I could not get a refund. I have been through every avenue to find that there is no customer save guards against a company like this, you can report their malpractice but no government body can help you get your money back and the only way is taking the legal route yourself in the small claims court and this still does not guarantee any results except more expense. I think their should be a government body to make these firms accountable for their practices and service when they do not seem to be a genuine Green Deal Company because they are not kit mark registered.

17 July 2014

Hello again…Further my comments on 9th June I did not receive any reply from Tivium from my second letter so moved on to a firm called Stroma , who were responsible for drawing up my useless report, and they refered my complaint to …..greendealconsulting.co.uk Urika !!!! after submitting the full content of my complaint, this was forwarded to a director of Tivium who rang me the next day.
That was just a week ago and today the full refund, I had requested, is now sitting in my bank account.
So to all of you posting your complaints DON’T GIVE UP !!!! According to Citizens Advice Tivium are guilty of FAILING TO SUPPLY THE SERVICES AND PRODUCT STATED.
Good Luck !!1 I hope you are as successful as I have been due to the great assistance of the email address mentioned.

M Desai says:
8 August 2014

Hi does anyone has the contact details of Tivium director/manager as I do not seem to get through their landline – thanks

I have an address its Tivium Ltd, First Floor 2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London N12 0DR

The address above is just a holding address for Tivium and about 500 other companies.

The address is buried in their refund request form and is not mentioned in any other correspondence so it is fortunate that I photocopy everything. I have been waiting for 4 months for my refund which their latest letter says their finance department is “working very hard” to get to me.

Last time i phoned their office I asked for an address to write to Mr Matthews at and was given the London address and told they would forward it on. I asked for the address mail was forwarded too and was told “we can’t give that address out for security reasons”

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thomas says:
9 August 2014

cancelled tivium greendeal within 7days after handing over 299 pounds this was on 11th november 2013 numerous phone calls later i still havent received refund so anybody reading this stay clear of tivium green deal

brian thompson says:
4 November 2014

We too cancelled our greendeal within 6 days after paying £299 . That was in middle of June 2014. Still no refund after several phone calls and emails. Last email they sent me said they were working hard to settle my problem.

Poppy says:
9 August 2014

I tried contacting Greendeal and although they contacted tivium on behalf of me it still didn’t help me obtain my refund. It appears you were extremely lucky Mr Priestley. I’ve sent my second recorded letter after being advised to by CAB and if they don’t refund me within 7 days I can officially have my case heard by the ombudsmen and/or trading standards. It’s disgusting that I’m still begging for my money back when I cancelled well within the 7 day cool off period. I’m not giving up though, because that’s exactly what they are expecting us all to do. Try not to give up everyone, as tiring as it is just keep trying!


I have been interested to read comments so far about Tivium. I have reported them to Stroma who have taken on board what I have said about Tivium Service. I have written another letter for breach of contract to Tivium and I am now waiting for a reply. The have not replied to my original letter. The usual ingnoring and wait and see hoping that they can keep the money you have already paid. I have had no Assessment Report it has taken over 4 months so far for them to process through all their difficults and I have emailed them about the next letters wanting my money back on breach of contract. Wait and see this space.

Doolally2 says:
11 August 2014

Thanks for all the warnings about Tivium. I finally spoke to an adviser after what must be months of nuisance phone calls where a recorded message was played. I was away for two weeks and there were 14 messages from them on my answer phone. I have previously registered with telephone preference services and subsequently reported the number to the government website which deals with such things. I look forward to hearing from them again so I can have a more informed conversation with them! It’s not legal to use these recorded messages unless you’ve given permission that you want to receive them which I definitely haven’t!