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Come on, own up – have you still got your heating on?

Radiator and thermostat against blue sky

The last week or so has been scorching. But while many people are removing clothes and turning up air conditioning in offices, why do some still have their central heating turned on at home?

Research released by British Gas this week shows that a stunning 8 million people haven’t changed their heating settings since January this year.

With talk of a hosepipe ban and invites to barbecues flying into my email inbox, I can’t believe that these people aren’t overheating as they sit next to the radiators in April, with the thermostat turned up high.

How hot is your house?

When we discussed heating back in January I thought I was seeing things. E.ON research told us that some people were cranking their thermostat up as high as 27 degrees!

Most commenters were shocked as well. Pickle said, ‘apart from wasting fuel it is unhealthy. We live in a temperate climate zone – not tropical – so lets behave accordingly.’

Dave D pointed out that the opposite problem often happens in the summer:

‘I am speechless on a regular basis when people I work with complain that they are “frozen” when the room temperature in the offices and classrooms is around 23 or 24 degrees C. I am equally lost for words when people moan in summer that they are “boiling” if the air con isn’t on and the temperature is above about 21.’

Are you hot under the collar?

As a keen energy-saver, this came as a devastating surprise – surely no one needs to burn fuel just to maintain tropical temperatures in their home? The combination of high temperatures and failing to adjust as the evenings get warmer means that many are, almost literally, burning money.

But the new research from British Gas implies that it is not a deliberate choice, like having the heating up so high in the winter. It seems that with automatic timers, many people simply forget to change their settings when spring rolls round.

British Gas is launching an ‘Energy Spring Clean’ initiative to encourage people to make spring changes to reduce their energy bill. But should we really need reminding? Are these 8 million people really cold, or is it just a case of forgetting?

Curtis says:
23 May 2011

I also used commercial plumbers london, very handy and they are registerd.

st says:
26 July 2012

I must be the only man like it, i have mine on 25c in the winter months and often when i have the house to myself will have it on even in the summer, only man like it i think


You are not the only man. I have mine set at max (35c) all year round. It’s the only way the heating will stay on all day. I don’t want it to switch itself off when it gets to a certain temperature (what’s the point in that – it will cool down!). I want to feel nice and warm all the time, so I leave it on full in summer. Anyway, 35c is a lovely warm temperature for me. The heating does sometimes turn itself off in summer when the room gets above 35, but in order to keep warm, I put the fire on and the room temperature has been known to get up to about 55c – and it is lovely and warm!!

steve says:
26 July 2012

I love heat, always have done

miss roberts says:
18 August 2015

never been able to set central heating thermostates to lower temperatures its almost like they are preset and i dont know how to overcome this. any ideas?