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Would you keep a washing machine that might explode?

Wrecked washing machine

If there was a machine in my home that could explode, I’d expect the manufacturer to inform me, apologise and get it out of my house. Quickly. So why isn’t Candy recalling its potentially faulty machines?

That’s right, there’s no such approach from Candy regarding the high-spin washing machines it built before a correction in September 2009.

Hang on – make that any Candy washing machines built before September 2009. Oh wait… Hoover washing machines, too. In fact, Candy can’t guarantee any of its pre-September 2009 washing machines are safe when you call its helpline for ‘reassurance’.

So what’s going on? A known fault affecting some Hoover-Candy washing machines is causing the drum to break loose under the pressure of a high spin. The result is that the drum can tear through the top of the machine at high speed and break through anything in its way, as the pictures we’ve been sent illustrate:

How widespread is the problem?

As well as five explosions in Germany, we’ve heard about three UK cases in three months – despite Candy saying the fault is ‘very, very rare’. We’ve also received a comment from a high street retailer engineer, who claims to have seen ‘probably over 100 cases’ in the UK over six months – Candy says that figure is ‘significantly higher than they’d expect’. So why isn’t Candy doing anything about it?

Candy claims that ‘the likelihood of failure remains extremely low’, and that Bolton council – the authority dealing with the case – is satisfied with Candy’s approach. Bolton council told us that ‘at the end of the day, it is up to the trader to decide what actions to take.’

Washing machines stay put

So it seems these washing machines will stay in people’s homes – and owners may remain unaware of the danger – because Candy’s risk assessments show the number at risk is low in relation to the volume sold.

We think Candy’s attitude towards the safety of its customers and their families is shocking – and it’s terrifying to think what would need to happen before Candy is forced to reconsider its position.

What do you think about Candy’s approach? Have you bought a Candy washing machine before September 2009 and would you consider selling it to us for testing? If so, let us know below or contact homeeditor@which.co.uk.


E tremarco – suggest you look to legal remedy as manifestly yours and the other machines belonging to posters are not fit for purpose. Perhaps Which? really ought to be more proactive in this area as it is obviously not occasional isolated incidents.

I have looked at another review site and there posters are equally damming. Curiously the actual review site in its summary view fails to mention the readers unanimous problems.

For fun I downloaded the operating manual for the most expensive Miele washing machine and in its 80 pages there is a lot of quite technical insight. Chief amongst them being the much smaller wash loads for different fabrics. Dyeing potentially being harmful to your machine etc

gazza says:
5 August 2014

hoover washing machine showing e14 code and bearings gone 12 months old pile of crap

Can you provide the actual model number and estimated number of usages over the year? Just a curiousness.
And what is E14?
Water heating error detected
Check wiring to wash heater and thermostats
Check wash heater for continuity
Check NTC (temperature sensor) probe

Who knows there may be ten others who read this and chime in with the same problem, certainly it appears on other sites:
April 2013
“Hi all. My washing machine was dying on me so I decided to get a new one In Jan 2013. I opted for a Hoover model that had good reviews and a large drum. 3 months later it reported an e14 fault which was a issue with the heating element, we called Hoover who sent an engineer out to fix it within a few days. 3 months later the same issue and again took a few days for someone to come and fix it. This time the engineer recommended a product to stop the problem so we brought it and have been doing what he said. 3 months later and guess what? Yup its happened again. I called Hoover on Sunday during what they said were there opening hours however they were closed so we booked for an engineer to come out Thursday (my next day off) but my blood was boiling. I called them today for them to tell me someone was coming Wednesday I told them this wasn’t ok and I booked for Thursday for them to say “our engineers are not in your area thursday so our next available date is Monday, which I’m working so isnt any good.
I am getting really annoyed as its causes me massive inconvenience not having a working machine and I really don’t think the one I have is fit for purpose. The staff are as useful as a chocolate teapot!”

Big Jimbo wales says:
3 October 2014

Error 14 is a wash heater fault, usually flags at the end of a program. The heaters are generally reliable, manufactured by the same companies which provide heaters for other white goods brands. There can be issues with the connectors separating from the heater terminals, which should be fixed by any competent engineer in 1 visit. Unfortunately hoovers service division (which was highly regarded in the past) has a different focus, primarily sales or ‘upselling’, the actual repair service which is the essence of any service division is secondary. A Hoover engineer is now not judged on his/ her ability to repair an appliance and prevent a recall but the ability to sell products you probably don’t actually need, descaler, carbon monoxide detectors (never known a washing machine to give of poisonous fumes!!)

The long and the short of this is high turnover of very experienced staff who have vast knowledge of hoovers products but feel disenchanted with the direction that the company has taken over the past few years and gained employment elsewhere.

Thank you very much Jimbo for confirming what has been suspected for some time.

Is the only solution is to ban repair companies from selling products via the repairmen?.

B Bullivant says:
20 October 2014

brought my hoover washing machine in July 2013, after 6 months had the engineer out to it after it sounded like the bearings had gone , they came tightened a screw on the drum and that was that. now sept I called them out again same problem, noisy, moving, drum banging, engineer came again mover the drum forward. now same again, not spinning well noticed dent marks on the side of the machine where the drum may be moving? another engineer booked for today mon 20 oct they did not turn up or even give a courtesy call. I have always had a Zanussie before and replaced it after5 years even though it was not broke. I will never by a product from hoover candy again,

we had a washing machine candy evo its only been working for 5 months and is knocking vibrating and moving across the kitchen only the water pipes are holding it from moving further, terrible machine just had to purchase a new one , i have checked it myself and believ the problem is the metal drum something wrong between the metal drum and plastic outer body when my new one arrives it will be taken apart by myself to see why

tony and donna says:
24 November 2014

This first started in october last year . We bought a hoover dyn91664 by the time christmas eve came the washing machine had been changed twice. And on christmas eve they said that the computers went down, and someone would contact us on the 27th of december. Well that never happened I phoned back on the 6th of jan. So we was told because of what happened they said it was unacceptable for the way I was treated .vut a manager would phone back up 4o 2 days it would take . I phoned in febuary (was in hospital) guess what ! The computers were down again. This carried on untill august then I got hold of a manager explained what had gone on and how I was treated . And she wanted her main engineer to look at it . So we agreed he came out and the spin (when it worked ) was that loud the neighbours complained about the noise.after he had fixed it and he was gone no more the 10 minutes later it went back to the very loud noise . So by the end of september(cutting a even long story short) we finally got a dyn10166 p8 when we first got it the men delivering it had to take photos of it the draw had all sticky gunk all over it and the digital display had water damage . So I said to them should we phone them up . They said no they can do all of that for us so we thought great . But we never herd anything of it . Now today (we have had the machine 6 weeks) we put the kids uniform in on a quick wash on a 40 degree 100 spin then after the 14 minutes we put it on a full spin (I have asked the hoover team was this ok and they said yes) but this time I open the door and at first it was blaxk smoke then grey smoke came out of it and on the dd it came up with e13 ( I have no clue what the heck that is ) and it was that hot inside it was unbelievable. And now my home stinks of the stupid washing machine burning smell . Now they are going to get it off me tomorrow. I have had enough of this. 4 washing machines in less than a year the first three all had the same problem rocking banging and no spining and would not wash .


Terrible story. It seems to me that Hoover are trying to create a bad impression. BTW who was the electrical retailer?

lyndsey says:
5 December 2014

Now my machine Looks like it could possibly be the concrete weights inside the machine that I can see all over my floor. So fuming. They need to be stopped sending out all these dangerous machines.

mark says:
1 February 2015

Found this thread whilst searching for spare parts… guess what? Hoover WM-H 168D-80, on a 1600 spin has smashed through the side/front of the machine.

As a family with 2 small kids we need a reliable machine… I’m a bit peeved I’ve already shelled out for the parts to fix it before I found this thread 🙁

Email to Hoover tomorrow. Not expecting any response but at least they will be building some failure stats up…

Heather says:
6 March 2015

We have a Candy GODF800, purchased April 2013, and fortunately we were at home when it started making an almighty banging noise (spinning at 1400) so we were able to get to it and switch it off before any serious damage was done otherwise we may be another ‘exploding Candy washing machine’ statistic. As it is, the concrete weight has completely shattered, dented the front of the cabinet and deposited broken pieces of concrete, bolts and metal all over the floor. We find it difficult to believe that these machines, in this day and age of health and safety rules, have not been recalled by Candy/Hoover and how they can be allowed to get away with not recalling them having seen how many times this has now happened!

wendy littlewood says:
10 March 2015

Hi Heather i totally agree i its going to take someone getting hurt badly befor they do anything about these dangerous hoover machines its discusting the way they fob you off im on a upgrade replacement for one that had been knocked out of shape they gave me an upgrade dyn816d guess what been without a washer nearly 6 weeks now to cut a long story shorter the main weight at the bottom of the machine has fallen in a heep under the machine they have put a complete new drum because in such a bad way then to find the new weight was already cracked what are they doing the concrete blocks are not safe at 1600 spin i dread to to think what will happen only a matter of time and guess what i am not letting this go will hoover and by the way have had to go out and get a new machine i might add not hoover

cayla says:
19 March 2015

Well my candy grand washing machine is terrible, its now only 2 years old and I have had them out 3 times, the last time being 2days ago. Twice now It has blown my electrics and a strong burning smell is coming from it, unbelievable! I have 3 children and I don’t think its safe, now I have a backlog of washing again, do not buy a candy washer they are not built like they used to be!!

Darryl says:
20 March 2015

Hi all just like to add my dealings with Hoover. Bought Hoover wmf147df washing machine which was terribly noisy from day 1 ,when side of machine began to move called cirrus who sent out engineer who stated that it needed complete removal and replacement of just about everything inside machine (only 2 months old) . This was done and machine was much better but we have still needed to buy 3 sets of paddles so far and has now come up with error message. Also Hoover vacum cleaner only lasted 11 1/2 months before motor went this time the shop did not want to know and when phoning Hoover even suggested that it could have been our fault after heated call the eventually sent new cleaner to us and took old one away. Buy anything made by Hoover again ? NO WAY.

Darryl – Just for clarity I think it is a WMH not WMF so a WMH147DF if anyone is keeping count how often it turns up as a problem machine.

hi im on the second hoover washing machine the one i have now is a dyn8164d this was replacement for aa previous one that had knocked its self so bad it wasnt square any more so i let them upgrade me 16 months later well if i could put pics on i would and the custormer service well non existant 6 weeks with out a washer they were in the middle of mending it had a complete new drum needed a new counter balance big concrete block on the bottom because the other one ended up with a lot of rubble and just basicly fell out NO ONE WAS HURT THIS TIME when they went to put new concrete block in was already cracked may i add not fit for purpose even if they finished putting it all back together i would not feel safe using it i have since borrowed money to purchase a new machine i am now looking for advice to make people ware how dangerous some of these machines are WHICH CAN YOU ADVISE ME PLEASE wendy

Maria Garrett says:
24 March 2015

I brought a Candy GC1472D1 machine 3 months ago, its has already stopped working. I Had repairs appointment today, technician fobbed me off. He said something is stuck in machine like a sock, that’s why it doesn’t work. He did not even open the machine out to have a look at what he thought would be stuck in there. I do not agree with this false statement.Told him when on a wash cycle the machine drum comes away from the machine, programmes not working, wont spin, or drain and the motor sounds worn. I am a single mother with a disabled child and they said appliance is faulty due to me, not a faulty appliance. Anyone else had problems with this machine…avoid this product.

Kath says:
15 May 2015

Bought my 8/5 Hoover washer/dryer in 2009 It was delivered in the October have had the brain changed at least three times plus many many other electrical problems. A few weeks ago it became even more noisy than the helicopter taking off noise that is the norm and covered in grey dust. Sent for the engineer and he tells me, well shows me the top concrete balance was in two pieces. Part ordered and duly replaced. First wash after was so quite but alas it was the calm befor the storm. Started getting noisier until today it walked with a banging noise out of its space. I don’t scare easily but this was pretty frightening. Thought I would clean the space before moving it back but the floor is thick with grey dust and bits of concrete. There is also 3 washers and one 2/3 inch bolt there too. I guess the bottom balance has gone now. Have had several Hoovers and each one has been worse than the one before it. Time to call it a day I think. Engineer due on Monday. He is fast becoming one of the family.

Angela says:
8 June 2015

yesterday our approx 6yr old CANDY CM1 146S washing machine set light to the clothing inside it!
Just put it on a normal 40degree ‘mixed synthetics’ wash, left the room, then a few minutes later my young son saw smoke coming from the machine! Husband rushed to turn it off, but the room was already full of smoke. He took it outside, and the clothes inside the machine were smouldering, a pair of jeans actually caught fire!
The machine had not taken in any water and was spinning extremely fast. (There is nothing wrong with the water supply to the machine – we checked it after removing the machine from the house!) It should not have even been onto a spin yet. It would not turn off on the machine, he had to turn it off at the wall.
We are so glad that we had not left it on and gone upstairs, the house would have been ablaze!

Angela – If you do not have a smoke alarm in your utility room or kitchen, now is a good time to fit one. There are kitchen smoke alarms with a mute button to temporarily silence them if set off by cooking smoke or steam, so you may have to fit it in an accessible position rather than what the instructions recommend.

I’m impressed by your husband managing to move a smoking washing machine out of the house, because they are rather heavy.

Angela says:
9 June 2015

thanks ‘Wavechange’ …yes, I was surprised that the smoke alarm did not go off, it is in the hallway outside the kitchen. I think it is time to install another smoke alarm nearer the appliances!

Yes – my husband is very strong! Plus he would have had an adrenaline rush – daddy defending his children! 🙂

hi – ive had my hoover dynamo washer machine since December 2013 – it leaked from day one, the door was temperamental, sometimes it would lock sometimes it wouldn’t and then over the last few weeks could smell a burning smell when it was washing, few days ago whilst on a spin we had a power cut which I presume now from reading these blogs that the washer has tripped it – since then my washer machine will not start – will be switched on but cycle will not work and door won t lock – ive reported it to currys who have told me to claim under sales of goods act – I have also spoke to hoover who have stated £119 call out charge – im in total shock at reading all the complaints regarding these washing machines

My hoover washing machine has just died after 5 months! It has never washed great but i just thought it was the model. I’ve contacted ao.com which was where we purchased it from. We have 3 kids and we need a machine asap. I’ve had another machine break down on me years ago and aparently a scam that companies do is they employ an engineer to come out then say its damage caused by coins or your misuse. Meaning the company can argue they don’t have to honour any type of repairs. Just make sure you watch the repair guy like a hawk lol

I bought a Candy EVOW4853D washing machine 16 months ago and the ON/OFF switch has come away from the mounting. If any one as had a similar problem could you please let me know.
Regards Terry

I have found this thread after trying to do research on my daughter’s Hoover washing machine. She rang me this morning in hysterics saying her washing machine had exploded. I rushed round doubting that it had actually exploded but when I got there I could not believe what I was seeing. The washing machine was totally destroyed internally and parts of it had pierced the front. Her washing was tangled amongst the devastation of the internals of the machine. Unless I had seen it I would never have believed that a washing machine could disintegrate like this. My daughter had been sat about 4 feet from the machine with her 18 month old son who is recovering from open heart surgery!
Hoover-Candy I will not let this go however long it takes me to find out why this has happened apparently after you were well aware of this problem!