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Goodbye mo, it’s time to go


Today’s the day moustachioed men up and down the country (and their better halves) have been looking forward to. Movember’s over and thousands of men are saying ta ta to their taches for another year.

This Movember more than 360,000 Brits have raised almost £15m for Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research. Worldwide, more than a million men have raised more than £62m for men’s health charities by growing moustaches and getting sponsorship.

How are you going to shave off your mo?

Now you need to start thinking about how you’re going to get rid of your mo. Unless you want to keep it…

If you are turning your back on your tache, don’t be hasty. If you’ve got a bushy month-old mo, grabbing the nearest razor could be a painful mistake. A month’s hair–growth on your top lip is likely to be too much for a razor to handle comfortably.

So your best bet will be a beard trimmer, or the trimmer on an electric shaver if you have one. This will reduce your mo to stubble in a few seconds.

Mo growers at Which?

Among the British mo-growers are a team of ten from Which? who’ve raised £1,300. Mike Seery from our digital team has sported a full handlebar mo for four weeks:

‘It will be coming off – and I suspect that an electric razor will be needed to get it to a shave-able length.’

Which? lawyer David Marshall is going back to normal:

‘This weekend sees the sad departure of the Lord Flash Heart impersonator from my household. My wife is pleased about it though.’

Lloyd Purnell from our external affairs team can’t wait to see the back of his tache:

‘I’ve looked forward to getting rid of it from about 15 November and I’ll be using my Babyliss grooming system to free myself.’

So, after a month of charitable hair growth, they all deserve a proper-shave. Personally I’d follow up your trimming with a close wet-shave, and our razor reviews are a good shout if you want the best.

If you grew a mo for Movember, what will you be using to get rid of it? Will it be scissors first, followed by a trim and then a shave? Or will you be keeping your mo for good and, if you are, what do your loved ones think about that?

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Any one who watches South Park will know what I mean.
I have just spent a month looking like Mr. Slave, I don’t know who was more relived me or the wife when I emerged from the bathroom with a naked face this morning.
All I know is there are going be less blokes talking to me on the way to the office on Monday 🙂

Billy says:
1 December 2012

Good on yer, sport, for contributing. I’m just one of thousands who’ve been through the prostate cancer scare (I’ve survived – so far looking good!) and can appreciate recognition of this snake.
BTW do you not mean “fewer” blokes? Just being pedantic, but someone has to be! 🙂

Don’t the charities need money during the rest of the year? I was thinking of doing a Mocember or a Manuary but people think I’m mad.

I wouldn’t think you were mad…