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Would you keep a washing machine that might explode?

Wrecked washing machine

If there was a machine in my home that could explode, I’d expect the manufacturer to inform me, apologise and get it out of my house. Quickly. So why isn’t Candy recalling its potentially faulty machines?

That’s right, there’s no such approach from Candy regarding the high-spin washing machines it built before a correction in September 2009.

Hang on – make that any Candy washing machines built before September 2009. Oh wait… Hoover washing machines, too. In fact, Candy can’t guarantee any of its pre-September 2009 washing machines are safe when you call its helpline for ‘reassurance’.

So what’s going on? A known fault affecting some Hoover-Candy washing machines is causing the drum to break loose under the pressure of a high spin. The result is that the drum can tear through the top of the machine at high speed and break through anything in its way, as the pictures we’ve been sent illustrate:

How widespread is the problem?

As well as five explosions in Germany, we’ve heard about three UK cases in three months – despite Candy saying the fault is ‘very, very rare’. We’ve also received a comment from a high street retailer engineer, who claims to have seen ‘probably over 100 cases’ in the UK over six months – Candy says that figure is ‘significantly higher than they’d expect’. So why isn’t Candy doing anything about it?

Candy claims that ‘the likelihood of failure remains extremely low’, and that Bolton council – the authority dealing with the case – is satisfied with Candy’s approach. Bolton council told us that ‘at the end of the day, it is up to the trader to decide what actions to take.’

Washing machines stay put

So it seems these washing machines will stay in people’s homes – and owners may remain unaware of the danger – because Candy’s risk assessments show the number at risk is low in relation to the volume sold.

We think Candy’s attitude towards the safety of its customers and their families is shocking – and it’s terrifying to think what would need to happen before Candy is forced to reconsider its position.

What do you think about Candy’s approach? Have you bought a Candy washing machine before September 2009 and would you consider selling it to us for testing? If so, let us know below or contact homeeditor@which.co.uk.


Amazing!! Iv had my candy grand o vita just over a week and the noise it’s making is unbelievable!! It actually sounds like the drum is trying to come up through the top of the machine!! Candy havnt got a engineer available until Monday!! Think il be leaving it well alone after seeing posts about some machines exploding!!

Lisa says:
10 January 2017

Did you get it sorted?? Mine is the same. Put up with noise for four months but thought it can’t be right! It’s 95 decibels at its worse!


Had my candy grand washing machine nearly 2 years and caught fire today. Had a look at it and the pulley on back of drum has stripped the pulley splines causing it to over spin and not spin drum over heating the pulley to meltong point causing belt to rub on drum and cut through the drum catching it on fire lucky I was in the house the machine still has 3 years parts warranty.


had a candy washing machine,just ovr 2 years,started banging on high speed,opened it up ,found the concrete stone under drum that act as a weight,broken in half,very disappointed,dont tink ,we can claim,wont be buying cany next time,


I have had my Candy grandevo1682d just over 2 1/2 years and on Monday the concrete block inside my machine broke apart and wrecked it!! Do I have a claim even though we didn’t take the extended warranty? Either way I won’t be buying Candy again!

Clare says:
2 April 2016

Had our Hoover machine for 13 months & it started making a v loud banging noise & moving around , Today i looked inside & the concrete block has totallycome unbolted & the part where it bolts together has totally sheared off so cant be fixed ! Surely these machines are meant to last longer than this ! Luckily i was there because the front of the machine was actually bulging out where the drum was smashing against it , if anyone knows if i can still get help even though i didnt take out extended warranty ,could you reply many thanks.

ellie says:
9 June 2016

my candy tumble dryer burnt my expensive duvet cover and sheet it’s only 1 week old and had a couple of uses
I have had the engineer out and he said its fine and I can us it.
he went on to say I had it on the wrong setting
I did read the label and it was for a low setting but anti crease of which I allways use doesn’t state if high or low of which he didn’t know it was only on for 10 mins.
also he reported a little fluff in filter of which I left everything for him to inspection I allway empty it.
I am really scared to use it and just don’t know what to do I spoke to the after care and I just feel they don’t want to know.please I any help would be very appreciated

Lisa snowden says:
24 November 2017

I had the fire brigade out as it made my tea towels so hot they self combusted I didn’t put two and two together at first until it burnt my duvet cover and then I dried another duvet cover and it actually burnt a hole in the middle and other parts were melted together now I am scared to use it the fireman said if we had been in bed the use wouldnhave gone up in flames


had my candy grand o vita for just over 2 weeks I have used it on 4 occasions and this week it has blew up! had a massive carry on between very and candy about getting a refund etc will not be buying a candy product again very scary! blew up for no apparent reason it wasn’t even mid cycle etc