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Fairy’s no longer the Queen of washing-up liquids

Different washing-up liquids

It’s dominated our tests for 20 years, but now the unthinkable has happened. Fairy’s place as the top washing-up liquid has been usurped – by a much younger and cheaper model. Is it time to clean out the Fairy?

We were as surprised as anyone by these results. Fairy’s been at the top our washing-up liquid tests for so long that it seemed like it would never be knocked off. Just last year, it scored 90%, while the next-best liquid on test got 69%.

But products change formulas all the time, which is why we keep testing the likes of washing-up liquid every year. This year’s test showed that Aldi’s Magnum Premium Original and Fairy Original were equally good at removing fat, but the foam bubbles in Aldi’s liquid lasted longer.

This is important because when the foam disappears, it acts as a visual cue for people to add another squirt of liquid, even if it’s still working.

The price isn’t right

Aldi’s improved performance is down to them adding more active ingredients to the liquid, but it’s still cheap at 59p for a 500ml bottle.

In contrast, Fairy has been systematically reducing the size of its bottle over the last two years, from 500ml to 450ml and now 433ml. But has it reduced its price? No.

Fairy told us that changes in the formula have made a more concentrated liquid, allowing them to reduce the bottle’s volume, but it seems like a sneaky way of raising prices to me.

And it’s not just Aldi’s washing-up liquid that impressed us recently – Aldi Del Rivo orange juice with bits was also awarded a Best Buy in our orange juice test.

Have you used Aldi Magnum washing-up liquid? If not, will you give it a try? Or will you be sticking with Fairy?

Nicola says:
10 March 2016

I have just discovered the wash liquid anfry pots become clean extra quick squeaky clean no scrubbing and dry with no water marks yet I cannot find anywhere that sells it in the UK (I was abroad when I used it (

brad says:
1 May 2016

We never buy fairy liquid, instead we buy aldi washing up liquid which is half the price of fairy

Narrie says:
1 June 2016

I know this is an oldish thread but I have just stopped using Fairy. after a lifetime ( I am 60 now) .My mum used it and my gran used it, so literally a lifetime. I have suddenly acquired an allergic reaction to something they have started to put in it. I am not an allergic type of person, so this is serious. Anyway, I am now on Tesco’s or Asda’s own cheap and cheerful which doesn’t give the same problem. Am looking for something new….. suggestions welcome.


Aldi or Lidl should be given a try. They do some excellent products and we have used them regularly since around 2006.

Muhammad Siddiquie says:
28 December 2016

not any single dishwashing liquid take a place of Fairy Liquid

leonie says:
10 March 2017

I have noticed the difference in fairy liquid. I always buy the 750ml bottle although this last bottle i bought looked as though it contained 700ml and all the batch looked the same, It doesn,t cut through the grease like it used to and it used to last ages, now it last a couple of weeks and im finding bits of food on cutlery and dishes that have been washed and put away. I will definitely not be buying fairy again, I shall be going to aldi/lidel or super markets own brand in future.

Melanie says:
21 March 2017

I agree with previous comments…Fairy original is nowhere near what it used to be. Have used Fairy for over 38 years but feel it’s so poor quality. It just doesn’t cut through the grease, meaning you have to add more and more detergent. And where have all those thick bubbles gone?! They disburse within minutes! It has been watered down and is so runny compared to the thick consistency it once was. Sorry Fairy….it’s time for a change to a better detergent and I won’t be buying you anymore!

Karl Sultana says:
27 May 2017

I have used Fairy Liquid for over 20 years, but not any more. It’s a fact that it is not as concentrated as it used to be, there’s no denying it & feels as if it has been diluted, pity & shame on you Fairy Liquid!
I now use Aldi’s Everyday Magnum Lemon washing up liquid, it’s just as concentrated as Fairy Liquid & at 59p it’s definitely a very good buy.


Thanks for that Karl I wondered why Morrisons were selling -buy 2 at reduced price. I have been buying Fairy for eons , its a British institution but now I will be heading for Aldi,s Everyday Magnum Lemon to give it a try. 59p ? if its better than Fairy then my belief in “Fairies ” will come to an end . Well blow me down with a washing up bubble -=-your right its all over the web , its been tested and is rated numero uno -Aldi here I come. German “engineering ” eh ?