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Would you keep a washing machine that might explode?

Wrecked washing machine

If there was a machine in my home that could explode, I’d expect the manufacturer to inform me, apologise and get it out of my house. Quickly. So why isn’t Candy recalling its potentially faulty machines?

That’s right, there’s no such approach from Candy regarding the high-spin washing machines it built before a correction in September 2009.

Hang on – make that any Candy washing machines built before September 2009. Oh wait… Hoover washing machines, too. In fact, Candy can’t guarantee any of its pre-September 2009 washing machines are safe when you call its helpline for ‘reassurance’.

So what’s going on? A known fault affecting some Hoover-Candy washing machines is causing the drum to break loose under the pressure of a high spin. The result is that the drum can tear through the top of the machine at high speed and break through anything in its way, as the pictures we’ve been sent illustrate:

How widespread is the problem?

As well as five explosions in Germany, we’ve heard about three UK cases in three months – despite Candy saying the fault is ‘very, very rare’. We’ve also received a comment from a high street retailer engineer, who claims to have seen ‘probably over 100 cases’ in the UK over six months – Candy says that figure is ‘significantly higher than they’d expect’. So why isn’t Candy doing anything about it?

Candy claims that ‘the likelihood of failure remains extremely low’, and that Bolton council – the authority dealing with the case – is satisfied with Candy’s approach. Bolton council told us that ‘at the end of the day, it is up to the trader to decide what actions to take.’

Washing machines stay put

So it seems these washing machines will stay in people’s homes – and owners may remain unaware of the danger – because Candy’s risk assessments show the number at risk is low in relation to the volume sold.

We think Candy’s attitude towards the safety of its customers and their families is shocking – and it’s terrifying to think what would need to happen before Candy is forced to reconsider its position.

What do you think about Candy’s approach? Have you bought a Candy washing machine before September 2009 and would you consider selling it to us for testing? If so, let us know below or contact homeeditor@which.co.uk.


Hoover washing machine bought in March 2010, top balance weight has sheared off at all 3 mounts totally knackered as mounts are part of the plastic outer casing. off to buy a machine that is not HOOVER Rubbish.

neverbuyhoovercandy says:
21 June 2013

I will NEVER buy a candy or hoover product ever again, i have had my candy washer 9months in those 9 months the concrete block has broken left with 3 kids and me partner no washer for 2 weeks dnt drive no launderette close by engineer came out after a week no need to order the part in wait a week fixed then washer starts leaking called out 2 weeks later now the block has broken AGAIN!! less than 6weeks after it was fixed, i am disgusted at the quality of the product at teh service, they will take your money happily, but shoddy products, i had a hotpoint for 9yrs, a beko for 7 years and now a hoover/candy for 9MONTHS, they will say they have to come and fix it but that is not happening this time, any advice on how i can get some compensation for this or atleast my money back?

Bernard Brown says:
7 January 2013

If only my machine would explode I would be happyish. I have had this machine since May 2012 and two months NOTHING. It was reported and not one movement from any body. I even spoke to the engineer that has been before and nothing. This has to be the worst purchase in my life time. Would I ever consider buying British again, I don’t think so. Hate to say it but for electrical goods I would now only consider German makes. What a shame British manufacturers treat the British people in such an appaulling way.

Hoover / Candy are Italian owned since late 90s I think. Both machines are mostly made from Candy parts and design. Not British any more 🙁

neverbuyhoovercandy says:
21 June 2013

head office of candy/hoover is in wales I have the addres somewhere- hoover/candy head office uk-
GIAS U.K. Hoover & Candy
Breightmet Industrial Estate, Bury Road
Bolton BL2 6PU

Owner says:
15 December 2013

Its funny but I live in Bolton and it isn’t in Wales.

raymond john says:
14 February 2014

the mc is a hoover sensor dry 6+5 dynamic mc should cut out if load is not balanced my mc dos a hop skip and jump and keeps on going.many times i haV TO HOLD ON TO THE MC TO STOP IT GOING ACROSS THE OTHER SIDE OF ROOM.any one same problem.

Bernard Brown says:
8 January 2013

To be honest I really don’t care where Candy are made. The after sales service is just rubbish. In my case it’s either Candy telling me lies or the engineer, one of them. As I said I have spoken to both and still have had no response to date. This is now a month since the machine stopped and last time was the same, so 26 weeks working and 8 weeks not working. To my mind that makes it not fit for purpose, or perhaps the people at the end of the phone are not fit for purpose. What ever the Miele machine that replaced it works just fine. You learn by your mistakes.

E Smith says:
17 January 2013

I am in the process of dealing with hoover regarding a Grand Evo 1683 machine, my first one had the drum fall out whilst doing a 1600 spin the machine moved 4ft across the floor with force eventually the concrete bearings smashed onto the for with th drum. This machine was only 2 weeks old! I had a replacement machine with the same spec, the engineer has come to rectify faults 5 times! The last time was 29th December 2012 each time it is because of the 1600 spin programme, so there os definitely a design fault.

Hoover have left me high and dry no engineer until 24 jan, each time I phone to speak to head of customer service they conveniently are not at their desk. Will let you no outcome.

neverbuyhoovercandy says:
21 June 2013

this is happening to me right now any tips? exactly same machine same problem

Lindiloo2 says:
26 January 2013

Hi I’m having problems with my Hoover washing machine we paid nearly £400 for it just over 12 months ago the 12 month warranty ran out in dec 2012. Its a 1600 spin speed washer, model dyn8164D. I put my washer on and It suddenly blew all my sockets in the house, so I had no power via any sockets. The washer had blown, the very strong smell of smoke and black soot all over the back of the machine and a clicking noise when you turn the drum. I contacted candy/Hoover and they just wanted to charge me almost £180 and £14 a month for a warranty or £119 call out charge plus labour costs. I’m so angry that just over 12 months old on a nearly £400 machine they don’t want to kno only to try and get more money from us. I can’t go back to the shop we bought it from as it was from comet who no longer trade. Now I’m left with 4 kids and no washer. I’m so annoyed that they don’t have any give either way on the 12 month warranty as its only out by weeks.

Lindiloo2 says:
26 January 2013

I just want to add at a week old the paddles in the drum fell off so I had them out to it. The machine has always been very noisy, the machine moves from under the work top when spinning, the machine 9 times out of 10 refuses to spin. I really regret buying this machine. It’s been issue after issue.

Lindiloo2 says:
26 January 2013

All the machine leaks water from underneath

With companies going into administration, this is a good topical question. Which? has excellent advice about pursuing a claim under the Sale of Goods Act on their website. Even if you are successful it may not be easy, and not practical unless you have super neighbours who will take care of your washing.

If you could get an expert opinion that the fault has existed since the time of manufacture, you would be in a better position to tackle Hoover/Candy, but that could cost money and might not be helpful. It’s quite likely that the fault did not exist at the time of manufacture and something like the motor has failed because it is not as durable as it needs to be for long-term reliability.

We need to push manufacturers to provide a parts and labour warranty for an extended period. If something goes wrong it would be fixed promptly and without charge unless you have abused the machine. I reckon a washing machine should last ten years – maybe less if it is in very frequent use, but it is very easy for the manufacturer to include a device to record how much it has been used.

Best of luck.

PS I have just seen your subsequent posting concerning a water leak, making it possible that the breakdown is due to electrical components getting wet.

Hdynamic says:
26 January 2013

It’s clear to me what happened! Your machine had been faulty from day one! Usually one issue leads to another, e.g. that unattended water leak eventually found its way in some electrical component causing the PCB to fail. I recently bought a Hoover Dynamic (very similar to yours) and the first unit was shaking unbearably. Upon speaking to the retailer and asking for a refund, they offered a replacement as they deemed the product had been damaged during transport (having mentioned that I had a job to remove the 4 transit bolts as they were badly bent). I accepted the replacement of exactly the same model which now works like a charm.

It’s not the first time I’m buying something from Hoover/Candy and I have to have the first appliance replaced because of physical damage! Sometimes I think that this company must hire the shoddiest and lousiest delivery services available unless the damage happens after the items have left the factory! Shame you didn’t realise there was something wrong with your machine and had it replaced straight away. I hope you get it sorted soon.

Julie Taylor says:
18 October 2013

I have the same problem whereas my warranty out of date by 12 days and they want £119 to come out and fix it as washing machine showing error 14, they have offered me half price repair but I am not accepting and £50 extended warranty. I told them they have sold me faulty product and I waiting for another response. I emaile CEO but got reply from customer services!!! Disgusting that you pay load for a product that only lasts a year. These washing machines should be recalled and taken of the market and they should be reported to trading standards. I am still fighting for a free repair.

lyndsey says:
5 December 2014

Hi thanks for the reply. I still own the machine and I’m still having issues with it. They have been called out 3 times now to this machine with me having to pay the costs of repair. Still today this machine is not able to do the job it is meant to do. The machine struggles to wash anything in it. Every spin it moves across the room with force and some very loud noises. Now my machine has been trying to spin with some very loud thuds and bangs. It was out across the room again with black/grey colour stuff on the floor with bits of water. Im so sick of this machine. Now with 5 children and just weeks away from Christmas I have no washing machine. I live too far from my family to ask them to do it for me and not local to a laundrette and haven’t got the funds at the moment for yet another repair or a replacement machine. Has anything come from these complaints yet as I really don’t want to go on with this machine but don’t know what to do. I think everyone should report this to watchdog as I think that’s my next step. X the first visit I had after just a couple of weeks of owning the machine I did mention to the engineer that it was very loud and bangs. He just said there was nothing wrong with it. I told him I can’t even wash towels in it as it just goes daft and all over the place. He said I should wash my towels with my clothes to even out the load. So I was fobbed off when I said this machine didn’t seem right after just 2 weeks.

Kalle says:
3 March 2013

Hi, just bought a Candy Evow 16853d 1600 rpm two weeks ago after its 5th use that started to smell burnt rubber and pouring out smoke in the drum and the rest of kitchen during a spin cycle. Argos will replace for a new one but now I am worried with small kids around. Do we dare to bring another new machine in? Now I am considering a total refund instead.

Claire Farley says:
17 March 2013

I am a very dissatisfied customer. I bought a Candy washing machine in december 2012. When my machine came I put a washing in as u do. It was going through cycle and went to drain to which it totally flooded the place after 3 tyms of trying and still same result i discovered that the machine i bought brand new had been sent out to me without a jubilee clip holding waste pipe on to the drainage pipe. I had to get an engineer out to look and apply jubilee clip which as a result cost me 80pound out of my own pocket to pay him. I contacted candy which i will state werent thwtcmuch help said to me that they were sending out an engineer to look at machine to verify that “someone” fitted a jubilee clip within 48 hrs. Still waiting on the engineer. I have had alot of problems with the machine since but to my astonishment today after putting a washing on and when it finished i went to take the washing out of machine to be chocked with smoke belching out of my machine. I am absolutly raging qt the fact that i have 2 young kids in my home to which one has just turned one., i am very lucky the machine didnt catch fire. I have contacted candy on the contact part on their site stating i want someone out to pick up machine and a full refund. Also left my contact number for them to phone me but still havent had a responce, if i dont get a responce soon I am contacting trading standards as this was a huge health risk to me and my young children. My house could have cought fire and to be honest i wouldnt like to even think of the outcome if that did happen. They shouldnt b selling machine that can do this. If anyone else has had this problem and candy did ontact them could you please give me contact information. I am one very dissatisfied customer. Claire farley

Kalle says:
21 June 2013

Our Candy started to smell burned rubber and kitchen full of smoke after the 4th wash, machine less than 1 month old. Called and they wanted to service, and I said that this machine will not stay in our house as it is a safety risk for our children. Then you will just have to take it back… That made us getting a replacement

Nicola Davies says:
26 June 2013


My Hoover Vision exploded this weekend and the top went into a thousande pieces across the kitchen, the drum has completely warped and is all contorted within the machine. It hit the worktop out taking grouting out of tiles. The sides are all buckling and bulging.

Thankfully nobody was in the kitchen – I dread to think what damage they would have incurred seeing the force it exploded around the kitchen.

I have contacted Hoover who seemed stunned (after reading above im not sure why) and said these was a serious incident and they sent out a safety officer immediately – they said they only had an appointment on Thursday which she said was not satisfactory and needed to get someone out there and then.

An engineer came out with his tool box and when greeted, I told him with a smile they were not needed, he said oh ill bring them in anyway and when he saw it he laughed and said oh I dont need them and that he was shocked at the state and he put an immediate report and pics in and then liaised later with me letting me know what was going on. I have since spoken to Hoover and they are discussing it and will be letting me know what they are doing. I am hoping they will replace this and cover costs of clothes and repair to kitchen.

Its shocking that this is a common fault. But funny the lady at Hoover and Engineer both put on straight faces and told me that they’d never heard of it.

S Holmes says:
12 August 2013

Well, it seems that things still have not changed just had my washing machine literally explode in the kitchen. Fortunately the ruptured parts stayed within the casing but have lumps and bulges in the casing and nobody got hurt – e-mailed the CEO of Hoover and i’m not expecting any type of reply. It staggers me that a company can still be selling these machines in the UK with what appears to be a known manufacturing defect. My product is a Hoover Optima WMH 168D – I’m guessing that the torque at 1600 RPM is too much for the design of the machine to handle and it then breaks.

rebecca says:
19 November 2013

I had exactly the same problem with my machine this model, it moved so much it unplugged its self with water everywhere and concrete all over the floor, Hoover made me purchase extended warrenty on a machine only 13 months old or they wouldnt replce,
The engineer informed me that he had repaired alot of this model, the concrete inside had smashed to bits.
I am furious it has now developed a new fault leaking water and has locked shut, even thought the engieer pretty much replaced the entire innerards of the unit.

Disgusting customer service and definately a design fault

Complain to watch dog as i have found many reviews the same

I had a Candy washer/dryer in the early 2000s and owned it for six years used everyday with two small children – faultless ! I sold it for £25 with a broken hinge the only problem in six years. I then got an 8Kg Hoover washer and a 8Kg Hoover dryer WOW what a big mistake. The washer control panel fell in to the machine after six months, the dryer ‘temp sensors’ fused in the dryer 3 times in 12 months from new. The pump failed in the washer after 2 years, and now the dryer has almost burned down the house as the ‘timer selector switch’ has set on fire inside the machine filling the kitchen with an acrid electrical smell. Thankfully we were home and not asleep and I was able to pull the plug before it got worse. What ever you do …..DO NOT BUY HOOVER OR CANDY they are a ticking time BOMB.

Sandra says:
27 January 2014

I have just read these remarks and had to post a comment.

I purchased my Candy Eclypsa from a family member (who’s personal circumstances had changed) at a cost of £150.00 – it had been used for a short time at that point.

I have had it approx 15 years now and cannot fault it – in fact to the point that i have been considering replacing with another Candy when it does finally pack in.
It has only had one visit for a small part in all that time.

I think whatever i decide it will be a hard case to follow and i will be amazed if there is any machine that will give me such good service.

The problem is that in general, the quality of white goods have gotten worse over the years in a effort to cut costs. A new Candy/Hoover washing machine will not be a patch on your old Candy Eclypsa in terms of build quality and certainly won’t last as long.

amanda smith says:
19 February 2014

I have a candy washing machine for just over 12 months. Ive never had a problem before but just today after the spin cycle I opened the door to smoke coming out of the drum and a strong burning smell. I have unplugged the machine and don’t want to use it again, Not even sure if I want it repairing, Just keep thinking if I wasn’t In and it had set on fire. Anyone else had similar problems??

marsha says:
26 February 2014

I bought candy washing machine in 2008 and although it was a product I had not used before but because I like the price and the 8kg wash load and free delivery I bought my new washer and its been wonderful to the point am now up grading to a another candy washing 10kg wash load and will pass perfectly working 8kg candy onto my daughter so im sorry I don’t have a problem with candy they great washing machines as with any products they are good and bad you cannot please everyone

Tracey says:
19 March 2014

my washing machine actually exploded yesterday,its ruined my kitchen,and almost set on fire,just glad i was at home at the time else it would have burnt my house down!

Abz says:
27 April 2014

I can’t believe how many people have complained, but have not had any replies from Candy or any stores recalling..

jon says:
1 May 2014

we bought a candy evo in feb 2013 , then in April 2014 the top weight shattered . Candy were unhelpful and wanted us to take out a service agreement as the machine was 8 weeks out of warranty but still covered by a parts warranty

Jon – You have a good reason for making a claim under the Sale of Goods Act, but it is the responsibility of the retailer and not the manufacturer to provide a solution. Sometimes there is uncertainty about fair wear and tear but I don’t think that applies in your case where a weight has broken.

There is plenty of information about how to make a claim under the SOGA on the Which? website. I hope you will get a free repair in the circumstances. Do let us know how you get on and it might help encourage others.

It would be much easier if all washing machines had a manufacturer’s parts and labour guarantee/warranty for ten years. If manufacturers had to pay for repairs they would soon stop selling us shoddy goods.

I’ve just written an article on this subject. Personally I think the current system does not work because it’s unfair on retailers who have to rely on the manufacturer to agree to replace or repair things but the manufacturers don’t have a single obligation to do so.

lorraine says:
10 May 2014

I have a hooverwmh168 had less than 2 years yes moved a lot on a fast spin made knocking sounds this morning when on a fast spin the noise was unbelievable when myself and husband went to have a look thought it was going to exploid turned power off front all dinted and pieces of concrete underneath.was frightening have rang hoover they are getting engineer to ring to come and investigate will see what outcome is.

Lorraine, assuming it is a machine fault, if it is out of guarantee and you have no luck with Hoover I suggest you ask the retailer to deal with it under the Sale of Goods Act – this requires a product to be “durable”.

S Rimmer says:
9 June 2014

I have a Hoover washing machine less than three years old with a 5years parts guarantee. This week the machine began making strange noises when spinning an at one point the noise was unbearable and I stopped it spinning. My washing was dirtier when I took it out than when I put it in and the front of the machine looked like the Hulk had been in there and tried to break free. The machine had travelled some inches and this also resulted in the kick board of my kitchen unit snapping. I have just emailed the company and bought a new machine not a Hoover! I was shocked to read all the different accounts of this problem occurring and I think it is lucky nobody has been physically injured.

E Tremarco says:
14 July 2014

I have a Hoover WMH 168D less than 2 years old. last week (Thursday) while spinning the machine began to make an absolutely horrendous banging noise. We quickly switched the machine off, and noticed there were lumps and bulges to the machine casing. Luckily the machine is covered by our British Gas Home care and not the manufacturer’s warranty. They came out the next day and lo and behold the concrete counter weigh was in pieces and the drum useless. The British repair man said he would be back on Monday to repair the machine as they had the parts in stock, which obviously indicates there is a problem with these machines. My machine has now been repaired, for how long remains to be seen. I will never buy a Hoover washing machine again, and I will tell anyone contemplating buying one not to. You might as well flush your hard earned cash down the toilet.