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Energy suppliers respond to our campaign – what do you think?

Energy deadline

31 January marked the deadline for energy suppliers to submit their plans to wake up their customers who are sat on standard variable tariffs. So what’s the score then?

Some of you will recall that after a full two-year long investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), last summer the investigation finally concluded.

And it confirmed what we already knew – this market just simply isn’t working for consumers and it’s time for energy companies to accept they need to change.

Disengaged customers

The crux of problem is that, largely we, as consumers, just aren’t engaged with what’s going on with our energy.

And there could be a number of reasons why this is – such as, not knowing how to engage, difficulty understanding energy tariffs or bills, or just simply, a lack of trust in energy companies.

But, there’s a bigger problem here – and one that we’ve been campaigning on – that those who don’t engage are often the ones penalised for it. This comes in the form of paying out for standard variable tariffs or SVTs.

These tariffs are usually the most expensive tariffs on the market. Our research found that the gap between a SVT price paid with the Big Six is, on average, £111 more than their cheapest tariffs and over 58% of the Big Six’s energy customers are on these tariffs.

Well today, Which? was in Parliament giving evidence to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy parliamentary select committee, on what progress we’ve seen since the regulators published their energy market findings last summer.

And we certainly didn’t pull any punches…

Six months after the CMA’s inquiry concluded and energy prices topped the list of biggest consumer worries. What’s more, trust in the sector has continued to dwindle, and the Big Six energy suppliers also found themselves lumped into the bottom half of our annual energy customer satisfaction survey.

From our view, while we’ve seen Ofgem take on the challenge set, and start trialling and testing ways to improve the current situation with our energy, the same cannot be said of the industry.

Energy sector response

It seems that energy suppliers are dragging their feet and waiting to be told what to do by the government or the regulators, bringing into question their commitment to really making this a proper functioning, competitive market that works for its customers.

And that’s exactly why we’ve been calling on energy suppliers to submit plans that show how they are going to help their most disengaged customers, those on SVTs, get engaged and moving onto better deals.

The deadline we set for that challenge is today. We’ve allowed almost three months for energy suppliers to submit their plans – you can see who has responded to our calls on our energy campaign website.

So, after nearly three years of looking at the problems with our energy, we now want the energy sector to start being part of the solution. Their customers have been waiting far too long already.

Update 14 Feb 2017: Suppliers respond

Our latest analysis of Ofgem data reveals that two thirds of energy customers are still stuck on the most expensive deals. As part of our Fair Energy Prices campaign, we challenged energy suppliers to publish plans on how they’d get these customers engaged and switching.

We had 19 responses from energy suppliers and, of those, 14 set out plans to engage their customers, including trialling simpler bills and new ways to make people to switch. Here’s Which? Campaigns Manager Neena Bhati talking about these plans:

Energy prices remain a top worry for consumers, and with the recent price hikes it’s vital that all companies do more to engage with their customers and make it easier to switch to better deals.

We’ve passed all the plans to the government and Ofgem and have called on them to report on progress by the end of April. We’ll also be pressing suppliers to deliver on their plans, and to regularly set out what difference this is making to their customers.

Do you think the energy industry is doing enough for customers? Do you feel the industry works for you?

Malcolm says:
20 February 2017

I have very low gas and electricity usage and feel very unfairly treated by the recent npower price hikes. It is absolute rubbish for them to say they know and understand their customers and what they want. Yes they know their customers and know how maximise profit from them, but that’s all. I will have a 34% price hike staying with them.


Malcolm, the obvious question is “why stay with them?”. Try Which?Switch to find a cheaper supplier. There are around 40 to choose from. You are lucky having low usage and correspondingly low bills. Some find Ebico, with no standing charge, to be good if you are a very low user.

regina luxemburg says:
20 February 2017

british gas seem the most reasonable to deal with in my opinion.very helpful and anxious to put you on their best deal for you.

regina luxemburg

Dudley Powell says:
20 February 2017

I changed to Ovo several years ago and have been delighted. I only have electricity – day and night and my annual bill is about £400 p.a. Their website is really easy to use. I get really frustrated when companies say you could save £300 pounds, I wish!! Much better to quote the price per unit. How much you use depends on your property and many other factors. Ovo only have three tarrifs – dual fuel, day and night electric, and standard electric. Very easy to work out.


Those who are in debt on a prepayment meter seemingly have been able to transfer that debt to a new supplier to take advantage of a better tariff. The debt that can be transferred has been increased to £500. https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/system/files/docs/2017/02/dap_closedown_letter_final_20_feb_2017.pdf

Rod Northcott says:
21 February 2017

I left EDF for First Utility, I have found them efficient ,informative and ready to supply information as well as being one of the cheapest.When they think I should change tariff they have in the past told me about the better deal.

peter says:
21 February 2017

I left EDF three years ago for Ist Utility and I am so pleased that I did.

Irene McColl says:
21 February 2017

I was with Scottish Power, they kept upping their prices so I did a search of other companies and decided to go with First Utility.
They halved my monthly direct debit, then reduced it further. I now have a large credit balance to see me through the winter.
I told my friends, now they have joined.
An excellent company to deal with’