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Halloween costumes: A trick or a treat?

Halloween costumes

The spookiest night of the year is upon us but will you be dressing up to celebrate? Or are you a parent who enjoys wrapping their child in loo roll before they harvest sweets from the neighbours?

Like past Conversation writers, I love Halloween. While I might be a bit too old now to go door-to-door in costume telling bad jokes to my neighbours and asking for sweets in return, the holiday still excites me. I love seeing the shops full of Halloween decorations and I’ll still spend weeks putting together a costume for a night out with my friends.

My costumes have come a long way since the days of being wrapped up in toilet paper by my mum, or throwing on a black wig and telling people I was Morticia Addams (despite never actually having seen the Addams Family at the ripe old age of nine).

Now, I revel in having the opportunity to plan a costume, flex my make-up skills, and put together a new identity for the night. I appreciate the convenience of buying a costume, but for me, the fun of Halloween lies in coming up with an idea and making a little project of it.

Ghostly and grown up

However, this will be my first Halloween working full time. As such, I haven’t had the free time I had as a student to dedicate to carefully crafting my costume, and I’m getting slightly panicky at the thought of turning up on the 31st in half-baked fancy dress.

It’s also my first Halloween in London, and truth be told, I am not looking forward to the two-hour night bus journey home from north to south London on my own at the end of the night whilst I’m still dressed in whatever ridiculous costume I decide on.

So now may be the point in my life where I should start to make peace with the fact that I can’t be a kid forever, and that the years of dressing up for Halloween – whether it was to go trick-or-treating or enjoying some time with my friends – may be coming to an end.

Forever trick or treating

However, that does mean I can start looking forward to the days where I have a kid of my own that I get to dress up in a ridiculous Halloween costume. I unashamedly aspire to be the kind of parent who goes viral on Twitter for their hilarious and/or adorable parent-and-child costumes. Maybe I’ll break out the Morticia Addams wig again, but with a little Wednesday or Pugsley Addams in tow.

Do you or your kids enjoy celebrating Halloween? How are you preparing for it this year? Or does the thought of spending all that money on Halloween costumes give you a fright?


I’m surprised Witch? isn’t having its own Hallowe’en party tonight.

Halloween is a regular occurrence in my house Hannah, with big black spiders running around everywhere (I squashed another one last night) not to mention my TV that has developed a mind of its own and a phone with an unwelcome phantom on the line 🙂 Not seen any spectres, black cats or witches lurking in any of the cupboards yet but you never know……………..Oh a few light bulbs have suddenly popped which has added an eerie obtrusive gloom around the house……………..help!

Spooks in nooks
Zanies in crannies,
Ghosts on posts
Witches in ditches.

Spectres in sectors
Ghouls in pools,
phantoms with tantrums
Spirits on turrets.

Poltergeists in heists
Goblins now gadding.
Devils in revels
Wraiths of all faiths.

Apparitions take positions
Though Demons just dream-on.
But kids at the door
Are hard to ignore.

Brilliant as always Vynor.

I visited a couple of DIY stores today and found staff in costume, one checkout operator with a worrying green complexion, but in very good humour. I arrived home this evening to find a couple of very large illuminated ghosts outside the front door of a nearby house. No-one has turned up at the front door as yet, so maybe I got home too late for a visitation.

We have very few callers, since we live where we do. We did, however, get two tiny groups: one was a farmer with two young children, all on his tractor, and the father was elaborately costumed and made up. The other group were friends of ours from a local hill farm and they just called for the sweets I suspect 🙂

I spook too soon. As well as the large plastic illuminated ghosts I can see Dracula and a collection of other inflatable plastic items. I wonder if they will be reused or just join the non-recyclable waste. A frightening thought.

Screwfix had dozens of packets of halloween-themed sweets, no doubt for customers to help themselves. Maybe that’s what you are supposed to give children who call, with or without a tractor.

“I spook too soon” 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄!

“In Scotland it’s called guising. If you’re trick-or-treating you need to be 4000 miles to the west.” (Twitter)

Pixie says:
2 November 2017

All we got was raw eggs thrown at our house and no-one in our street had any door-step decorations or gave out treats & sweets. Also in past years, I have had a scarey-looking ghoulish black’ n’ white mask on the door which said “Go Away & Don’t Come Back” – someone stole that mask last year.

I don’t normally comment in here as I can’t have any kids, but I still really care about them. To me they’re number one priority. And halloween, and anything similar, no matter what anyone thinks, is outright EVIL and should NEVER be aimed at such vulnerable and precious little ones as it can lead some kids to get more involved in really dangerous and evil practices which can lead to major personality problems and far worse, which cannot be treated medically. And this is a subject I know plenty about, so please don’t anyone try and contradict me, I know it’s controversial, but so is halloween, it’s certainly NOT “harmless” fun, that I know.

Hi Crusader, can you supply any information to substantiate those claims.

I could, but it would be far too controversial for a forum like this, and besides far too many folk right across the whole western world have become far too mass brainwashed and deceived by centuries of secular propaganda to such an extent that truth and falsehood have become twisted around, so far too many folk reading these posts wouldn’t accept it, but it’s stuff I know to be absolute fact. And I also speak from nearly 60 years of long hard and brutal life destroying experience of what dangerous dark forces can do to someone’s whole life as it’s also possible to be born cursed with such things and it’s all way beyond the help of any man made treatments. And it’s also far too big a subject to be discussed here and it would also most likely get me kicked out of here. And I’ve been kicked out of too many sites already, I don’t need it again.

In that case, I hope we can agree to disagree about this.

It’s a bit late for Hallowe’en but if you don’t like spiders, I read recently they don’t like peppermint, so if you place some peppermint tea bags in places where they are most likely to enter your house they will think twice before coming in.

I will have to try that Beryl. The spiders have gone quiet now for a few months but the onslaught will start again in the spring. I don’t know where they all come from. There could be a good trade in peppermint draught excluders.

I have also heard spiders don’t like conkers.

Peppermint cordial in a spray bottle, alfa?
I am waiting for the field mice to take up residence now the cold weather is here. I like most animals (but not keen on rats) but not doing what they do in the kitchen and to fabrics nesting material). I have tried humane traps baited with peanut butter but they don’t cooperate. I’d build them their own mouse house if I thought they’d use it. Any ideas? Maybe peppermint would deter them as well?

We have used these for years malcolm:

They are quite flimsy so we put a small can of paint on the back to hold them down. A small piece of peanut on the ground right in front of the trap and 6-10 peanuts right at the back of the trap so they don’t go hungry usually does the trick.

Then release them preferably 10 miles from home, otherwise they supposedly come back again. Ours have to cross a river, and a town so about 5 miles away.

We have tried various other traps but always come back to these.

Here’s a link, apparently peppermint oil acts as a spider deterrent not as a means of extermination.


I have used one of these alfa and can recommend them, but it’s important to release them a few miles distant to stop them coming back.

They will then, presumably, just go and visit someone else. We don’t own the planet so live and let live 🙂

I’ve made my home thoroughly pest proof, I’ve thoroughly blocked up all possible entry points with seriously hard stuff, they won’t get in unless they’ve got tungsten carbide teeth! And of course I’ve still provided adequate ventilation where needed but it’s still pest proofed.