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Free insulation offers – is there a catch?


With temperatures dropping, most of us have started turning the heat up. But half of that heat could be escaping through your home’s walls and roof. Energy suppliers are offering free insulation – so what’s the catch?

Well, there might not actually be one.

With energy bills going up, it’s natural to be a bit wary of anything gas and electricity companies are offering for free.

However, the major suppliers (British Gas, Npower, EDF Energy, Scottish and Southern Energy, Scottish Power and Eon) have been obliged to help people reduce carbon emissions from their homes.

This is driven by the government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (Cert) scheme. Under the scheme, gas and electricity companies have emissions targets to meet, and as such should help households get insulation fitted.

To do this, they mainly offer free or discounted insulation – about 1.6 million cavity walls and two million lofts have been professionally insulated using Cert funding since it was introduced.

How much could you save? Up to £175 a year on your heating bills by insulating your loft; up to £135 a year by insulating cavity walls; and around £445 to £475 a year by insulating solid walls.

Free insulation offers roll in

Until this winter, most energy companies have been offering free insulation to those customers that fall into the ‘priority’ group: vulnerable and low-income households, including those in receipt of eligible benefits and pensioners over the age of 70.

As part of our Affordable Energy Campaign, Which? is now asking energy companies to offer free insulation to all. We’re happy that two companies are now doing this.

British Gas is offering free loft and wall insulation to their energy and HomeCare customers. There are eligibility criteria (such as having no more than 60mm of loft insulation at the moment) but most should qualify. You’ll have to apply before 22 December by calling 0800 980 8177 or visiting the British Gas website.

EDF Energy is also offering free insulation, but you don’t have to be an EDF customer to qualify – anyone can apply. However, you will also have to fulfil some eligibility criteria (at least two-thirds of your loft and wall space need to be available to insulate for example) and you’ll have to apply before 31 March 2012 by calling 0800 015 7786 or going to EDF’s website.

When I applied with EDF Energy

My house is in need of insulation, so I went straight onto EDF Energy’s website and filled in its application form. A few days letter an odd letter from EDF came through the post. It was meant to tell me who the contractor would be to survey my property and how to get in touch with them. Instead, all the fields were left blank.

We immediately reported this to EDF Energy, who told us that it was on it and that this problem had only affected around 500 people. All of these 500, including myself, will apparently be sent a remedial letter with all the right details filled in.

Perhaps you’ve tried to get free insulation installed but have had troubles, like me? If you haven’t benefited from free insulation, what’s stopping you? And if you have had it installed, has it made a difference to your heating bills?


It is rather a nasty one as far as I am concerned. We were measured up for extra loft insulation at £xxx. The surveyor was very nice, and most helpful.

Then team 01 came to fit the loft insulation – and wouldn’t because there was already insulation there. I explained this was a top up. They said they were not allowed to put extra insulation on top. They would have to remove the old insulation, then lay the new stuff. That was not the agreement; and I certainly didn’t want to lose the 12 ” we had already, for 6″ they were going to lay. This was beyond their grasp. So – back to the drawing board.

Team 02 arrived – yes they could do that – on top of the existing insulation – I was there when they started, and they were burying the wiring – ring mains and lighting circuits – I had to stop them. I explained that the current wires must not be sandwiched between layers of insulation;and please get the wires on top of the new insulation. They said they never do that, I explained the building regs say the wire can be all underneath, or all on top, but not between insulation, as it’s a fire risk. That wasn’t agreed, that they would lift the wires, and lay underneath.

Team 03 – yes lay on top, yes lift wires – great. The measurement was fairly accurate, as I had measured, as we were going to do it ourselves. The bought in all the insulation we had paid for, and laid the new top up as agreed, on top of existing insulation, and under wires. At the end, they went off with 5 or 6 large rolls of insulation, and when I inspected the loft, they hadn’t laid on the timber walk ways. Upon inquiry, I was advised they don’t, despite being advised that the loft was not going to be used for storage. OK – so please leave the insulation I have paid for, but no – I had paid for a top up. Although I mentioned the surveyor had not taken out the area of walkways in his measurements, so the insulation was technically ours. Again, regrettably “no”.

So we paid for – and lost – 5 or 6 rolls of insulation. I got extra, and did it myself. But I feel it was all a bit of a scam, and boy – do you have to watch them. Especially with the laying insulation on top of wires, thereby sandwiching the wires between layers of insulation. I wouldn’t do it again, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, as I wouldn’t like to be involved with the building regulations regarding wiring; and the fitters don’t seem to know. I was not impressed with the training.


Absolutely agree – it’s jus the same as the atrocious and downright life-threatening c**k-ups that the cavity wall cowboy teams working for the energy firms leave behind – as detailed by many contributors on the covo about CWI earlier this year.

I had my loft insulation topped up by my local builder who I use for most small maintenance jobs. He charged me £45 for half a day’s work and I got he insulation at just £1.98 per TWO rolls from Wickes under one of the EDF subsidies that Wickes are participating in. Total cost incl. labout less than £75 and the peace of mind of knowing that every inch has been done, the soffit cents have NOT been blocked so I should not have any damp issues and all electric cables completely as per regs and therefore hopefully safe.

OK, so I know it wasn’t “FREE”, but the “FREE” deals will cost a damn site more than £75 if people’s houses burn down, roof timbers rot due to condensation or energy savings are poor or nil due to missing insulation.

I’d NEVER trust a “free” contractor working for an energy supplier – might as well ask an arsonist to fire-proof my home.

willie078 says:
22 November 2011

Has anyone ever used the foil you put behind your radiators to reflect the heat from the walls ??


Heat is transmitted in three ways, conduction (physical link), convection (air circulation) and radiation (like sunlight).
Although we call them radiators they actually work mostly by convection.
Foil behind “radiators” on an outside wall help but only a little, The insulation value of the wall counts for more.
However foil radiator backing is cheap so perhaps “every little helps”
Those little fan units which direct warm air rising off a radiator into a room are better, but there is no subsitute for good overall insulation in walls, roof and even floor.

Christine Morrison says:
26 November 2011

I had an Energy Saving Trust survey done for subsidised loft insulation to top up what I had installed some years ago. Unfortunately, I live in a chalet bungalow and the loft height was below the scheme’s minimum access height. So, no deal. I asked whether I could have the insulation and install it myself but the answer was no. Ergo, it’s O.K. for a pensioner to get up into the loft to do the job but not for a fit young man!

Harry Clark says:
10 December 2011

I recently changed my energy provider to British Gas who operate as Scottish Gas where I live not long after I received a notification letter informing me of rate increases which contained details offering free home insulation and giving a telephone number which I duly called to request “an Energy Expert to carry out a survey” their words this call turned out to be a question and answer session where I was asked a number of questions on when my home was built the building type and room numbers etc etc etc, I did keep asking about the survey by the Energy Expert to no avail only to be told in the end that because my 30 year old house was built with two layers of concrete blocks with a cavity that British Gas were only able to do cavity wall insulation on brick built houses since to drill through concrete block constructed walls could cause structural damage when I pointed out that around two thirds of the houses in our estate all built with concrete blocks had already been done they responded by again saying that British Gas could not do this at this point I gave up not wishing to waste any more of my money on this phone call , as it happens a few days later my next door neighbor knocked on my door to ask my permission for a home insulation company to have access to my garden when they came to do his cavity wall insulation , when I asked him who had arranged the survey for him he informed me it was Scottish Hydro Electric which just happens to be his employer on the following day he gave us a Scottish Hydro Electric application form offering free home insulation by filling in and returning the form even if you are not a customer , we duly filled in and posted the form we received a reply on 08 November 2012 stating that we would be contacted within the next 21 days to arrange a suitable time to call and survey our property , this is now the 10th December and guess what we are still waiting , This being our second failed attempt to get this work done set me to wondering why this should be so I visited the Energy Savings Trust web site where I went through the progress of again filling in all my personal and property details through the various pages when this was submitted the reply came back that there were no grants available in my area so they were unable to further process my request ? , quite how this relates to energy suppliers widely miss advertising that they offer “free home insulation” should perhaps be further looked into ?

Regards HC

Madonna Lloyd says:
7 February 2012

Tameside Insulation are laying loft insulation and cavity wall insulation to my property. There are no reviews on this company. Has anyone used this company. Can I please have some feedback.

Beverley says:
1 May 2012

I note that you have recently had insulation installed in your property. Could you let me know how the procedure went and if you are satisfied with the results. The reason why I enquire is that I have just had a visit from the company and would like to know if anyone else has taken advantage of their free offer ?.

Maggie says:
5 October 2012

Did you have the work done by Tameside Insulation? If so could you let me know how it went as they are coming to do a survey for us.

Curious, London says:
2 April 2012

We’ve just a survey from SIG Energy who claim they get us 80% paid by our energy company and we pay a flat fee of £209 for full loft installation which would be done by Miller Patterson. Has anyone heard of them and is this more risk than it’s worth?

KTHA says:
27 May 2012

they do the same as all the other insulation companies but they like to charge more to the customer. get another surveyor to do you a quote from another company.

Mike says:
8 April 2012

We’ve just had same exact quote from SIG Energy Management, would aprreciate feedback on work done, thanks,

R, Fife says:
23 May 2012

Does anyone have experience of Everwarm (everwarmgroup) in Scotland, installing loft insulation?

KTHA says:
27 May 2012

i’m an insulation surveyor and worked around a few companies – everwarm are fine, doing a universal insulation scheme backed by the scottish government and it should be 100% free to you unless they have cash restrictions in your area.
SIG energy management – fitted by miller patterson… they charge over and above so get yourself another company to give you a quote… if you shop around you can get the same thing at half the amount, unless you’re in receipts of tax credits and you’ll get it for free.

james robertson says:
8 November 2015

we are in the process of having external wall insulation from everwarm at a cost of £1050 we are having one or two problems at the moment and trying to get the site agent john beveridge to rectify these is an ongoing problem

Tigger says:
5 February 2013

I have just had insulation thrown in ( literally) read tigert comment


Stay well clear of Everwarm and Warm Works, all interconnected with EST / HES terrible experience, unprofessional and horrible. I still have no insulation, hot water or heating, been like that 3 years.

Caron says:
13 August 2012

Has anyone had cavity wall insulation installed by Everwarm based in Bathgate? they are offering it on some free scheme just not sure if i trust anything that is offered free.


Hi Caron,
Everwarm have just approached me at my front door with the same offer. I too have never qualified for anything free so am sceptical. The representatives explained that the government are forcing energy suppliers to give free insulation to ALL in order to reach their Carbon Emission Targets – apparently they will be fined if they fail to reach these targets. They explained that information about this offer should have been provided to me by my energy supplier (although they didn’t know who my supplier was). Apparently the work would be carried out free and the energy supplier billed afterwards. After they left I went onto Southern Electricity website to see if this info was there. It wasn’t so I have E mailed them asking them to explain the initiative and for any information about Everwarms authenticity – I would suggest that you do the same with your energy supplier before you commit. Good luck

ASmith says:
5 November 2013

Everwarm gave me the same spiel and said they would come basck on the Friday and do the work. I took a day off work and they never showed up, I phoned them at lunch time and asked them if they were coming and they said that one of their vans had broken down but never thought to inform me and have never contacted me since.

Gary says:
13 January 2017

I agree Everwarm used the same excuse with me. They are dreadful do not return your calls and the Government funded agency that refer them are little better (Warmer homes Scotland) Useless, unprofessional. The suveyor from Warmer homes told me they could secondary glaze my living room under the Government scheme) Everwarm made an appointment and did not turn up (the van broke down excuse was used) They came another time and said my windows were too large so they could not do it. Warmer homes told me their surveyor made a mistake. Then they said they could do the windows in a smaller room. Again never returned my calls. This has been going on months. The Scottish government should remove their funding and give it to a reputable organisation. I am going to write to the government to ask what quality assurance things they have in place


Am I right in thinking that the numerous people banging on my door claiming to be doing a “survey” about Government grants for insulation are simply selling their company’s products and services? I would quite like to have this done, so who do I approach to get a grant for having the work done by a company of my choice?


I am a pensioner in receipt of state pension and pension credit. My questiuon to anyone who can answer it – I know I am entitled to free cavity wall insulation but my bungalow had this done over 25 years ago and the stuff is out of date. I’ve been advised by a cowboy company that it would cost me £1200 to have the old stuff removed before pumping in the new.
So – does anyone know where I can maybe get a grant from to remove the old stuff?

bertybop says:
20 March 2016

I would talk to Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2800 or visit there website

11 October 2012

Have been offered free cavity wall insulation by SIG Energy Management of Sheffield.
Is this a scam or is it trustworthy.
Has anyone had any dealings with them?

Catriona says:
24 October 2012

I have just (30 mins ago) had my loft fully insulated by Everwarm.
Last month another company, I’ve forgotten their name, came to my door and told me they were doing free insulation and had a look in my loft. There was a bit of hard sell going on so I didn’t sign up to anything, I was sceptical and didn’t trust them. It did get me thinking, so I looked up my local council website and found that I would indeed qualify for free insulation, so I got the council to send out one of their accredited surveyors. This happened to Everwarm. The surveyor was professional, wore a ‘uniform’ with the company logo and didn’t try to ‘sell’ the scheme to me. I signed up immediately, and I’m very glad I did. The first company that came to the door told me that my loft was too big for the government to cover all the costs and I would have to pay for the additional insulation, which would have cost me £300-400 (according to them). I’m pretty sure they were trying to scam me but have no evidence. I will have to wait and see if the insulation saves me money on my heating bills, I’m sure it will as this old tenement flat is always cold!

maureen says:
12 November 2012

SIG made an appointment with me to come and survey my loft but never turned up, no phone call or anything. I had to take a day off work as they gave me a 5 hour slot, I only contacted them as recommended by EDF. Have gon to Cosy Seal

Philomena says:
26 November 2012

Prompted by my application to EDF in August a surveyor from SIG attended my home on 30th Oct and confirmed that I qualified for ‘free’ cavity wall insulation. All paperwork was signed and a date set for 27th Nov. On 23rd Nov I received a letter (dated 8th Nov!!) advising that due to sickness and holiday they would not be able to carry out the installation as planned and I should contact them to arrange another appointment. Due to holiday and sickness within my household this delay/reschedule does not suit me – plus I’m loosing heat through the walls every day that goes by – Can I cancel this contract with SIG and qualify for the ‘free’ insulation with another provider? Additionally, is there adequate controls in place to ensure that this company is not being paid tax-payers money for work they’ve not completed?


We booked a survey with British gas to come and assess the possibility of installing free cavity wall insulation. Arranged for the 8th October, the surveyor came in and said he thought that there could be a risk of damp if they did it because a 40cm section of my wall has the damp proof membrane going slightly underground. I offered to dig around the wall (since it is only 40cm and merely covered by soil and pebbles) and he said that he would have to check with his colleagues before confirming. Upon not hearing from them in 20 days, I called and the operator said that the surveyor had not logged in the details of his visit and that the only way forward was to book another survey. Something started to smell really bad here. The operator did not stop for one second to try to contact the surveyor to see why the details were not uploaded, or to try to ascertain how it was possible that no record of his visit was recorded. Is it possible that British Gas are into some kind of scam scheme where they get paid by the Government for every survey they do and therefore they mysteriously “lose” survey details to try and do as many repeat surveys as possible? Or has this just happened in my case? The question of the previous comment applies here too – are there any adequate controls in place to ensure that the government does not pay for work not carried through or surveys lost due to the incompetence of the provider?

Stewart says:
20 December 2012

Similar experience to previous two e-mails. Applied through Scottish Power. Survey booked for 20th December between 12 and 5pm. Having found this site on Tuesday wasnt at all surprised when at 10.40am this morning I received a call to cancel, stating that due to sickness they were unable to carry out the survey. They also said that they would contact me in the next couple of days to rescedule the survey.

Who wants to bet that I will never hear from them again or they will arrange another survey and then cancel it on the day again. Well I am not just going to let it go and have made contact with my local MP who is going to investigate. Watch this space !!

Tigger says:
5 February 2013

We had a company( everwarm) round on behalf of scottish power, to install our free insulation, it turns out its free for a reason, they just roll it out across everything not like on their webpage, cutting into rafters and fitting Nicely and professional looking, I had floored the whole loft, so they askede to lift it before their team came to install, which I did!! Stacked in along the edges of the rafters in half a dozen stacks, as their representative said to do, their team then apeared, ready to roll excuse the pun. Not really professional looking, but at least one had a boiler suit and Prada trainer, ( safe I know ) anyway I caught murmurings of ” it’s not our problem” we have done our job!!! So then these guys appeared looking for a signature to say work completed to a good standard?
Needless to say I went to inspect ( being a competent ships engineer) I thought this would be a formality, but NO it’s like a bouncy castle up there, I immediately said, so how am I to reinstall that flooring then, ( it’s not our problem) oh no mate that is your problem as our son has been left without a room, his answer to this was well you could raise the joists!!!!! Oh ok I will just shell out my money to install new woodwork in the loft myself, oh well to that I got ” we don’t need to be spoken to like that, like what I say, I stated what I will now need to do didn’t like it so ran to the van, phoned their team leader( if that’s what he is). So I called the company and all I got was “we have done whats required by the government, I have 2 options raise the joists ( my expense) or remove the insulation??????? Now they say their team will be out to remove a layer so as I can relay my floor and get our sons room back, still waiting!!! So very disappointed, and think that someone should deal other these cowboys

Keal Avenue says:
22 February 2013

I live in Glasgow and have had Everwarm, in association with GHA and Scottish Power, in fitting new gas central heating, it was storage heaters before. They are a very unprofessional company, poor communication prior to the job. Tradesmen not taking as the contract says “all reasonable care to undertake the work causing as little damage to your home as possible” Unnecessary broken tiles in the bathroom, no dust extractor used when core cutting through brick walls, just a pathetic Henry hoover. Dust sheets not properly covering floors leading to dirt engrained into carpets and hardwood flooring getting scratched. Tradesmen treating your home like a building site e.g. bad language. Newly decorated walls with black hand prints. We were promised plastic pipe boxes only to get ugly monstrous ply pipe boxes which need painting. At the completion of the heating system being fitted the tradesman filled out the ‘CUSTOMER survey’ all 10 out of 10 and expected me to sign it.
I get that it is a good deal having a gas central heating system fitted for nothing but my disgust is at the standard of work that is delivered by a big company like Everwarm. It will cost you and if you complain they will lie straight to your face to get you to sign on the dotted line, a company that is not worthy of there contracts.

Andrew Crawford says:
10 December 2013


I work for a letting agency in Glasgow and we where contacted by Everwarm and asked if we would like a free boiler install done at one of our flats, We spoke to the landlord and they agreed for this to go ahead, This was in March and we are now in December and the job is still not complete, When they done the job the property was vacant at the time so this should have been a very simple and pain free job. Now this has been ongoing for 9 months and the landlord is claiming loss of rent. As per the previous comment ( 22/02/2013 ) They lie to you on a daily basis, I called to speak with a member of staff who I was told to be off sick for the rest of the week. My work mate called at the same time from there Mobile and yip you guessed it the guy who was off sick answered the phone !!!! By god never dealt with so many incompetent people in my life !!!!


Just wanted to post an update on the insulation Everwarm installed for me free of charge. It’s been in for 10 months or so now, and my energy bills are down by 48% based on my usage of the same period last year. I had my electrician in the loft as part of a kitchen installation and he informed me that the insulation was done well, nicely packed into the eaves and a good depth. We have never had any follow up correspondence from Everwarm and so it seems it was indeed free of charge as promised.
I am sure there have been mixed experiences with Everwarm, I am fortunate it went well for me and I can only assume this is because I went through my local council and arranged Everwarms visit through them.
I am in the Glasgow area living in an old tenement flat, and the insulation has certainly made a difference to the warmth and energy useage of my household.
Hope this update helps someone out there be a little warmer.

Jnet says:
8 February 2014

I had cavity wall insulation installed 9 years ago. Having damp patches and paint peeling off the walls I removed the skirting board and a brick to find the cotton wool like insulation soaking/dripping wet. The company who installed it no longer exists. CIGA are mentioned on the guarantee and if what I have read from reviews on the internet CIGA will not be very helpful. I feel I want to get the insulation extracted so that the cavity can dry out and find myself not knowing who I can trust to approach about this problem.

Gill and Tony says:
10 March 2014

Cavity wall insulation done in 2009, currently in dispute with SIG management regarding damp showing on the interior of the house. Full height end gable wall. The company want to remove the insulation, saying the wall will then dry out!!
We are left with a full redoration of that wall, to include removal and renew plaster and then re-decorate.
We have been in this house after watching it being built in 1961, never have experienced any damo before the insulation put in.
We are told it is due to the porosity of the bricks!! Rubbish the cavity wall is designed to allow any damp to ‘go’ to ground, the ties have had the insulation gather on them therefore the damp cannot ‘go’ to ground therefore has caused contamination on the interior wall.
The company are treating us as if we are idiots.
What can we do next?

Claire Eades says:
7 May 2016

I hope you have had your problems rectified. We have set up a pressure group CIVALLI as we have been treated in the same way


Had walls insulated 3 weeks ago, they removed the old foam? and filled the cavity with wool, must say it feels a LOT COLDER NOW, Think twice before you get this done.

Alan says:
15 May 2014

Whole scheme is a nightmare, no one knows the terms, rules or anything. 12 months trying to get loft, solid wall, room in roof and cavity wall insulation, 12 EPC and green deals later, I could insulate my home with EPCs. One company after a year said they would do all the insulation, loft, walls, rom in roof, gave me 6 days, yes SIX to have all electrics and plumbing removed when I had not managed it, said I was too late funding had ended!!! The Energy companies a joke, SSE said not cost effective for them to do it!! as 1/3 is cavity and 2/3 solid wall, I had to have 50% of one or the other!! British Gas my home not suitable, as head room in loft too low for safety, “in case the installer had a heart attack they would not be able to get paramedics in”!!!! told me to get a relative to do it!! E-ON no help, Scottish power 6 months and still waiting, EDF at last agreed to do the loft and cavity wall, sent EVERWARM to do it, loft insulation fine (I think as I cannot get up to check it) cavity wall insulation a mess damaged all the plants in the garden snapping off and trampling on them. Everwarm don’t reply to e mails either, can get no further with solid wall insulation or room in roof, the DECC and whoever came up with these complicated schemes, rules and grants needs to be put against a wall and shot. How many schemes are there? and the Green deal is a total joke, money for the surveyors and EPC reports, supposed to be valid for 10 years so why have I had more then 10 in less then 10 months!!

annie says:
30 July 2014

Has anyone had any expereince with cavity wall insulation from Everwarm? Good or bad?

mark findlay says:
10 February 2017

Taking these clowns to court and was given an extract decree , still chasing them . Unbelievable bunch of cowboys.

annie says:
30 July 2014

has anyone had expereince with Everwarm for cavity wall insulation?

Gary Thomas says:
10 September 2014

I contacted British Gas after receiving leaflet re free cavity wall insulation. The house was built in 1882 before building regs required cavity wall insulation. Also another company had recently drilled the walls to make sure there was no cavity wall insulation already, and confirmed that there wasn’t ( I didn’t go ahead with the work at that time as I was suspicious about the “free”).
However, when British Gas checked, an energy assessor who assessed our house the previous year for energy rating, when we were intending to sell, had reported “assumed” cavity wall insulation in place.
Because of this, British Gas would not undertake the work even though it would have been evident to the insulation team that there was none. Instead they said we had to make a complaint to the assessor who stated “assumed the house has cavity wall insulation” when undertaking the energy rating assessment. As we don’t know who this was to complain to, seems we can’t have the work done under the Government scheme, even though we qualify for it !!!

Dave Dando says:
17 October 2014

I am building an extension above my garage to move into can I get free insulation I am registered disabled

Thomas Maitland says:
3 December 2014

Is there some scheme that would supply me draught proofing strips for 6 doors in my flat that I could fit myself , all for free ?

Palmer says:
3 December 2014

I’ve had 5 companies in the last year drilling walls outside the house. They said we can insulate your house, then they all go away when the days arrives to insulate. Did a simple U turn saying all sorts of excuses – sorry the cavity is too large, sorry the cavity is too small, sorry the wall is made of concrete. I am fed up and I am seeking compensation for holes in my walls.

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Alan Leach says:
9 March 2015

Has anyone had difficulties getting a roof repaired when it has been insulated with foam. The only way forward would appear to be a new roof with a breathable membrane. Your comments would be much appreciated

celia mcintyre says:
21 July 2015

Last year had cavity wall insulation put in free through the government scheme. Within months damp patches appeared. Complained to the company Everwarm Bathgate. After several calls, letters
emails and recorded delivery letters a supervisor came out and inspected it. The job had not been done properly he said and it would be repaired. Weeks later after more calls letters etc two nice young men came out too remove old stuff. They drilled 130+ holes in my walls and have left it for a week. Will let you know next chapter when its done.


I hope you have had it rectified. Sadly this is a typical outcome and response. A group of us set up CIVALLI after our homes were badly damaged. I recommend you write to info@Bonfieldreview.com as Dr Bonfield has been commissioned by DECC to write a report, part of which is the consumer journey. If it isn’t rectified we can help you apply pressure for free to have your home restored to its pre CWI condition.

JOHN says:
11 January 2016

Just to let all of you people who are thinking of a boiler being installed by Everwarm do not as I had one installed by the cowboys who are sub contracted by Everwarm yes they let them put the name on there vans came to do the job without the right tools first day second day fitted the boiler third day roof came in on us due to a leak that they said was old pipping yes they put a new boiler onto old pipping after having gave a major operation and having to deal with all this mess there was not even a sorry for your inconvienence from the cowboy s so be ware if they ask you about installing a new boiler yes I am Mr Aitken

Mike Everson says:
31 January 2016

Can I just put a few people right on the insulation grants, since 2012 the government changed the way insulation companies get paid before ECO funding which we have now it was CERT funded and was paid on house type .
This has now changed and a lot of you would have had to have a EPC report before the insulation measures were installed this is because they are now payed on the amount of carbon tonnage a house saves,
You may not be aware but insulation companies are making little if not losing money insulating your homes apart from BG you will not get many local companies wanting to insulate your homes and as for cavity wall insulation BG will not insulate a house built after 1982 because a SAP report from a chartered surveyor has to be done at more cost try it give them a call today they will tell you it’s already insulated even though you know it’s not.
Don’t blame the companies out there you pay peanuts you get monkeys blame the government who are making it impossible for companies to insulate the small terraced house that needs insulating due to the amount of carbon it saves.


can anyone tell me if Tameside insulation ltd are still operating. I had cavity wall insulation in 2009 and have now got awful damp all down the one side of my house. a reputable building firm have told me I need to get this all removed as it soaks up water which is now all showing on my inside walls. Can anyone help please or have any suggestions.

Claire Eades says:
7 May 2016

Hi there , we are a pressure group formed after our homes were badly damaged by cavity wall insulation CIVALLI . We help people for free to gain justice. Please read John Denham MP’s debate 3/2/15 on Hansard. You are one of many thousands.

Claire Eades says:
7 May 2016

Heather, you can check this out on companies house. I think they have liquidated and it appears that some of the directors have set up a new insulating business under a different name. Your best bet it is to use your guarantee but let us know if you have any difficulties with this. 🙂


Hi..I have had the same problem with cavity wall..My home is a mess and is going to cost a fortune to get put right..money which I don’t have..I contacted Ciga and there was no guarantee they told me..Where do I go from here..

Jo Blake says:
7 March 2016

My thoughts on Everwarm Bathgate
I have just finally had them come out to rectify the appalling job they did in November. despite constant calls from me that the poly beading was coming adrift and leaving mine and several neighbours properties looking like a Christmas scene, they failed to keep their appointments, never let me me know why they hadnt bothered coming back and were totally dismissive of me when i complained. I finally lost my temper with them and threatened id write to the media, MP etc and they suddenly sorted it. A planned meeting with one of their managers to discuss my complaint and request for compensation for leaving us with huge bills trying to heat a house with drafts you could fly a kite in ended up with them not bothering to turn up or contact me. I am now taking this further. Im still waiting for the solar panels which havent been fitted due to the tiles being the wrong type. Angry doesnt even come close to describe how I feel about these cowboys.

Pauline Saunders says:
14 May 2016

I run a voluntary, free helpline for victims of failed retrofit cavity wall insulation called CIVALLI – Cavity Insulation Victims Alliance (www.civalli.com). It was set up as a result of experiencing the hugely distressing experience of trying to gain justice for a botched insulation on my home which caused extensive mould and damp.

We have been contacted by approximately 1000 cases in the last 2.5 years.

I strongly recommend that anyone contemplating having cwi installed in their home do their research thoroughly. There is a massive failure rate across the country that causes utter misery and respiratory health problems.


I have spent over three years on this game of trying to get insulation, heating and hot water, still have non, all these “experts” actually know very little, just ask installers, non have a good word for them, I paid £10,000 for two bore holes for a heat pump, by an approved expert, MCS, Napit, RECC, Trustmark, REA, etc etc did it wrong, holes wrong place, pipes fitted wrong, damaged my property, but non of these bodies are interested, so I have two £10,000 holes, no heating or hot water. Everwarm, Home energy Scotland and EST are all terrible, and a complete waste of time, best bet is avoid at all costs.

Lalage Grundy says:
23 March 2017

I was cold called be GER Southern and let them come to give estimate for roof insulation. Assessor very gung ho attitude, walked in demanding toilet, spent a long time, then broke the flush leaving me with a broken toilet. Knocked washing off hanger where I had put it, didn’t notice. Did assessment but when he realised I was still listening to the continuing running toilet he had broken, got up to leave and deliberately walked over my antique rug which I had given him over shoes to protect. I know I am fussy about my house, but upsetting experience and expensive to get toilet mended.


I hope you will not give the company a contract, Lalage. What a way to treat someone’s home.

With any luck there will be an isolation valve in the cold water pipe that enters the toilet cistern [often underneath but it can also be from the side]. This will need just a half-turn with a flat-head screwdriver to stop the water flow until you can get it mended. It’s inconvenient but the valve can be opened and closed as required to enable the toilet to continue in use. If there is no valve, the ball-c**k arm inside the cistern has to be kept up above the fill level to prevent continuous flowing. If water has discharged through the overflow pipe check that it is not running onto the fabric of the property as it will soon leave a white water stain on the surface if you are in a hard water area and could cause dampness in the structure. In modern toilets the cistern overflow is diverted into the pan but continuous flowing will leave a build-up of limescale which will need frequent attention. I hope you can get the toilet repaired quickly.

You were prompted to have the loft insulated by a cold call. There are plenty of insulation contractors and in a month or so’s time there will be better prices or discounts on loft insulation as summer approaches. You could look at Which? Trusted Traders to find a recommended company – see http://trustedtraders.which.co.uk

It would be useful for you to speak to your energy supplier(s) as they can often undertake economical loft insulation to the approved standard and give worthwhile guarantees, especially the bigger companies. You might be eligible for a reduced-cost installation. See the Introduction to this Conversation for references to the British Gas and EDF schemes.