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*Alert* Hotpoint fridge freezer product notice

hotpoint fridge freezer

The Metropolitan Police Service stated today that a Hotpoint FF175BP fridge freezer has been identified as the initial source of the Grenfell Tower fire.

The Hotpoint FF175BP and FF175BG fridge freezer models have not previously been recalled, but an immediate technical test of the fridge freezer has been ordered by the government.

Hotpoint fridge freezer

Around 64,000 units of the same model were made between 2006 and 2009 before being discontinued, according to Hotpoint.

The government has advised that at this stage there is no specific reason for people to switch off their fridge freezers.

Our Managing Director of Home Products and Services, Alex Neill, said:

‘If it turns out that faults in this fridge-freezer caused the fire to start at Grenfell Tower, this raises serious questions about the safety of these products.

‘If this model is found to be faulty, a full product recall must be implemented swiftly by the manufacturer so that any at risk products are removed from people’s homes.’

What to do next

The advice for owners of white Hotpoint fridge freezers FF175BP or graphite fridge freezers FF175BG is to contact Hotpoint to register the details of the fridge freezer by calling 0800 316 3826 or visiting hotpointservice.co.uk/fridgefreezer.

Model numbers can usually be found on a barcode sticker behind the salad container inside the fridge.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your appliance then take a look at our consumer rights and product safety advice for further guidance.


These fridge freezers have been in use for between 8 and 11 years. Out of the 64 000 made, how many have failed by catching fire? I’d suggest we need to know this before we panic about the particular appliance.

It is premature, I’d suggest, while the Grenfell Tower investigation is underway, and with all the terribly tragic loss of life, to be discussing a fridge freezer – we do not know what caused it to fail or why it transferred the fire to the building. The focus should be on helping all those affected and looking at the reason the fire spread so rapidly.


Hi Malcolm, it’s not clear whether there’s a fault with the fridge freezer. Hotpoint has called for all owners of the two models to call the free hotline or visit hotpointservice.co.uk/fridgefreezer to register the appliance for further update. This convo is to share this news and advice.


This is perhaps another opportunity to press for mandatory registration of relevant appliances so that in the event of a problem, almost all owners can be contacted with advice or for a recall. Will Which? help to pursue the Government to set up an appropriate system?


I agree, Malcolm. Registration need to take into account the fact that products may be secondhand or the owner may have moved home. Both are likely to be relevant in rented accommodation.


I would be very grateful if Which? would have a look at the safety of white goods.

Fridges and freezers commonly use highly flammable refrigerants such as isobutane. I have seen examples of fridges where a thin capillary has fractured, allowing the gas to escape. The heat of a house fire can cause a fridge or freezer to explode, even if it is undamaged.

I have repeatedly asked Which? to look into the dangers of using plastic fascias and other components in the casing of appliances. Electrical appliances can go on fire for many reasons, so it is essential to have a metal case to contain a fire to prevent it spreading. Other materials might be suitable, but steel is cheap and effective.

These dangers are certainly not restricted to Hotpoint or Whirlpool models.


Thanks, wavechange – I’ll share your request with the research team. It’s not clear whether there’s an actual fault with the fridge freezer – the government has ordered immediate technical testing.


Thanks Lauren.

Phil says:
23 June 2017

Which? no longer has the expertise or the facilities to do this kind of work. Best wait until the FRE or BRE to do the research. If they’ve not already done so.


I agree, Phil. Which? often reports concerns to the appropriate organisations to investigate.