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Have Your Say: which garden products should we test this summer?

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, we’re anticipating demand for items that support socialising outdoors. So, what do you think we should test?

Over the last year we’ve all learnt to adapt our ways of living and found new ways to use our homes and gardens (if we’re lucky enough to have one!).

The same can also be said of our testing. We’ve tested products we had never imagined we’d need to test, such as face masks, and prioritised products that have been driven by increased demand, such as air purifiers

As some restrictions begin to lift across the UK this week, we’re anticipating further demand for items that will support us socialising outdoors. We’re preparing some of our core spring and summer product reviews, from our usual sun cream and summer food reviews, to new additions including ebikes.

However, we also have some new ideas that have either been put to us by our members or scoped by our testers. We’d love to hear which of these light touch outdoor products you’d most like us to look at over the upcoming months.

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Which of these products would you most like to see us test?
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Some members have told us they love it when we test small everyday items that don’t cost a lot but that you still want to make the right choice when buying. Others have said they prefer for us to focus on the big ticket items that require significant time and money investment.

Rest assured that both types of products are important to us and although at this time we’re asking for your input on lower cost items, we also value your views on our wider testing programme.

If there are products you’d like us to test, or issues you’d like us to investigate, please feel free to suggest them below or upvote someone else’s suggestion.


We’ve diverted a bit from garden tools:-) although a kettle is an essential piece of equipment for the gardener.

Thanks Malcolm. I meant to post in another Conversation.


I appreciate that Which? does test peat-free composts. Maybe it’s time to look at how well they compare with home-made compost.

Gardening gloves would be great to see reviews on.