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What are your favourite outdoor games?

We’re putting together a lighthearted piece of research into people’s favourite outdoor games to enjoy with friends and family. What are yours?

Lockdown restrictions are slowly but surely starting to ease, which means a lot of our socialising will be done outdoors in the coming months.

Once it’s safe for us to meet and play outdoors, we’ll be publishing a short story sharing our experiences of popular outdoor games and picking our favourites. Our hope is to recommend the best games so that, when we’re able to, we can all enjoy them.

Boules will be on my list!

I’ve asked around Which? staff and so far have had calls for Swingball, Croquet, Horseshoes and more.

If you’d like to help us with this fun little research piece, please list your favourite outdoor games in the comments.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Badminton minus the net.

My favourite game involves everyone sitting in seats placed in a circle. We all take turns to say something on various subjects. When the person finishes saying something the next person to speak adds to what the last person says or can change the topic completely. When you are not saying something you take a drink or eat food. The game can often last for hours.

Me and my little one set up a mini golf course in the garden and use a football to play a round of footgolf – yes it is indeed a thing ha

My fav is giant jenga and if you can get hold of a couple of sets, it becomes very interesting 🙂

Ben says:
16 April 2021

Croquet and boules are good suggestions, giant Jenga is also good fun.

Patrick Taylor says:
18 April 2021

Petanque is the game, sometimes called boules in the UK, as it can be pretty much be played on any flattish surface and the rules are ridiculously simple. A cheap plastic set for children and adults or the real metal versions for teenagers and up.

Croquet is a faff to lay-out and you need a large and decent lawn so not very likely for most people . The rules are fiendish unless you play the superior croquet-golf which is much more participative and fun.

Frisbee golf is fun but a no-no in a domestic situation but possible perhaps on the moors or parks where there are very few people. As for the “holes” these can be improvised by using trees or other landmarks. In some ways very true to the original concept of golf.

There are a couple of games involved in throwing metal – horseshoes and a French game throwing metal disks to land on a wooden board which AFAIR is called Planchet.

There are commercial games like lawn darts but in fact if you have a dart board there is no reason why this could not be taken out of doors and used in the normal way but more amusingly perhaps laid flat on the ground so everyone is learning anew.

Top of the heap though would be petanque where the ideal small court is only 15 by say 3 metres, smaller for children. My petanque set is around 30 years old so it is not something lightweight and likely to break – you are getting something for life : )